The Expansion: Awakening Chronicles of Roslyn's Unfolding Part 1 of 3

awakening chronicle awakening reflection (blog post) heart space room meditation Jan 16, 2020
A phoenix to illustrate the expansion of spiritual power in the Heart Space Room

by Dr Shuna Marr

One of the most useful tools in my healing tool belt is the Heart Space Room (HSR) guided visualisation. I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, about how this is a safe space inside ourselves where we can meet with aspects of ourselves that have come up for healing, or to explore internal issues that need to be resolved.

This sacred inner haven provides a platform for inner dialogue and healing, a space where aspects of ourselves seeking resolution or growth emerge. While my own HSR journeys formed the foundation of my awakening, my daughter Roslyn’s interactions with it were equally transformative.

My daughter Roslyn

Initially, Roslyn struggled to access her HSR solo, prompting her to seek my guidance. Little did we know, this dynamic was an opportunity for me to refine my intuitive skills, ultimately laying the groundwork for my work with clients.

Roslyn’s rich visualisations, steeped in metaphoric symbolism, provide a unique window into our shared journey, demonstrating how the Heart Space Room (HSR) can be used.

Simply because the visualisations were so interesting, I typed up transcripts of my notes and recordings of the sessions at the time.

I now have her permission to share some of these transcribed HSR visualisations, which show how her gifts unfolded.

A series of 3 'Awakening Chronicles'

I have selected a series of three related ones that occurred within a short space of time back in 2017, and present them in a series of 3 'Awakening Chronicles’ blog posts.

This series unveils three related visualizations from 2017, each encapsulating a distinct facet of awakening.

This first chronicle, "Expansion," unravels the threads of this transformative process.

Stay tuned for the subsequent explorations: "Connection" and "Grounding." 

Background context

To be able to understand some of what is mentioned in the three related visualisations, I will have to fill you in with a bit of background of what had happened previously.

In the earliest HSR sessions I did with her (but unfortunately did not record), certain things were uncovered that are mentioned that will make more sense if I explain them now.

For example, her HSR is not exactly a room but a large clearing in a forest, with a spiritual mountain on the horizon. There is a marble table and a door frame that stands in the clearing that connects with her unconscious mind. There is also a totem pole in the clearing, which has carved sections, representing different sections of her life.

Totem pole
This chronicle also mentions a Phoenix, a shark, and a tiger. To explain these, as they are of key importance, let me briefly outline the first three sessions we did together, where she started to uncover her psychic gifts:

Over the course of these first 3 sessions, we saw how she had been born with a strong psychic ability but had come to close down her gifts when she was very young.

As we (her parents), at the time, were completely unaware of what empaths were, we had not known that she had needed help in how to manage these gifts. So by the time she was three, she had obviously found it all too difficult to deal with on her own.

 1. In one session, we met a baby version of herself who had felt herself connected with oneness and the Universe but found it overwhelming because she hadn’t known how to handle it.

 2. In a second session, Roslyn had met a toddler version of herself, who was not coping with handling her empathic abilities and was constantly being swamped by other people’s emotions. A tiger and shark turned up in this visualisation.

At first, both the child and adult versions of Roslyn were frightened, but her adult version soon realised that these creatures represented her power, and that, because she had come to fear it and be scared of it, she had locked it down all her life, until now.

Through the process of this visualisation, she was able to encourage her 3 year old self to make friends with the tiger and embrace the power. In the physical world, very shortly after this, she found her psychic gifts begin to open up.

3. Finally, I want to mention that in these early HSR sessions, Roslyn also first met her Higher Self, which appears to her in the guise of a brilliant-white light Phoenix, but also can appear as a lady that looks like her, but is illuminated white and has wings.

So with that background context, let me take you into the Chronicles extract and watch it unfold, as I did.


Journal Entry: 13 August 2017


What prompted Roslyn to want to go into the heart space room was a dream that had arisen. Here is my summary and interpretation, taken from my journal at the time.

Roslyn’s Dream 13 August 2017

In her dream, Roslyn was in her old bedroom from when she was young (which had a low and sloping ceiling). It was full of people she knew from childhood but who are now grown up. They were shifting furniture – her bed – around the room to various places. There was a drip from the ceiling onto the bed. Like a water stain mark in the ceiling with a bulge, like it was going to break through. It wasn’t water but a thick slimy goo that trickled down. No matter where they moved the bed to, the drip landed on the bed and then started coming down in a steady stream.

