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5 Days to Empowered Embodiment

An on-demand challenge

This 5-day, on-demand challenge offers an enriching experience that will deepen your connection with your body, nurture self-love, and provide invaluable tools to support your well-being.  £44 GBP

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The Ascension Path 

An online course and challenge

The Ascension Path: A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain, is an online self-paced course that shares the vision, knowledge and roadmap you’ll need to successfully navigate your own awakening journey. £49 GBP  

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The Heart Space Room: A 5-Day Journey to Inner Healing

An online video course

An on-demand 5-Day Challenge that introduces you to the Heart Space Room, a guided visualisation for expansion and consciousness raising. You are introduced to how it works, given examples of it in action, shown how to set up your own room and then taken through the visualisation. You get over 7 hours of quality materials for just £49 GBP

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Connect with your inner guidance through

Dowsing with a Pendulum

An interactive Workshop Series

A short, self-paced course of 3 workshops (recorded live and edited) that guide you from complete beginner to competent dowser, with the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to make best use of this amazing tool. Learn how to connect with you inner guidance, manage your energy and a lot more. £33 GBP

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Connect with your inner guidance through 

Tarot and Oracle cards

An online course

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience that combines instructive videos and interactive workbooks. Learn the art of selecting resonant decks, crafting illuminating spreads, and mastering the 7 essential steps to accurate readings. Unveil profound insights and practical applications of these ancient divination tools.

£55 GBP

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Awakened Parenting Journey Toolkit

A masterclass and supporting materials

Let us give you the tools to successfully navigate your Awakened Parenting Journey. This toolkit combines an edited recording of a live masterclass plus multiple bonus workbooks, exercises, affirmations, a meditation and bonus videos. Build your relationships on a solid foundation of love, compassion and respect, and with knowledge and understanding of conscious parenting and conscious awakening. £27 GBP

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Support Your Energy

An interactive workshop series

Over 5+ hours of content including 3 interactive workshops, teaching videos, workbooks, meditations and exercises that give you the knowledge, understanding, tools and techniques you need to successfully manage your own personal energy and the spaces around you.  An on-demand workshop series that enables you to go through the course at your own pace, in your own way. £55 GBP.

NOTE: This is the first module of our Energy Mastery course.

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Energy Mastery

Nurturing Your Energetic being

Discover 'Energy Mastery: Nurturing your Energetic Being,' a transformative course designed for empaths and highly sensitive individuals. Gain control over your energy, develop intuitive abilities, and find clarity on your awakening journey. Learn to protect yourself from external influences, set healthy boundaries, and confidently navigate life's complexities. With interactive workshops, pre-recorded videos, this course empowers you to thrive in a world filled with energy and emotion. (NOTE includes Support Your Energy as the first module).  Course price is £111 GBP

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