The Connection: Awakening Chronicles of Roslyn's Unfolding: part 2 of 3

awakening chronicle awakening reflection (blog post) heart space room meditation Feb 08, 2020
A door with dtreaming light illustrating an experience in a Heart Space Room session that connected to a higher power

By Dr Shuna Marr

This is the second part of the 3-part series on Roslyn’s unfolding through Heart Space Room meditations.

If you haven’t read part 1 (The Expansion), then it explains a lot of the background that you might like to know, to understand what is going on.  

Remembering back to part 1, the Heart Space Room session I was guiding Roslyn through was all about going through an expansion.

At one point, the room collapsed and then re-emerged, double in size.

The symbolism and imagery conveyed what was happening at an energetic level, in a way that made it possible for our 3D brains to understand.  

In this one, different imagery and symbolism show how Roslyn was making a connection to source and receiving a BIG download of source energy and information.  

Read on to find out how it unfolded…  


Journal Entry: 21 Sep 2017  

Roz had been feeling emotional and weepy for a while and took this into her heart space room.

After talk down, the emotion was drawn into the bubble:  


The plank

Roz: its shape is long and wide like a floorboard or plank, but its ends are ragged diagonals with sharp points and it has knotholes, so not completely solid.   It looks more metallic than wood. A copper or bronze type of material but not as solid as metal. More friable.

It is standing upright on one point.


Shuna: thank it for being here and ask what message it has for you.  

Roz: it's started turning itself over and over. It feels like it's trying to draw me closer.


Shuna: Can you expand the bubble to make it bigger?  

Roz: it expanded itself. It's huge. I can't see most of it any more, just the bottom raggedy point. It's enormous.


Shuna: how do you feel?  

Roz: it feels ominous since it became so big


Shuna: can you shrink it back down?  

Roz: I managed to shrink it back down to being just taller than me. It's still standing on its point.


The doorway

Shuna: ask if it can give you more information  

Roz: it has knotholes in it - but one of them is a keyhole. Oh, this is part of a door that has been ripped away.


Shuna: do you have a key?  

Roz: yes, I have my key ring with the keys for the totem pole in my hand and there is a new key on it.

A different key that's not been there before.

It's the same copper/brassy colour as the door fragment. I popped the bubble and it's held itself rigid.  

I turned the key and there was a beat when nothing happened. Then the straight edge of the door cracked and light came through from the other side where the door would be.

The left hand side of the door started to pixilate and it streamed out and went shooting off down to the other end of the heart space room - about 30 feet.  

The light almost pushed me back up to consciousness. It was a big impact. It felt like I was downloading information.

My eyes are twitching. My body is reacting as if I've been hit by something massive.

My eyes seem to be trying to read hundreds of flashing images all at once.

The adrenaline is rushing and I feel shaky.   I can't see much.

There's just light coming from the crack in the door.

The light is so bright that everything else is dark. I can't focus on the door. I can only see my heart space room around the edges.  

The door part of the vision is shrouded. There's blinding white light coming through the crack. Even this small amount of light is like being hit by a tidal wave.   


Another dimension

Shuna: are you still downloading?

Roz: it's not as frantic as it was before. I can focus back on the scene again. It nearly threw me out of the meditation.

I'm going to try and focus back in on the room.  

There's the edge of the door with light; the copper bit with the keyhole. Everything else to the left that would be the door is nothingness.

Like a gap in reality.

It's streaming off in ragged tatters to the left for about 30 feet. The way that a flag that is frayed at the edges does.

It's settled more now.

There had been a big explosion of 'becoming'. I'm going to try to push the door open. My curiosity is piqued.  

I pushed the door open - it's mostly all the way open now. The opening looks rectangular. Beyond the frame is just brilliant light.


A blurry silhouette

Shuna: do you feel you are supposed to step through the door?  

Roz: no I don't feel comfortable. This is somewhere quite different. I feel I want to send love and compassion to the door.


Shuna: will someone come out of the door?  

Roz: I can see a blurry silhouette of a human figure. I can't tell who, it's too far away - can just see it's human. It's someone coming from a long way away.


Shuna: do you feel comfortable?

Roz: not at the moment  


Shuna: would you be happier to have your higher self (HS) with you? Your Phoenix self?

Roz: yes. She's appeared behind me and has her hand in my shoulder.

She's reaching forward toward the door.  

Someone is reaching out of the light and has taken my HS hand and stepped into the heart space room, but I can't see them yet. They are standing there but I can't focus on their face or any specific detail.


Opening the Heart - Mind - Soul

Shuna: can you feel into it? Is there an energy signature? Is this someone you know or is it someone you are to meet?  

Roz: I just got 'you don't know me'. My HS seems totally at ease. Very happy and calm and at ease.


Shuna: can you ask if they have a message for you. Or a task?  

Roz: 'OPEN' they said 


Shuna: ask them 'how do I open'?

Roz: I got 'key'


Shuna: where do you need to put the key?



Shuna: does the spinner on the table have anything to do with it?