 My (Shuna’s) interpretation:

  • The bed = self and security.
  • Shifting furniture = shifting perceptions.
  • The ceiling = spirituality and a limit to your beliefs.
  • The dripping = something affecting your psyche and well-being and
  • the slime = lack of trust.

 The setting is in your childhood home, with friends from school, which indicates that these are long -held beliefs that you have grown up with. These dripping and streaming spiritual thoughts are changing your perceptions and no matter how you try to fit them into your existing small structure, with the low ceiling, these thoughts keep affecting your sense of self and security. You aren’t sure whether or not to trust it and are feeling a bit threatened by it.

We needed to take it into the Heart Space Room

To understand what was coming up, we did a HSR visualisation a couple of days later. I took her down, got her to feel into the emotion and draw it out into the bubble.

Roslyn’s Guided Heart Space Room 15 August 2017

Here is the transcript of what unfolded... 

The Sword

 Shuna: What do you see Roslyn (Roz)? 

 Roslyn: A big sword, like Excalibur. A big broadsword, with a big hilt, bronzy-coloured handle. No jewels but something carved into it – into the hilt and blade.

The blade says ‘protection’, the handle says ‘peace’ on one side and ‘war’ on the other. Hilt says ‘temperance’ (later looked that up – it means restraint from violence, from anger. Calm and self control)


S: Whose sword is it?

R: Roslyn’s. It is slashing about inside the bubble as if it’s being slashed at someone.


S: What is its purpose?

R: Protection


S: Protection of whom?

R: Everyone. I’m protecting everyone.


S: Is it your job to protect everyone?

R: No, it is my job to help. The blade has stopped swinging about. It is safe to pop the bubble.

It has now changed shape. It is unfolding out, in lots of layers of sword attached at the hilt – like a picket fence. It has unfolded to the horizon.

It has now surrounded the whole planet, but as it joined on one side it bounced out and connected around the planet in a different direction, and then again and again – it isn’t a fence – it is a bubble or field around the whole earth.

It is protecting – connecting the whole planet – everything to everything else.


The planetary view 

 S: What is your vantage point, where are you?

R: I am out in the universe looking at the planet but I can go back to my heart space room any time.


S: Does it have any more messages for you?

R: It has started to glow with light, connecting everything to everything else with light. Pulsing out into the universe. It is a benevolent energy. Love and light and truth and peace.


S: What’s happening to the planet?

R: It’s richer


S: Anything else?

R: I’ve moved down now, inside the field. I’m not sure where I am. I see a big building like a nuclear power plant, crumbled to nothing and trees and plants and wildlife springing up in its place.


S: When is this happening? When is the ‘now’?

R: In the future. I’ve asked for an indication of time and I see you (Shuna) as old and wrinkled. Not as old as gran is now (83) - you are still fit and vital. Maybe in your 70s or maybe you look younger than you are – 20 years ahead, maybe a bit more.


Losing an old layer 

 Now I see light rolling off of me in waves. There are other people with light rolling off of them in waves too and they are meeting and overlapping, crisscrossing.

I just tried to step back into my heart space room and I felt pushed backwards and I rolled down a hill and as I went, I unraveled – like bandages from an (Egyptian) mummy. I’m back in my heart space room and I’ve lost a layer, an old layer.

I’m standing between the totem pole and the table.


S: Which feels right to look at first?

R: My first reaction is to look at the totem pole – the top section is still smooth but glowing pale blue. The peeling away of a layer of me is connected to me moving into those higher sections.


I’m now sitting on the edge of the dais with my marble table. On it are the chalice and spinner where I left them last time (these are objects from an earlier vision).


S: Do these objects have any new message for you?

R: Half the chalice has been sliced away. The spinner is just the same.


S: Does this make the chalice useless now, or does it have another purpose?

R: It makes it into a trowel for digging. I am digging in the earth in front of the table with the chalice/trowel.


The expansion of the Heart Space Room

S: Have you uncovered anything?

R: I dug away some grass and underneath was a little seedling that started to grow into a huge big, old tree. It kept growing. Roots started to churn the whole heart space room until the space upheaved and fell into a big sinkhole.

 The sinkhole filled up with water and became solid ground again with grass. It looked just the way it did before but it felt quite traumatic at the time and then it was like it had never happened.

