Request a Complimentary Clarity Call

Complimentary Clarity Call (a free, 30-minute Zoom call)

We know it can be somewhat daunting to do something new, especially if it’s personal, involves spending money on yourself and offers the possibility of making some major life changes.

  • You may be feeling a little apprehensive and wondering if you will feel comfortable with us.
  • You may be wondering if we will be able to be help you.
  • You may want to know more about our online courses or our personal session services before committing to taking that next step.

The best way to get clear on all of these is to schedule a complimentary clarity call

These calls can provide clarity, inspire action, and reduce stress in a short amount of time.

What happens on the call? 

Let's begin with what it's NOT:

THIS IS NOT A SALES CALL - We may point you in the direction of some of our free and paid offerings, but there will be no pressure selling (that's not our style anyway) and you won't be flooded with pestering sales emails afterwards, either. We usually just follow up the conversation with one email to confirm what we discussed. 


What it IS, is simply a way to:

  • find out a bit more about each other

  • ask and answer each others' questions

  • identify if there is a good and natural fit for both of us

  • see if we get a good feeling about wanting to work together, and to

  • make suggestions about ways in which we may be able to support your particular awakening needs

If you have any additional queries about this process, then you can email [email protected]

How do I book a clarity call? 

Click on the button at the top of this page, or scroll down to the form below

You will then be taken to the booking page, where you will be asked to complete a prep-form that asks you questions about what you wish to discuss.

That way we can get a good feel for how best to guide you towards the support we offer.

Within 24 hours I'll get back to you with a selection of potential times. Once we agree a date and time you'll then receive an email confirming the appointment and a Zoom link for the meeting. 

At the appointment time, click on the Zoom link and join the call. 

If you haven't used Zoom before, click here to find out more information about how we use it.

Request a clarity call. 

Please fill in the form below to request a clarity call. Let us know:

  • your TIME ZONE 
  • the BEST DAY/S and TIME/S  to connect
  • a little detail of what you want to discuss 

and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a selection of potential appointment times. 

Request a Clarity Call

Fill in the form below to request a clarity call. Let us know your TIME ZONE and the best DAYS/TIMES to connect and a little detail of what you want to chat about we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a selection of potential times.