Hi - we are Shuna and Roslyn

a mother and daughter team with a shared passion for helping others awaken their true selves and find inner happiness. We live in Scotland and we are dedicated to providing tools, knowledge, and guidance to support you on your journey of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening Support

has been created to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and guidance you'll need to support you on your journey of awakening. We understand the challenges and transformations that come with this process, and we are here to help you navigate through it with clarity and empowerment.

Let us introduce ourselves... 

Meet Shuna

I'm Shuna, and I'm a Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

My journey toward spiritual awakening spans over 25 years, but in 2016, I experienced a profound awakening that led me to embark on a path of expansion and understanding. Along this journey, I've honed my intuition, divination skills using Tarot, crystals, and dowsing, and have gained expertise in mindfulness, and coaching.

My life has been a tapestry of experiences, including navigating divorce, rejection, anxiety, depression, and surviving traumatic events like rape. Through these challenges, I have learned that our deepest pain often leads to our greatest growth.

With a PhD in Education, three teaching qualifications, including one in online education, and 25 years of tertiary teaching experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to our work. I've taught students in higher education in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and have developed and delivered dozens of online courses. My background in systems-level thinking and global perspectives allows me to see the big picture and guide others through the awakening process.

Meet Roslyn

I'm Roslyn, a high level empath, energy healer and proud mother of two.  

My spiritual journey began as a teenager, parallel to my mum's awakening. Over the years, I have worked on clearing false beliefs, energetic blockages, and healing emotional wounds. With an MA (Hons) in Philosophy, I have a naturally philosophical viewpoint and enjoy exploring various perspectives. This skill allows me to help clients shift their perspectives, release old belief systems, and adopt new vantage points.

Outside of our spiritual work, I have worked in the third sector, providing care and support to individuals facing illness or difficult times. My professional experience in nurturing others aligns perfectly with the compassionate approach we bring to our work.

In my personal life, the path to motherhood presented its own challenges, including difficulties in conceiving and multiple losses. However, this journey propelled my own awakening, teaching me valuable lessons about myself, conscious parenting, and embracing enlightenment and wisdom.

This became the creative force behind Conscious Parenting Life, an expansion of the Spiritual Awakening Support family, where I merge my spiritual awakening journey with my deep passion for conscious parenting.

We each have unique healing gifts that beautifully complement one another...

Our combined expertise, gifts, and personal experiences  guide you through transformations and help you rediscover your authentic self.

We offer a powerful and holistic approach to support you, addressing all layers of the body —mind, emotions, energy, physical, and spiritual.

Navigating the challenging waters of our own awakening journeys was a transformative experience for both of us.

Shuna's struggle with depression and her 3rd major burnout in 2016 became the catalyst that propelled her into a profound awakening.

Roslyn, on the other hand, faced the heart-wrenching losses of miscarriages, which became the catalyst for her own spiritual journey. These experiences, happening in tandem, led us to embark on a shared path of self-discovery and awakening.

Throughout our personal awakenings, we often felt confused and disoriented. However, we were fortunate to have each other for support and reassurance, knowing we weren't alone or going "mad."

It was during this time that we recognised the need to extend our support to others who might be navigating their own awakening without a solid support structure.

This realisation ignited our purpose and inspired us to create Spiritual Awakening Support.

Our combined experiences, qualifications, and healing gifts have equipped us with a deep understanding of the challenges and transformative potential of the awakening process.

We are driven by a genuine desire to assist others on their journeys, offering the knowledge, tools, and support they need to navigate the uncharted territories of awakening with confidence and clarity.

Our mission is to empower you by providing you with the knowledge, tools, and support you require.

We believe that everyone has the innate ability to access their own wisdom and inner guidance.

Rather than presenting ourselves as gurus with all the answers, we are dedicated to empowering you to connect with your intuition, tap into your inner spiritual guidance, and discover your unique path forward.


Our values are centered on empowerment, authenticity, and self-reliance. We aim to create a safe and supportive space where individuals feel encouraged to explore their spiritual journey, trust their own inner knowing, and make empowered choices.

We prioritise the development of self-trust and self-empowerment, empowering you to find answers within yourself.

Through our work, we strive to foster a sense of community, connection, and understanding among those undergoing spiritual awakening. We are committed to offering compassionate guidance, practical tools, and a holistic approach that addresses all layers of the human experience.


Discover what we offer...

...we've personally experienced the transformative power of spiritual awakening and created this platform to guide and support you on your own journey.

✨ Gain Guidance from Personal Experience: Our firsthand experience with spiritual awakening allows us to empathise and understand the challenges you may be facing, providing genuine guidance and support. 

✨ Navigate Confusion with Confidence: We've walked the path of awakening and can help you navigate the often confusing and disorienting aspects of the journey, offering clarity and direction.

✨ Access Knowledge and Tools: Through years of research and personal growth, we've accumulated a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that can empower you on your awakening path.

✨ Connect with a Supportive Community: By joining our membership, you become part of a welcoming community of like-minded individuals, fostering connections, understanding, and encouragement on your spiritual journey.

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Some Fun Facts about us...

🎈 We are both huge Star Trek fans - Roslyn even ran her own Star Trek related podcast for many years. Her knowledge is encyclopedic! 

🎈 Our Friday treat together is to go swimming with Roslyn's two little ones and then out for lunch!

🎈 Roslyn doesn't get much with two under-fives, but she enjoys hanging out with her hubby - and watching Star Trek!

🎈 Shuna is often found in her massive garden, either digging around in the flower beds or more often than not, sitting on the swing seat watching clouds! 

🎈 Shuna is an expert knitter and has even designed her own patterns for some rather complex sweaters.

🎈 Roslyn collects scented candles (she has dozens) and loves changing over the décor of her house for each changing season.