The Grounding: Awakening Chronicles of Roslyn's Unfolding: part 3 of 3

awakening chronicle awakening reflection (blog post) heart space room meditation Feb 08, 2020
A winged spirit representing the earth energy that keeps us grounded in our physical being

By Dr Shuna Marr

This is the third and final part of this 3-part series on Roslyn’s unfolding through Heart Space Room meditations.

If you haven't read them yet, I suggest you read the previous posts first, as they explain the background that you would need to fully understand what is going on.

In part 1 Roslyn went through an expansion, where what had been limiting her collapsed, and a new, and larger structure emerged, to allow for her expansion.

In part 2 she connected through a door of light, to receive an enormous download of information, and she made connection to Source.


This is Part 3: The Grounding

In this final installment of this series, we see that, although connecting to Source is often something that happens first, there is an essential counterbalance to that, which can be problematic if it is neglected.  

Read on to find out what this is..  


Journal Entry: 26 September 2017  

Roslyn’s Vision – the emergence of her Earth Energy self  

Ever since the vision on the 21st September, Roslyn has felt ‘buzzy’ and ‘fizzing’ inside and has felt miserable.  

After the talk down and as she relaxed, she was able to more clearly identify the buzzy points as a connected network of points fizzing in her right hand side.

She loosened them off bit by bit. She then felt she’d untangled it enough to draw it out and put it in the bubble.  


The propellor

Roz: I see a propeller, 3 blades spinning.   


Shuna: Send it love and ask for the message   

Roz: it’s changed from the propeller to a majorette twirling a baton, like in a marching band.  


Shuna: Thank it and ask for more information.

Roz: I feel its frustration; it is shifting and changing shape to find a better way.

I can see the cloud flashing and expelling jagged edges and making a discordant grating metal-on-metal sound that sets your teeth on edge.

It is frustrated that I am not understanding.  


Shape shifting symbolism

Roz: It’s shifting shape again. It’s turned into the tiger – a younger tiger, but not a cub. Its paws are on the side of the bubble trying to get out.  

I’ve burst the bubble and instantaneously it plopped out as an enormous snake.  It is HUGE – as big as the basilisk in Harry Potter, but it looks like a regular snake.

It went ‘bleugh’ out of the bubble and splodged on the ground, it is all twisted in on itself.  

It has been confined and knotted. It’s trying to stretch out to its full length.

It is circling out round the big open clearing in my heart space room. It has now completely uncoiled itself and it has reached round the full circumference of the big open clearing.  

Once it reached the tree line on the other side of the clearing, it raised its head and body up into the sky and as it did so, wings sprouted in intervals down the body and it started to scatter apart and become a flock of birds.

They are circling the clearing in a big flock.  


Shuna: Are they just circling? They aren’t flying higher or away?

Roz: no they are stretching their wings.

The tiger wanted to escape the bubble, the snake wanted to escape its knots and the birds want to stretch their wings.  

The birds are starting to land. They are amalgamating into a person who is walking towards me across the clearing, forming as they walk.

It’s female and she is wearing robes. Dark but not black, more like deep greens and greys. They are embellished with embroidery down the front and look quite regal.

The top half is coming into better focus now.

She has a hooded cloak.

She’s almost reached me and she has put her hands out in a greeting. She’s taking down her hood.  

It’s me, but she looks more....reminds me of elves in Lord of the Rings, with regal robes.

She has shoulder length straight brown hair – she looks like me but more delicate and more ethereal.  

She looks pleased. She’s different than my higher self, who has white robes, but she feels an important part.

An earthy vibe – something to do with nature.  


The key

She is gesturing to the table. She wants us to go and sit down. She’s handed me a weird looking key.

It’s an old style key with a circular loop and a shaft but instead of teeth at the end it has a cross bar, like a propeller.

But it is a key.  


Shuna: where is this key for?

Roz: she said ‘you’ll need this, but it is not time yet. You’ll find out soon.’

She said ‘She’s right, you are doing really well’. I think she’s meaning my Higher Self (HS), but she’s distinct from her.  


Shuna: Is this your Earth self?

Roz: she just leaned over to me and said “your mum’s such a smart cookie! Your mum is right.

I’m your earth energy (EE).

I’m the bit that keeps you grounded but I haven’t been able to stretch recently. It is important to keep in touch.

We all have to make this journey together. We (HS and EE) have both got your back”  



Earth Self Connection

Shuna: Is there anything you can do to keep her part of the journey?