 The totem pole is still there, but it is further away than it used to be. And the table used to be marble and is now very white, like a pure white. It is still marble, but a very bright white marble. The dais is a little bit higher and the table is bigger.


S: Does it still feel like your heart space room?

R: It feels a bit different – as if looking from a slightly different angle, as if it’s a bit bigger, the clearing is wider.


S: Does it still have a door? Is there something else you need to do, or is there someone you need to invite in?

R: Lots of snakes have come through the door (Tenses and shudders)


S: Remember nothing can harm you in your Heart Space room. Send it love and ask for the message it brings.  

R: They have all come together all tangled up, like they are making the shape of a person. It is starting to become someone.


S: How do you feel?

R: I have felt uncomfortable ever since it started to tear up my heart space room. I am feeling a lot of resistance.


S: What are you resistant to?

R: Letting go the past


S: Why?

R: Because it is familiar


Meeting her Higher Self 


S: Does the future feel familiar? Does it look like that past? How is it different?

R: The person made of snakes has pulled back their skin and unfolding – inside it is the big white light-phoenix I saw before, but inside the light towards the tail is the outline of a person made of light – It’s the ‘me’ I see when I tune into people, my higher self.


S: You and the Phoenix are joined?

R: The person made of snakes, the skin has now been shed – like a snake shedding its skin. The tiger is in there too, within the light.


S: All parts of this are in the light of the Phoenix?

R: Yes and the shark and the shoal of fish. All there as light beings within the light of the phoenix.


S: What are you doing?

R: She/they/it are all standing in front of me.


S: Facing you?

R: She’s offering her hands out – like she wants me to hold them.


Inner Expansion

S: Does it feel safe to hold them?

R: Yes, ok...

(Shuna feels an energy shift from Roslyn, like a calm wave and ‘thrumming’ wash through her at this point)


R: I stepped forward and took her hand and she took a zip and pulled it all down one side of me and then another zip all down the other side of me and a fabric costume peeled down and fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. I don’t look like me anymore.


S: How do you look different?

R: I don’t look human any more. My head is too narrow, my skin too pale, my face is too long.


S: Do you look like an alien? Is it scary?

R: No, not scary just not human.


S: How is it making you feel?

R: Anxious


S: Why?

R: It doesn’t feel like me.


S: The person in the light, who looks like your higher self, ask her if she’s a part of you.

R: My perspective has swung round now so now I am looking out of my higher self


Stripped to the core

S: What do you see?

R: It’s not an alien – it’s a core – that’s why it looks disproportionate – it’s just the core. That’s why it looks skinny.

I can see different colours for the different chakras. She has peeled away everything down to the core.

She reached out her hands and put them either side of this core head.

There was white, the head shook slightly, like pressure building up and then the white light shot straight into the universe.

Like creating a new connection.

Now she’s zipping back up into the human body – the core back into its vessel.

Now it looks like me again, but instead of irises and pupils in my eyes, the light is just beaming from the inside.

My perspective has swung round to be back in my normal body. My first thought was ‘thank you’ for the body and the connection she was creating.

The Phoenix me is smiling, she looks positively gleeful.


S: Does it feel right now?

R: Yes, I’m me again and back where I’m supposed to be.

 But I feel different, the way my heart space room is different. I feel broader here (indicates solar plexus region). There’s more space inside me, more room – like I’ve expanded somehow.


S: Anything else you need to do in the room?

R: No, She has stroked my face lovingly and told me I’ve done everything I need to do for now, and she’s gone.

 My heart space room is about twice the size it used to be, and my perspective in it has changed. The mountains are not where I usually see them.

The session ends.


Journal Entry Ends


Back to today. This extract was pretty spectacular, huh? It showed how Roslyn’s higher self had set up the important aspect of expansion that needed to occur to allow her to move into a new stage of existence.

Roslyn was being too contained within her existing reality at that time, and things had to shift energetically to enable her to expand and grow into a new reality, more in alignment with whom she was growing into.

Everyone going through their awakening will have their own unique way of going through this expansion stage.
Roslyn’s expansion occurred, as we have seen, in a Heart Space Room meditation and shown through symbolism and ceremony.
Being spectacular isn’t a necessary requirement of an expansion, of course, but expansions will happen when you reach a new phase of your awakening and take a step closer to oneness.
In part 2 of this series, we will take another trip through the Heart Space Room to see how Roslyn connected to an energy portal and received a BIG download.
I hope you'll join us.

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