My Awakening by Megan Nolan

awakening conversation self care Jan 12, 2023

By Dr Shuna Marr

Here is a new Awakening Conversation - it's been a while since I did one but I'm delighted to start a new season with this conversation with my friend Megan Nolan.

Megan is a yoga teacher, personal trainer and mental well-being coach and I love her training methods and how she integrates her yoga practice with spirituality.

If you've followed me for any time at all, you'll know how important I consider self care - because I've been through 3 burnouts.

In this video, hear about how Megan was also dealing with constantly feeling frantic and frazzled, wanting to make time to take care of herself but life kept getting in the way.

She felt like she was on a speeding train of busy-ness she just couldn’t get off….that is until she crumpled into burnout exhaustion.

She knew she had to make a change and was darn sick of nagging voice in her head saying:

  • “I should be taking better care of myself”....
  • “I’ll do it later”
  • “It’s the first of the year already?? I’ll start this NOW!......”

Maybe you can relate too?

Hear in the video how she changed her path and is now helping others to find their inner calm.

This is the link for the free Mini Morning Routine she talks about in the video.

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