An Awakening Conversation with Anastasia Lapik about cults

awakening conversation Oct 05, 2021

By Dr Shuna Marr

In this awakening conversation, we are talking about a type of spiritual bypassing that involves believing a guru has more power than you and giving your power away to this guru and that guru's associated cult. 

My personal friend Anastasia Lapik shares her experience of being drawn into a cult in Romania a few years ago. Although it was a 'tantric yoga' cult and therefore associated with sexual energy, there is nothing sensationalist, emotional or explicit in this.

It's a reflective and analytical account of how she was drawn into it.

The 'red flags' she ignored. How people (especially the women) were groomed and how their boundaries were broken down through brainwashing. She mentions the manipulative techniques that were used to encourage the women to give up their power and sovereignty.

The red flags to watch for when someone is trying to take away your power:

  • When people say 'their way is the only way'.
  • If they set themselves as 'higher up' than you.
  • If they gaslight you (make you doubt yourself)
  • Or try to disempower you in any way, eg through shaming
  • They have 'inner sanctums' or 'disciples'
  • and they are the ones with the 'right' answers.

The biggest takeaway from this is that - just because someone 'says' they are enlightened and has psychic powers, that doesn't mean they are better than you. No one external to you has more knowledge about what's good for you than yourself. You must trust your own inner guidance.

Anastasia acknowledges that getting caught up in a situation like this was not wrong or bad - it mirrored back to her where she was giving away her power and allowed her to grow from the experience.

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