Roz: I went over to grab it and as I touched it, it flew across towards the person and implanted itself in their upper chest, where their heart chakra is.

It's turning - trying to align itself.


Shuna: Is this a key to a heart?

Roz: it reminds me more of a compass.

The inside of the spinner has aligned like the top and bottom of an hourglass.

They've brought their hand up and touched it and the two halves of the hourglass started to glow brightly. One a pale blue and the other a pale pink.

Then the light released in smoky wisps of light.   It was some sort of release - their release, not mine.

I got a wave of happiness and satisfaction with the way this had gone.  


Shuna: are you helping them? Is the gratitude coming from them to you?  

Roz: yes. That spinner needed to be there to release. They are very pleased with me and thanked me.  


The Portal Closes

Shuna: what is your HS doing?

Roz: one hand is still on my shoulder as a reassuring presence and she's still holding the hand of the other person. She's just observing with a benign, pleased, calm look.


Shuna: are you going to know this person? Will you know them when you meet?

Roz: I got 'yes- in time'


Shuna: what's happening now?

Roz: It feels done. What needed to happen has happened.

I don't know where they need to go now. My HS has led us back to the door.

The person has stepped back through and has been absorbed by the light. The door is staring to swing closed.  

The streaming tendril side of the door is shrinking in and it's now disappeared. I'm just left with the copper plank bit.

Oh, it's disintegrated into ashes and the wind is scattering them. It's gone.  


Shuna: a portal that opened for a purpose.  

Roz: it was like a meeting of different dimensions. The door black was one space, the white light through the door was a different place.  

My HS just gave me a reassuring squeeze and gave me a look that said 'it's ok'.  


The 'Feral' Roslyn

Shuna: so you got a big download but have you dealt with the emotion?

Roz: she's leading me over to my normal door frame.

Someone has come out. It's a slightly younger version of me. But a feral me.

She peered round the door frame, all animal-like, and she's come in, but crouching and creeping as if on guard.  

A head all dirty and muddy and wearing a Tarzan-like loincloth two-piece. Her hair is all matted.

She's sussing out if we are a threat or not. She's very animalistic and fearful.  


Shuna: send her love and compassion and ask if she's got a message for you..... is she doing anything?  

Roz: I keep trying to focus but my vision keeps getting scooped to the right.


The Totem Pole

Shuna: well follow to the right. What's there?  

Roz: my totem pole. The feral me is very intrigued with the totem pole. She's trying to climb it. She can get purchase on the bits that are already carved but keeps slipping back down the bits that have no texture yet. Maybe she's trying to race ahead but can't get up there until that bit is carved and has purchase. Or maybe a feral self can't progress higher up the pole.  


Shuna: what's she doing now?

Roz: she's standing at the bottom holding on to the totem pole. She's standing straighter now. She looks happy and excited rather than suspicious. She's excitedly hugging it.  


Shuna: would you be able to bathe her?

Roz: just as you said that my HS had begun brushing her hair to take out the matted-ness. My feral self is letting her.  

An old fashioned copper tub has appeared. She doesn't want to leave the totem pole so I've pushed it right to the foot of the totem pole. She's completely fascinated with it.

My HS has a jug and a sponge to cleanse the dirt off.  



Shuna: is she starting to shine?

Roz: she's out of the tub and my HS has poured a large jug of water to rinse her off. And just as you asked that, she was drying her off with light from her body.

Her hair is all glossy and untangled and her skin is clean.

She's slightly younger than me, in her 20s but there's something innocent and childlike about her. An inner wonder and gleeful and awe.  


Shuna: she's not an inner child. Is this a part of you you've never met before?

Roz: she just touched her nose and pointed (like when you get the right answer in charades).

She's now wearing a beige skin coloured top and trousers. Her hair is very long, like when I was young.

It is silky and glossy and you can just feel the smoothness of it.

It's been a big transformation.  



Shuna: is she going inside you?

Roz: She just gave me a hug and then pulled me back towards the totem pole and disappeared inside me but left me hugging the totem pole.   My HS is giving a little congratulatory clap as if it's all going just the way it's supposed to go.  


Roz gave a big deep sigh and came out of the meditation.  

Session Ends

Roz told me afterwards that her HS had touched her gently and spoken in whole sentences for the first time.

She said "you are going through a lot. Of course this is an emotional time. Feel the emotions, don't fight them. It's all going just the way it's supposed to. You are doing really well."  

She then gave me a kiss on the forehead and a hug and disappeared.

Journal entry ends  


These sessions took place early on in our awakening, and this is a time when big changes start to happen, that change the way we connect to Source.  

Everyone’s journey and path will be different. My first two connections and expansions took place in Reiki initiation ceremonies, Roslyn’s took place in these HSR sessions. 

You may find a completely different way to connect to Source, to open the channel for light and information to flow through.

It will all happen in the perfect way for each of us.  

However, connecting to Source is only half the story, and in part 3 of this Awakening Chronicles series, which concludes this series, we find out the other essential element to our expansion, but one that many people often neglect.

I hope you'll join me. 


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