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7 Stages of the Awakening Journey

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 Are you feeling lost in your own spiritual journey?


I get it....the beginning phase especially can be a maze of uncertainty and doubt, leaving you clueless about which way to turn. I've been there too, and it's tough.

I call it the 'Stumbling Spiritual Seeker' stage where you know you're seeking answers but often can't even articulate the questions to ask. 

The good news is... I can help you!

'Awakening’ describes an expansion of your conscious awareness of being a spirit having a human experience. It's often called a spiritual awakening, but it actually encompasses changes to your mind, body and emotions as well.

I've spent years going through this process myself and using these years of profound exploration and dedication, I've created a spiritual road map that will guide you towards understanding what you're going through.

I created an epic blog post that explains 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey you may experience on your own journey. 

I refer to it as 'epic,' not just for its length and comprehensive exploration of each stage, but also because it's packed full of links to support material such as blog posts, videos, workshops and courses that can help you to navigate the journey more easily. 

This makes it a really useful resource for your ongoing journey because you can refer back to it at each stage.


Here's what you can expect:

✨ Navigate through the seven stages of awakening effortlessly on a fully navigable webpage.

✨ Access a range of resources tailored for each stage with curated links to additional free and paid resources tailored to your journey.

✨ Gain a holistic perspective on the stages of the awakening journey, fostering a deeper understanding of the process.

✨ Equip yourself with insights and information that empower you to navigate personal growth and transformation confidently.

✨ Gain insight into your journey's progress with a downloadable 'Awakening Inventory Quiz', helping you map where you are on your path.

 Find clarity about your current stage and gain direction for your next steps, minimizing confusion and uncertainty along the way.

 Bookmark the page for easy access, transforming it into a valuable go-to resource throughout your awakening journey.

✨Create a foundation for ongoing growth and development, allowing you to evolve and progress through your awakening journey effectively.

Join me as I explain 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey and offer you support in navigating them.

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Want to know more about me?

Hello!  I'm Dr Shuna Marr

Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

Although I've been on a path of expansion for over 25-years, it was a profound shift in 2016 that marked the beginning of my own transformative awakening. This sparked my quest for expanded understanding and connection with the inner self.

Armed with a PhD in Education and extensive expertise in online education, along with 25 years of tertiary teaching spanning global landscapes—Scotland, Hong Kong, and Beijing—I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

My training in systems thinking and global perspectives allowed me to holistically map the intricate process of awakening, gaining an overview of its diverse stages.

Years of dedication have enabled me to collect a toolbox brimming with tools tailored for each stage of this transformative journey.

Since I founded Spiritual Awakening Support with my daughter in 2019, I've dedicated myself to honing my intuitive abilities to help guide individuals through these stages.

My mission? To empower you to navigate your awakening journey with clarity and purpose.

Let's walk together and I'll shine a light on the road ahead!

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