Roz: “plant your roots” – I think she means do the grounding meditation  

“Eat of the Earth” – she’s showing me lots of pictures of fresh fruit and veg and meat and whole grains.

“Spend time in nature” – soak up the sun and be with the trees.

She is not communicating everything in words, some are images.  

I’m asking about feeling rubbishy lately, and why that was.

She said the energy was trapped. But this has helped to release it.

There’s still more to come (more to release) but it is starting to resolve/ “some roots track deep”  



Shuna: Are these roots to cut?

Roz: No, tendrils to be unpicked. In my right hand side – my neck and head and eyes and shoulder and down into my hip and thigh on my right hand side.  


Shuna: Do you have to do more unpicking down your side from within or by going out into nature?

Roz: The more I ground and be in nature and eat good food that fills me with the energy, it will push up and edge out the other crap.  


Shuna: Is there anything else you need to be told?

Roz: She said, “I’ll be there when you need me”. She got up from the table and spun around and unfurled into a huge blackbird.

Not like the phoenix that is white and ethereal, this is a more black and solid version of the phoenix, but there is iridescence in the black.

She shot up into the air, spread her wings to full size and flew away.

She is the counterpart to my higher self.  


The inner child

Shuna: Anyone else you need to speak to?

Roz: Someone has knocked at the door. She is looking round the door and coming into the room rather timidly.

She’s me aged about six. I welcomed her and she ran towards me and threw herself at me and has wrapped my legs in a big bear hug.

She is giving me a big cuddle. I’m stroking her hair.  She is coming with me and I am holding her hand.

I have her on my knee on the edge of the dais. She just wants to cuddle.  


Shuna: She’s feeling crappy and wants you to comfort her?

Roz: No, she’s happy – so she wants to give adult me a cuddle. Face-on, legs and arms either side of me. A big close cuddle to make me feel better. 

She told me I am pretty and stroked my hair down the side of my face.  


Shuna: Is this a nurturing part of you?

Roz: She’s just there to make me feel better. She feels innocent. A pure, caring, loving energy.  


At that moment, Shuna felt a big shift in energy in the room – a tension let go.  

Roz: She just pulled a row of old square nails out of my forehead and from my eyes. She ran her hand over the skin and said ‘that’s better’, as the skin healed up.

That must have been at the moment you felt the release of tension.  

I thanked her and she said “You are very welcome, but I’m going to play now”. She’s skipped over to the door.

I hadn’t even asked her to come in.  


Shuna: Anything else you need to do?

Roz: No, I don’t think so. I’ve left the spinning key on the edge of the table for next time I need it. The chalice is still there where I put it, but it’s not needed now.

The keys for my totem pole are still there, but the spinner went away when it embedded in the person’s chest last time.  

Session Ends  


Symbolism of imagery

As often happens in these meditations (just like in dreams) the symbolism and imagery is the brain interpreting as best it can, what is happening at a multidimensional energetic level, in a way that makes it possible for our 3D brains to understand.

In the debrief, we looked up the symbolism of the imagery we'd seen:  

  • The propeller symbolises forward movement and progress on a spiritual journey.
  • The baton represents self expression
  • A majorette signifies unity, co-operation and the rhythm of life.

So these were all relevant, although we did not recognise the symbolism at the time.  


The Earth Energy Self: The EE had a very different energy from the HS (the ‘light’ self). It was more ‘Mother Earth’, more solid, substantial and less ethereal.

The colours she wore were darker but they were the same colours as earth, foliage, soil, bark.

She was very powerful and assured in her sense of her right to be there and occupy space. 

She has a lovely energy, but it had been trapped.  


Later note:   The child would have been the divine inner child, and the nails were the migraine headaches Roslyn had been experiencing, but which cleared up after that.  

Journal entry ends.  


So here we can see that the week before, Roslyn had opened to Source, yet an uncomfortable week ensued due to insufficient grounding. Many drawn to spirituality focus on the 'fancy' aspects, neglecting grounding.

Remember: the more you open to Source, the more crucial grounding becomes.

We trust this 3-part series showcased the power of Heart Space Room meditations. These experiences reveal:

  1. Expansions occur as you progress in awakening, bringing you closer to oneness.

  2. Connection to Source fuels growth and new self-expansion.

  3. Grounding earths the light, avoiding overexertion and offering support.

All three of these elements are vital on our individual awakening paths.



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