Awakening Chronicles (written)

Awakening Reflections (written)

Awakening Narratives (video)

and Awakening Conversations (video)

Having been unfolding in our own awakening for the past few years, we recognise that the awakening path can sometimes feel lonely and we can often feel that we are the only people going through this stuff. Especially if our family and friends around us are not experiencing the same as we are.

  • 'Awakening Chronicles' share written extracts from the journals we kept going through our early awakening. 
  • 'Awakening Reflections' are written posts where we reflect on some aspect of the awakening journey. 
  • 'Awakening Narratives' are video posts taken either from Facebook Lives done in our Spiritual Awakening Support Tribe or from posts created for our YouTube channel.
  • 'Awakening Conversations' are videos: We are delighted to share these interviews with practitioners from the Spiritual community, who discuss their awakening stories. These all follow a similar format - we begin by discussing their awakening and how it happened for them. Then we chat about their journey and how it has unfolded, where it's taken them and what services they are offering in the world. And we end on advice for those awakening. Use these to find parallels and useful advice for your own journey. 

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We hope some of this 'speaks' to you: you are not alone.

I chose a disempowering story for 33 years awakening reflection (blog post) conscious parenting life triggering Aug 24, 2022

by Roslyn Jayne and Dr Shuna Marr

Below is a story shared by my Mum, Shuna, about an unhealed trauma from her first weeks as a new parent.

This wounding was brought to the surface when I had my...

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Let's Talk about Triggering conscious parenting life shame triggering Jul 20, 2022

I’m Roslyn, of Conscious Parenting Life, which is a new brand under the Spiritual Awakening Support umbrella. 

In case we've not met before, I’m a mum of two, a high level empath...

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