The Heart Space Room: A 5 Day Journey to Inner Healing 

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This is the best tool in my tool box for inner healing

If you have anxieties, a lot of negative self-chatter, self-sabotaging behaviours or parts of yourself that you dislike, the Heart Space Room guided visualisation meditation, is a tool that can help you. 

I'm Ready to Take this Inner Journey

Hello. I'm Dr Shuna Marr and I would like to tell you about this wonderful tool for helping you on your inner healing journey. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • You have lots of fears and anxieties.
  • Your head is full of negative self chatter 
  • You dislike yourself, or at least parts of yourself
  • You wish you could change but you don't know how
  • You self sabotage all your efforts to change
  • You wish you could stand up for yourself
  • You feel negative emotions about yourself and the world 

This described me in 2016, before I discovered the Heart Space Room tool, which empowered me to make significant and lasting change in my life.

To become a happier and calmer person, filled with self love. 

Want to know how I did that? Read on...

Before I began awakening and raising my conscious awareness, I had spent a lifetime full of anxieties, people pleasing and being fearful.

In our early life, we are trying to keep ourselves safe and loved and protect ourselves from being rejected, so we learn to cut off and suppress parts of ourselves that others tell us they dislike, or for which we are punished for. 

I knew intellectually for years where some of my perfectionism, my people pleasing and tendency to push myself beyond my limits had originated from, but I was never able to change it.

I had 3 major burnouts and depression as a result, but still couldn't stop myself from these self-destructive behaviours and anxieties.

That was because I was trying to do it from my mind and self-will. 

I needed to go deeper. 

Emotions are Part of our inner guidance system

Once I realised that the anxieties and emotions I was experiencing were actually part of my emotional guidance system, showing me where what I believed was not true, and that all the self-sabotaging behaviours were actually trying to protect me, THEN I was able to start connecting with them and transforming them

Within a few weeks of beginning to use the Heart Space Room (HSR) meditation, I was able to get really deeply to the root of many of these anxieties and fears. 

As I used the HSR: 

  • I gained insights into the instances in my life where I had laid down patterning and conditioning to protect myself.
  • I began to recognise my triggers and I realised where I was running automatic programmes.
  • I was able to recognise the false beliefs I was carrying in my unconscious mind.
  • I was able to connect with lost and abandoned parts of myself. 
  • I was able to give myself the love I had been looking outside of myself for. 

Within a few months, I had worked through a lot of the backlog of things that had been clamouring for my attention, and things became so much calmer. 

This is now my most used tool 

Once I began my practice as a soul guide, I began using the Heart Space Room as the basis of the one-to-one guidance sessions I offer. It also is part of our flagship course Ok I'm Awakening - What Happens Now? A Spiritual awakening 101. 

So not only was I able to do this clearing for myself, I have been able to guide many others through their deep dive into some of their biggest fears.

However, I want to make this technique available to a wider audience, so I have created this 5-Day On-demand Challenge that walks you through using the Heart Space Room tool. 

If, like me, you don't want to take medicines, which only numb the pain of your anxieties and fears anyway, then choose to empower yourself to get to the very core root of what's causing them, and let them go forever. 

I offer you this effective tool now, at this incredibly low price, to allow you to experience this freedom for yourself. 

Much love

Shuna x

PS This meditation tool isn't just about clearing false beliefs and getting rid of anxieties - it can be used at all stages of your awakening journey. It can help you to choose your best path forward. It can help you to view situations from a higher perspective.

I've also used it to guide people through past lives and meeting their higher selves too. How that's done is included in the 5 hours of live replay videos that are offered as part of this 5-day journey,

PLUS there are three  different guided visualisations include in this short course too. This truly is a versatile and powerful tool.

Would you like it in your toolbox too?  Its yours for only £49 GBP. 

This is what the 5- day Journey includes. 

There's more than 7.5 hours of material: The teaching videos vary in length but combine to about 1.5 hours in total, PLUS you get a further 6 hours of replays of lives that unfold over the week, taking you on a deep dive into how to fully make the most of this amazing tool. You also get small daily tasks to support your learning and downloadable audio versions of 3 different meditations - and links to other free resources. This is amazing value! 

