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The Ascension Path: 

A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain

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What The Ascension Path is about:

 So many who have awakened in the past few years are finding themselves confused about what’s happening to them.

Often you can feel alone and isolated as the people around you cannot relate to what you are going through.

I know when I first began awakening I didn’t understand the jargon, the concepts, the system or how it works. 

I wasn’t even sure what awakening was, what the stages were, or what to expectI wasn’t sure of the pitfalls to avoid or where to find help

And I had to spend years piecing it all together to make sense of it.

I want to help others NOT to have to go through that same confusion and struggle. I want to help you to get up to speed much more quickly.

So I am excited to share my short course: The Ascension Path: A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain.

The aim of this 4-video course is to give you the the vision, knowledge and roadmap you’ll need to successfully navigate your own awakening journey.

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of awakening, a year or two in, or even many years into your journey but you still don’t feel you have that overview perspective, then this video series can help you.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey up your own spiritual mountain.

Shuna x

Dr Shuna Marr, Spiritual Awakening Support

You'll emerge from this Course with:



A higher perspective of the personal hero journey you're making on your own ascension path


A deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities the awakening journey may bring you


An overview of the stages of the awakening journey so that you can navigate your own path successfully

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The Course outline :

The videos were recorded live over a series of days, and have been edited into a short course. The interaction and questions gave it a richness and depth that was amazing, which I wanted to share more widely.  The material has been organised into days; you may spread it over as many or as few days as you wish, as it is self-paced.

In this short course I’ll be sharing the vision, knowledge and roadmap you’ll need to successfully navigate your own awakening journey.

    • Day 0: Preparing for the Climb

      A half-hour introduction video that introduces me and my mission and explains the aims, analogies and promise of the course. 

    • Day 1: Climbing the Mountain

      An introduction to The Ascension Path, where we start becoming aware of the spiritual mountain we are climbing

    • Day 2: Negotiating the tricky bits

      Navigating the main challenges of awakening, so you can recognise them in your life and have strategies to deal with them

    • Day 3: Enjoying the view

      Discovering the key opportunities of awakening, so you know how to steer towards them

    • Day 4: Staging Posts on the journey

      Milestones on the Ascension Path, so you can benchmark where you are on your own personal journey

    • Day 5: Q&A

      A recording of a live Q&A that covered an amazing range of questions that add greatly to the content of the course

    • Day 6: Bonus Resources

      A plethora of bonus materials (posts, PDFs, videos, workshops) that will equip your toolkit for the awakening journey


Course Investment: £47.00 GBP

What you'll get:

  • 4 x hour long teaching videos
    • Climbing the mountain
    • Negotiating the tricky bits
    • Enjoying the view
    • Staging posts on the journey
  • slide handouts for each video
  • 4 x workbooks with small exercises to consolidate the learning
  • [BONUS] Audio version of the visualisation meditation
  • [BONUS] Q&A video 
  • [BONUS] 3 additional 'Awakening Foundations' videos
  • [BONUS] 2 x 1/2 hr workshops (dowsing/ channelled writing)
  • [BONUS] A PDF of useful self care practices for your journey
  • [BONUS] A coupon to redeem the cost of this short course against the purchase our larger signature course (Ok I'm Awakening...' )

NOTE: The main videos were recorded live but have been edited.

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What others are saying about the Ascension Path Offerings ...

Loving the course so far and really learning a lot, great stuff! Thank you to you and everyone who is on the course for their time and effort and for being part of my journey along the path 😊

So enjoying the course and the interaction.

I want to join this course - take me to the checkout
I’m surprised how much I’ve got from the last two talks. I’ve never heard things explained in this way. It’s making so much sense.
Instead of looking back and seeing ‘failure’ I now see my own Hero Journey. What a shift in perspective.
Thank you 😊

I just wanted to let you know that I am sending you a whole amount of gratitude for this course and all your videos I have watched today,even the pineapple one,...it was like a light bulb moment, the way you explain everything in simple terms has made me realise that yes I am on the right path for me,and actually I am doing okay,there are alot of twists and turns but I am navigating them well, so thank you so much for helping me you truly are an earth angel 🥰

Oh my goodness, mind blown, this is the best explanation I have seen about vibrations and energy. Thank you for creating it.

Dr Shuna Marr: 

"Awakening involves making a transition from the life you knew before, to a new awakened life

Any transition is made easier if you know what you are going through and what to expect. 

In this challenge let me offer you the vision, knowledge and roadmap you'll need to successfully navigate your journey."

Hi I'm Dr Shuna Marr

I've been on my spiritual growth path for 24 years and began awakening to my current level of conscious awareness in 2016. Since then I have been actively growing my understanding and embodiment of the awakening process. I combine the metaphysical with the practical skills, wisdom and experience I've honed during my 20+ year academic career and an eventful and full life. I will be delighted to lead you through this short course that gives you an overview that will empower you for your forward journey.

I'm in! Take me to the checkout

Or if you still have questions then please email me at [email protected]