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SoulPath Blueprint Reading

£150 GBP

This SoulPath Blueprint reading can either have a PERSONAL or BUSINESS focus I blend intuitive wisdom and connect with your guides and, if it's a business session, the spirit of your enterprise. Together, we uncover messages that provide you with clarity and guide you on your path. 

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Holistic Healing Spiritual Spa

£275 GBP

Our signature session : Shuna and Roslyn combine their complementary gifts to work through multiple body layers - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  

It includes all that is offered in Shuna's 'Heart Space Room Deep Dive' PLUS Roslyn's 'Looking Deeper: Soul and Body Exploration' - with a saving of £25! 

This intensive holistic session will help you to bring effective transformation in your life.

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Soul Empowerment Session

£110 GBP

The Soul Empowerment session helps you to explore things that are ready to come up to be healed, in a safe and supportive environment, and to gain a higher perspective on where you are on your soul journey. 

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VIP Tune In and Tune Up

Zoom Package

£150 GBP

During this 1-hour, interactive, 2 on 1, VIP, Zoom session with us (Shuna and Roslyn), you’ll be guided through a series of readings and tune ins to help identify and shift any blockages in your chakras and aura. You'll be able to ask questions of your guides, receive information that will help you move forward in an empowered way on your highest path. 

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Tune In and Tune Up

Video Package

£89 GBP

In this video package, we (Shuna and Roslyn) will remotely tune IN to your energetic system and help to identify and shift any blockages in your chakras and/or aura. We Tune UP by healing and repairing where we can. We then create a 30-minute video to explain any issues we found, how these were resolved and what messages came through about how best to move forward in an empowered way.

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Looking Within: Soul Session

£110 GBP

Receive guidance from your Higher Self and spirit team through this channeled session on an issue you wish to explore. This session helps you to identify how best to move forward on your path.

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The Heart Space Room Deep Dive Session

£150 GBP

This session with Shuna includes being personally led through a Heart Space Room guided visualisation. This meditation takes you deep within yourself, and can help you to gain rich insights into your situation, reveal false beliefs, heal old wounds, and reunite you with lost and abandoned parts of yourself - and much more. 

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Looking Deeper: Soul and Body Exploration

£150 GBP

A deep body exploration that clears out any energetic debris, identifies blockages and grounds you, plus receive channeled soul guidance from your spirit team. 

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Complimentary Clarity Call

This free, 30-minute call offers a chance to ask and answer each other questions, see if we get a good feeling about wanting to work together, and to enable us to make suggestions about ways in which we may be able to support your particular awakening needs.

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Alison Finlay

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session with Shuna and Roz. I arrived for an in-person healing feeling both anxious and excited.

 Their welcome was warm and relaxing and I felt they explained really clearly to me what to expect during the session. I felt and knew I was in safe pairs of hands

During the healing I felt all sorts of interesting sensations throughout my body as well as some thoughts that floated into and out of my mind. I think what I liked most was that after the healing that wasn’t the end.  There was an opportunity to hear their feedback and also to explore things further with some other techniques that they have.

What they said to me was spot on - in fact they were able to put into words for me things that I had a feeling about but couldn’t really explain.

I felt that the session was very thorough and comprehensive. I’ve done things before when I’ve gone away not feeling I got everything I needed. Their session made me feel as if I was full in the way that a good meal makes you feel. What was next for me was to go and digest the healing and to see how things shifted for me in my world.

 I did come away feeling clearer and lighter and with some things that I could carry on working with beyond the session.

Shuna and Roz are doing amazing work together. They both sense what’s going on for their client and their different skill sets dovetail beautifully together."

about her 'in-person' Holistic Healing and Spiritual Spa Session

Mona Graw



"A big thank you to Shuna Marr for an excellent reading: Crystal Ball and Tarot Card! It was a huge confirmation of what I'm going through, very precise and very supportive. Shuna is so dedicated in her work; the effort of giving me all the valid information for my spiritual journey was quite extraordinary. I love the drawing.


With pure intentions and looking for the highest good in my personal developement she explained everything with great clarity and it ended up being an amazing piece of energywork which shifted my perspective and helped me focus on the new. It was also a good lesson in receiving for me. The experience opened me to the flow of abundance, coming from an external source, which was  a real gift, an exchange that lifted both of us into 5D consciousness.


Shuna has so much knowledge and wisdom, a teacher of the new earth who walks the talk, in true service leading from an open heart,  offering her expertise and guidance with great decernment and integrity, an awakened soul who truly helps you align with your highest purpose. Bless you Shuna and a deep bow of gratitude."



about her Soul Empowerment session

Arayah Ayana Surima

Thames New Zealand

 Yesterday, I received a very comprehensive, accurate and detailed healing session through Shuna that included a Tarot reading, a crystal ball reading, a guided healing journey into my sacred heart space and a debrief with card reading afterwards. As well as additional psychic insights from her daughter Roslyn.

Since I live in New Zealand, most of the session was done via electronic messages and the guided journey via a video connection.

The healing took place around my soul’s main core wound I’ve come to heal in this lifetime. Shuna and Roslyn provided such a detailed and accurate overview with the initial readings that during the fabulously guided journey I was easily able to see the complete picture and finally fully release this story that has had such a big impact in my life thus far.

From what I observed, Shuna is very gifted and skilful in gathering information and piecing together all the different pieces of the puzzle as well as guiding the soul retrieval journey.

It was a wonderful and very empowering co-created experience that left me with deep gratitude towards both Shuna and Roslyn for facilitating this.

With love and gratitude"

about her Heart Space Room Deep Dive Session