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Heart Space Room Deep Dive Session - 120 minutes

This is a personalised 1-on-1 session, on Zoom, tailored to your unique requirements. This session includes being led by Shuna through a Heart Space Room guided visualisation.  This meditation takes you deep within yourself, and can help you to gain rich insights into your situation, reveal false beliefs, heal old wounds, and reunite you with lost and abandoned parts of yourself. 

The Heart Space room is a fabulous tool that allows a really deep dive into your situation to explore:

  • recognise your triggers and where you are running automatic programmes
  • recognise false beliefs you are carrying in your unconscious mind
  • gain insights into non-beneficial patterning and conditioning you still carry
  • connect with lost and abandoned parts of yourself
  • give yourself the love you have been looking outside yourself for
  • meet your higher self and speak to your guides
  • and many more things.

It truly is a versatile tool. 

I have made this tool freely through our free 5-day Challenge and also in a paid mini course, as well as it being an integral part of our online course Ok I’m Awakening – What Happens Now?  (For more information about the Heart Space Room, scroll further down the page). 

It is also the basis of this Heart Space Room Deep Dive Session, and I offer this as one of my bespoke services because, even though you can do the visualisation on your own, sometimes you might want to be guided through the visualisation personally, maybe because you are having trouble accessing something on your own,

Or you might feel you’d like the extra support of having someone there to metaphorically hold your hand to help you go deeper as you tackle one of your core root challenges.

I provide a safe and supportive environment to help you explore and release what you are ready to let go of.

This session will help you to gain insight on this situation from a higher perspective and help you discover how you can best move forward on your future path.

Prior to the session: 

  • There is a significant amount of preparation that takes place in advance of the session in which Shuna receives channeled information about where you are on your soul path, to use as the basis for the guidance. 

The session itself: 

  • The session begins with Shuna outlining the guidance received in advance and this will be discussed this with you. This takes approximately 40 minutes. 
  • Based on that discussion, a focus will be arrived at for the Heart Space Room meditation. 
  • Shuna will lead you through the meditation, which takes between 40-50 minutes, using her intuitive guidance to help you to navigate through the process and inner transformation.
  • There is a debrief session after the meditation, of around 30 minutes, when Shuna uses her intuitive wisdom to weave together and interpret the array of information received during the session, and help you to identify the best route forward for your highest and best good.
  • It is always our aim to assist you to move forward in the way that empowers you most, and in that respect this is a co-created experience. It's not something that is done 'to' you, but a conversation and experience in which you participate. 

After the session: 

  • A recording of the guidance session, if desired, is included in the session price. A link will be emailed and you will be able to download and save it. This will enable you to listen again, and pick up information you may have missed during the session, allowing the transformation process to go even deeper.
  • A PDF of any readings will also be sent after the event. 

How to book a session:

Click on the button at the top of this page to proceed to the booking page. Select your preferred date/time for the online session. If there is not a suitable day/time please email [email protected] as we may be able to accommodate alternative times (eg to suit a particular time zone).


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Arayah Ayana Surima

Thames New Zealand

 Yesterday, I received a very comprehensive, accurate and detailed healing session through Shuna that included a Tarot reading, a crystal ball reading, a guided healing journey into my sacred heart space and a debrief with card reading afterwards. As well as additional psychic insights from her daughter Roslyn.

Since I live in New Zealand, most of the session was done via electronic messages and the guided journey via a video connection.

The healing took place around my soul’s main core wound I’ve come to heal in this lifetime. Shuna and Roslyn provided such a detailed and accurate overview with the initial readings that during the fabulously guided journey I was easily able to see the complete picture and finally fully release this story that has had such a big impact in my life thus far.

From what I observed, Shuna is very gifted and skilful in gathering information and piecing together all the different pieces of the puzzle as well as guiding the soul retrieval journey.

It was a wonderful and very empowering co-created experience that left me with deep gratitude towards both Shuna and Roslyn for facilitating this.

With love and gratitude"

Testimonial for her Heart Space Room Deep Dive Session

Want to find out more about the Heart Space Room?

This mini course (about an hour and a half in total) would be an excellent introduction to the Heart Space Room, and would be an excellent support if used before or after a personal session. 

Before a first session: learn how to set up your own heart space room, in preparation for your personal session.

After a personal session: use the recorded guided visualisation  included in the course to take further trips through your Heart Space Room.

You could even use it Instead of a personal session: empower yourself with this transformative tool. Excellent value at just £22 GBP

Take me to the Heart Space Room mini course page