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Ok I'm Awakening - What Happens Now?

Your Spiritual Awakening questions answered

What is a spiritual awakening?

How do I know if I'm going through a spiritual awakening?

What are the signs, symptoms or stages of spiritual awakening?

What experiences might I have in relation to a spiritual awakening?

How do I raise my consciousness?

What is the oneness?

Who and what am I?

What is my purpose in being here?

Why is there so much seeming chaos in the world right now? 

How do I create my own reality?

How can I live my best life?

If you are looking to answer these questions, and more,

you’ve come to the right place.

What Spiritual Awakening Support offers

Spiritual Awakening Support is here to guide you through the transition you are going through.
We are able to offer you support at any stage of your awakening journey.

What happens in a Spiritual Awakening?

Awakening is unique to everyone, but it can tend to happen in a series of lifting of layers. 

1. The first level of awakening is often a realisation that something is going on in the world that isn't quite right. There becomes an awareness that things seem odd and a bit 'off'. The way we see the world changes. We also become more aware of how we have impacted the planet and how the structures and systems we have created are no longer fit for purpose. 

2. We next become aware that we have been living our lives under a veil of illusion. We find that we have been running programmes based on the patterns and conditioning that were indoctrinated when we were young. We begin to realise how we project onto others and how we give away our power

3. We come to recognise that we don't have to suffer and sacrifice; that life is more than just drudgery and working to pay the bills. There is more on offer. We have choices and can take control of our destiny and are not victims of fate or karma. We start to find our joy and realise that self-care and self-love are not selfish but essential to our well-being. 

4. We start to gain a deeper understanding of who and what we are (a spirit having a human experience) and a growing awareness that we are all connected and part of a oneness; how we impact the world, and vice versa. We begin to have a much deeper connection to our higher self. We connect more with the Earth and nature. 

5. We begin to become consciously aware of our purpose in being here (particularly at this time) and the gifts we have, which can help us to achieve our purpose. We find we have many purposes at different levels and begin to live our lives in alignment with these purposes.  

6. We awaken to the joy of living moment-to-moment and flowing in alignment with our highest and best good. We slow down and our life moves into flow. 

7. Eventually, we awaken to being able to co-create with the Universe as sovereign beings, fully embodying our soul and at one with everything. We are able to create the life of our dreams. 


Ultimately, you are moving towards:

  • Loving yourself more fully and becoming a happier and more balanced person.

  • Loving others in a supportive and non-judgmental way that doesn’t deplete you in any way.

  • Living a more fulfilled, happier and abundant life in a way that supports the planet.

That’s what Awakening ultimately brings - but negotiating the path in the early stages can be a bit tricky.

How might I recognise I need Spiritual Awakening Support?

If you are in the early stages... things will probably have been changing for you a lot.
  • You may have gone through a lot of upheaval or even trauma in your life recently.
  • Or you may have experienced a profound feeling of 'oneness'.
  • You may be developing psychic gifts or capabilities you haven’t had before.
  • Your view of the world is changing and you aren’t sure what or who to believe.
  • You are searching for answers, but many of the spiritual websites you've come across seem a bit ‘woo-woo’ and confusing.
  • You haven’t got the vocabulary to explain what is happening to you.

You may even feel like you are going a bit mad... but you aren’t - you are just waking up to a new way of being.

Spiritual Awakening Support is here to guide you through the confusion.


You may be further down the path...

Alternatively, you might have been aware of your enlightenment going on in the background for a while now, but you haven't known what to do with it.

  • You might have gone through an expansion a few years back but something happened that frightened you and you retreated from it.
  • You might even have embraced psychic gifts but have kept this side of yourself compartmentalised, fearing rejection and ridicule from family and friends.
  • Now you are wanting to take things further and find out more.
  • You'd love to understand more about what you've been through and have a clearer overview of the awakening process.

Spiritual Awakening Support is for you too.


How can we help you with your Spiritual Awakening?

We have been through this awakening ourselves and have gathered the knowledge and skills necessary to help you to make this transition more smoothly and give you the information, overview, tools and support you need to operate successfully in this new environment.


Where do you start?

We have created a 4 day video series called The Ascension Path to help you get started.

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of awakening, a year or two in, or even many years into your journey but you still don’t feel you have that overview perspective, then this video series can help you.

Read about it below... 

The Ascension Path

A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain

The AIM of this short 4-day course is to give you the the vision, knowledge and roadmap you’ll need to successfully navigate your own awakening journey.

So many who have awakened in the past few years are finding themselves confused about what’s happening to them. Often you can feel alone and isolated as the people around you cannot relate to what you are going through. 

I know when I first began awakening I didn’t understand the jargon, the concepts, the system or how it works. I wasn’t even sure what awakening was, what the stages were, or what to expectI wasn’t sure of the pitfalls to avoid or where to find help.

And I had to spend years piecing it all together to make sense of it.

I want to help others NOT to have to go through that same confusion and struggle. I want to help you to get up to speed much more quickly.

So I am excited to share my new 4-day series: 

The Ascension Path: A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain

Over the 4 days you'll discover the vision, knowledge and roadmap you’ll need to successfully navigate your own awakening journey.

You’ll emerge from this short course series with a clear understanding of:

• The VISION of the personal hero journey you are making on your own ascension path.
• The KNOWLEDGE of the challenges and opportunities the awakening journey may bring
• The ROADMAP you will need to navigate your journey successfully

I invite you to join me on this exciting personal journey up your own spiritual mountain.

Shuna x

Dr Shuna Marr, Spiritual Awakening Support

Find out more about The Ascension Path

Our Free Gift For You 

Becoming aware of the importance of self-love and self-care was our entry point into the awakening process and continues to be one of the most important aspects our daily journey.

True self care is not about bubble baths and pampering but about creating for yourself a life that you don't need to take a break from. 

It's about trusting yourself, and being aware of when you are being untrue to yourself or giving away your power. 

One of the foundational processes of awakening is starting to unpick the programming you picked up in your life before you awakened. 

To help you do this, we have created this beautiful workbook packed full of self-care practices for your awakening journey that can help you to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

This free workbook has ten practices that help you to start to build that sort of self-care into your daily life.  

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with love from Shuna and Roslyn x

Bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

Our FREE GIFT to you is an 18-page workbook with

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