What are you doing for you today? Reflecting under my Apple Tree

apple tree reflections awakening reflection (blog post) self care Sep 08, 2023
fruitful apple tree a symbol of serenity and self care

By Dr Shuna Marr

What are you doing for ‘you’ today?

This is the view from my garden swing, where I’m currently whiling away this sunny afternoon.

It’s the apple tree in my garden and the promise held in the magnificent display of blossom it bore in spring is now manifesting in the rich abundance of fruit that’s weighing down the branches.

The sky is a cloudless azure and the sun is radiating it’s warmth in a most un-Scottish way.

There are a thousand things I could be filling my day with. A hundred chores I could find to do.

But the most important thing for me to do today is just be.

I’m filling my cup.

I’m prioritising what feels most important.

And I feel truly blessed that I am able to do so.

There will be many days, soon upon us, when the rain will lash against the window (i.e. more typical Scottish weather) and the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Autumn will make sitting at the pc and doing indoor tasks more enticing.

The colder months will make days like this a distant memory.

So today I’m resting and enjoying the sunshine. And I’m not feeling guilty.

Many of us have been through a pretty rough time recently. Lots of changes. Big energies.

The energetic upheaval our bodies go through needs time to integrate at a physical level. We need to respond to the call to rest when it comes.

This is something the surefooted pathfinder comes to understand.

It is through filling our cup like this that we are able to later give from our overflow with ease and grace.

What have you done recently to fill your cup?

And if you’ve not, what’s been stopping you?


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