Blessings in Food Poisoning: A Reframing Example

awakening reflection (blog post) reframing self care Nov 23, 2022
Woman's hands holding her tummy, symbolizing self-care and reflection

by Dr Shuna Marr

A Strange Title, Huh?

"What blessings could there be in food poisoning?" Oh, and don't worry—I'm totally squeamish about anything to do with sickness. So, other than mentioning that it involved purging (that's it over with), I won't go into icky details.

A Shift in Perspective

But the reason I want to share this is because it's a beautiful example of how our perspective on the world can change as we journey through our awakening. We can learn to see beauty and perfection in everything when we know where to look.

The Unpleasant Episode

It happened the other night after dinner. The prime suspect was some rice that hadn't been reheated as thoroughly as it should have been (and no excuses—I even studied for a diploma in advanced food hygiene!)

As the night wore on, it became evident that something was off.

The Unwanted Guest

As the evening progressed, my body began to purge (I'll spare the details). This happened multiple times during the evening and into the night. I'll admit that by the final trip to the bathroom at 4 am, I was feeling exhausted, shaky, miserable, and very sorry for myself.

Choosing a New Perspective

As I sat there, I recalled the things I tell myself when things aren't going as planned:

  • This is not wrong or bad.
  • This is happening FOR me, not TO me.
  • I am not a victim.
  • How is this serving me?

I made the conscious shift to adopt an objective, reviewer perspective. And just as I made that shift, the answer came to me.

An Unexpected Revelation

My body was working FOR me. I'd been poisoned, and this was its way of keeping me safe. It was SAVING us—my consciousness working in tandem with my physical self. My body was giving its all to get rid of the poison.

A Crucial Decision

I faced a choice. I could rail against my body and the situation, viewing myself as a victim (I had a troubled relationship with my body in the past, and blame was my default response).


I could choose to accept this reality, shifting it into something better.

Choosing Acceptance and Gratitude

I chose the latter. Radical acceptance: okay, this is happening. Being angry won't help. How can I change this reality?

I started with gratitude. As I tapped into gratitude, I felt overwhelmed by it. I sent waves of love and appreciation to my body, and I could feel it relax.

Love's Healing Power

My body was strained from hormones, chemicals, and toxins. Sending love and gratitude, my body leaned into me and let go. It trusted me to hold it in love while it recovered. Love is the ultimate healer.

Embracing Healing

Enveloped in a cloud of love and pink healing energy, I returned to bed and slept soundly. I woke up feeling much better.

Discovering the Blessings

In the days that followed, I realised the blessings of this experience. As my husband, who didn't experience the initial purging, felt unwell due to the progressing food poisoning, I understood the fullness of the blessing in my own healing.

I realised how far my relationship with my body had come. It trusted me to hold space for it while it repaired.

The Biggest Blessing

The greatest blessing was realising the depth of our journey together. While this might not resonate with everyone, I offer it as a reminder that reframing and shifting perspective can profoundly affect how you feel.

With love,

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