What's included:

  • Lifetime access to all the materials described below, in your private member area of our website
  • You can access the material through a PC, tablet, smartphone or Kajabi app.
  • The Challenge includes:
  • A welcome and orientation video
  • 5 Days of emails walking you through the challenge with checklists (NOTE you can go at your own pace if you prefer)
  • 5 videos that walk you through the Heart Space Room (HSR) tool itself (length in brackets)
    1. An Introduction to the HSR (16:08)
    2. Four Examples of the HSR in action (19:29)
    3. Setting up your own HSR (6:35)
    4. The guided visualisation meditation (22:52)
    5. An Awakening Inventory Quiz (18:20)
  • 5 small tasks to help you to embody the learning
  • PLUS 5 videos of recorded 1-hour LIVES going in depth into how to process what comes up for you
  • PLUS 3 different downloadable audio meditations using the HSR

  • All HSR videos have closed captions that can be switched on or off
  • Video transcripts and audio files are available
  • An invitation to join our private client/student Facebook community where you can receive coaching and ask questions
I'm ready to begin this transformation - take me to the checkout

What previous clients have said...

Petrina Hensman


My overall experience of this mini course was finding a supporting and genuinely caring friend and mentor all in one! Before the universe 'sent' me one of Shuna's videos to watch on YouTube I was lost and stuck in my awakening. Although I knew i was awakening and this alone explained the many events that were happening in my life I was struggling with accepting myself and felt such rejection, jealousy and self comparison continually. I now know why I feel this way, where it originated and what I need to do. I no longer have the burning pain, palpitations and nausea these emotions caused as this mini course and a visit to the HSR has started to help me heal them. I would highly recommend this course not just to those who are knowingly awakening but those whose intuition tells them that conventional 'medicines' just aren't cutting it! This course and Shuna have done more for me than over ten years of medication and well meaning counsellors have managed! Thank you with all my heart

Patricia Lock 


"I’m glad that I experienced the heart space room. It was a wonderful experience, very relaxing and I felt safe with Shuna guiding me. She gave me the skills I needed. And the meditation helped my body and mind settle, as my spirit took an inner journey, so that I could unravel my limitations. I feel more confident and will use this wonderful tool regularly on my awakening journey."

Christina Gomes


"Dr. Shuna Marr is an excellent guide for awakening because she also really understands the learning process and helps you to understand awakening, step by step, so you can feel safe to open, release and expand. 

Awakening can feel lonely, or strange. Dr. Shuna’s lessons and guidance on the heart space room allowed me to trust and surrender to the process. The heart space room was one of the most grounded meditations I’ve been taken on, and her voice was very soothing.

This meditation empowered me to know that I have the skills to return to this space and connect with my truth again and again.

It was well worth the investment."


I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for coming into my life at that perfect moment. Venturing into the Heart Space room for the first time was life altering & such a special moment in my healing journey.

I’ve done the HSRoom meditation several times now, and it has been great. I found it relatively easy to do, and was able to get a good visualisation to work with each time, really helped me to relax and move on from being stuck in negative thoughts. Thankyou for letting me know about it.

I'm ready to pay the amazingly low price of £49 GBP for this journey in inner healing
I'm in! Take me to the checkout

About Shuna and Roslyn

Dr Shuna Marr is a psychic intuitive, and an experienced lecturer of 25 years, having taught in colleges and universities in U.K., Hong Kong, China and Australia. She has a PhD in Education and 3 teaching qualifications, including a PG Cert in Online Education.

Shuna has been on her enlightenment path for more than 25 years, and 'awakened' in 2016. Since then, her mission has been to map out the awakening process, so she can help others to make the transition more smoothly.

Roslyn (Shuna' daughter) has an MA (Hons) Philosophy, enabling her to look at things from lots of different perspectives. Her awakening has been in tandem with her mum's, beginning her spiritual journey as a teenager. Roslyn is a high level empath and accomplished energy healer.

Together, they formed Spiritual Awakening Support in 2019 to support people at all stages of their awakening journey.

They combine their metaphysical gifts with their practical skills, wisdom and experience, to help others transition through their awakening more smoothly.