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Holistic Healing Spiritual Spa

- Allow 2-3 hours for this session

The video above, which we recorded for our Spiritual Awakening Support Tribe group, gives you a detailed overview of the session and what to expect. This session is a combination of the Heart Space Room Deep Dive and Looking Deeper sessions, but at a saving of £55 on the individual sessions. 

This is a personalised 2-on-1 session, on Zoom, tailored to your unique requirements. This is an intensive holistic experience,  where both Shuna and Roslyn combine their complementary gifts to work through multiple energetic body layers - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This holistic session will help to bring effective transformation in your life.

Think of it as a spa day for your soul that allows a really deep dive into your situation to explore: 

  • what is happening in your various body layers (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • where you are on your soul journey
  • gain insight into your situation from a higher perspective and
  • discover how you can best move forward.

Prior to the session: 

  • There may be a significant amount of preparation that takes place in advance of the session, where we draw in channeled guidance through our intuitive 'tools' to make sure we understand your situation and the best way to support you during the session.

The session itself: 

  • Each session is unique and may come through in a different order, but a potential outline of a session could be:
  • The session might begin with Roslyn 'tuning in' to your energy field and doing an energetic healing and grounding session. This incorporates some distance Reiki, but goes much deeper, and identifies any energetic blockages or emotions that are ready to be released. During the healing, Roslyn also receives channeled insights and advice from her and your Spirit guides. This can take between 40-50 minutes.
  • We (Shuna and Roslyn) would then outline any guidance we'd received in advance, and this will be discussed this with you. This may take the form of crystal ball visualisations, or tarot/oracle card readings. There may be some dowsing.
  • This may take approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes the advanced guidance comes before the Tune In - it very much depends on how we are led by our intuition as to what feels right.
  • Whichever way round it comes through, based on the discussion and the scan, a focus will be arrived at for the Heart Space Room meditation. 
  • Shuna will then guide you through the 'heart space room' meditation visualisation that helps you to explore your emotions and blockages at an unconscious level.  Using her intuitive guidance, Shuna will help you to navigate through the process and gain the insights that lead to inner transformation. Depending on what takes place, this session may take 60-80 minutes.
  • There is often a short debrief session after the meditation, when Shuna and Roslyn use their intuitive wisdom to weave together and interpret the array of information received during the session, which will help you to identify the best route forward for your highest and best good.
  • It is always our aim to assist you to move forward in the way that empowers you most, and in that respect this is a co-created experience. It's not something that is done 'to' you, but a conversation and experience in which you participate. 

After the session: 

A recording of the session is included in the session price.

This recording (both a video and audio version) will be uploaded and stored in your private library, where you will be able to listen again, and pick up information you may have missed during the session, allowing the transformation process to go even deeper.

A PDF of any readings, notes or sketches will also be uploaded into your session folder.  

How to book a session:

Once you click the button and pay for a session, you'll be taken to a landing page where you will fill out a form giving us details of your time zone and the days/dates/times that would be most suitable to you.

You can do this straight away, on the landing page you are taken straight to after payment - or later, as we send you an email with a link back to that booking page.

Once you complete this form, we will then get back to you within 24 hours with a selection of suitable dates. 

If you prefer to arrange the session date prior to purchasing the session... 

then please email s[email protected] giving us the details of your time zone and days and times you'd be available. 

Once we have agreed a date and time, we will hold that spot available for up to 48 hours to allow you to make payment for the booking. 

If you haven't used Zoom before, click here to find out more information about how we use it.

Your assurance of privacy and professionalism:

We will conduct the session and protect your data in line with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and our Ethical Code of Conduct 

For more info read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


Alison Finlay 


"I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session with Shuna and Roz. I arrived for an in-person healing feeling both anxious and excited.

 Their welcome was warm and relaxing and I felt they explained really clearly to me what to expect during the session. I felt and knew I was in safe pairs of hands

During the healing I felt all sorts of interesting sensations throughout my body as well as some thoughts that floated into and out of my mind. I think what I liked most was that after the healing that wasn’t the end.  There was an opportunity to hear their feedback and also to explore things further with some other techniques that they have.

What they said to me was spot on - in fact they were able to put into words for me things that I had a feeling about but couldn’t really explain.

I felt that the session was very thorough and comprehensive. I’ve done things before when I’ve gone away not feeling I got everything I needed. Their session made me feel as if I was full in the way that a good meal makes you feel. What was next for me was to go and digest the healing and to see how things shifted for me in my world.

 I did come away feeling clearer and lighter and with some things that I could carry on working with beyond the session.

Shuna and Roz are doing amazing work together. They both sense what’s going on for their client and their different skill sets dovetail beautifully together."

Testimonial for her 'in-person' Holistic Healing and Spiritual Spa Session