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An online resource to help awakened caregivers to better understand and support their little ones 

At a time when you are working hard to clear your own childhood traumas, false beliefs and old conditioning it can feel overwhelming to be in charge of ensuring these woundings are not passed on to the next generation.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or childcare professional, we’re here to help you navigate the often tricky balancing act of walking your own enlightenment path while helping your children along theirs.

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About Roslyn

I’m Roslyn, a high level empath, mother of two and creator of Conscious Parenting Life (CPL). 

I’ve been walking my enlightenment path since the age of 16, going through my conscious awakening in early 2017, and have spent the last few years working alongside my mum, Shuna, to grow Spiritual Awakening Support (SAS). I have now branched out to create CPL and add it to the SAS family.

My goal is to develop the kind of resources that I wish my parents had access to when I was a kid. To help break generational cycles based in fear and control and provide alternative parenting strategies based on love, trust, respect and cocreation.

About Shuna

I’m Shuna, a psychic intuitive, former university lecturer and a grandmother of two.

When I was raising Roslyn and her brother, I was still using traditional parenting methods, carrying emotional wounds from my own childhood and passing on generational traumas.

I didn't know that being an empath or highly sensitive was even a thing, so I was unable to recognise the signs, nor understand how to support my children's needs.

I am now using the knowledge, skills and wisdom I've picked up on my own awakening journey, and my 25 years teaching experience, to assist Roslyn as she creates fantastic resources to support a new generation of parents. 

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