The Bang Bang JuJu Beans: Lessons in Spirit Guides Names

awakening reflection (blog post) Mar 19, 2023
Colorful jelly beans symbolizing the whimsical spirit guides known as the Bang Bang JuJu Beans in Shuna's insightful post

By Dr Shuna Marr

Did you know that 3am is one of the best times to talk to your guides? The world is quiet and still and you’re often in bed or almost sleeping and you can connect much more easily.

I mention this because last night I went to the loo at 3am and, half asleep, I asked my guides if they had a collective name.

And I got back a really clear reply:  

“You can call us anything you like. How about the Bang Bang JuJu Beans?”

In my bleary state, I just tumbled back into bed and fell asleep - but every time I surfaced, I said this name to myself so I’d be sure to remember it.

And in the gentle morning light, I began to journal about what I’d got through and I had a number of realisations.

The first was that even in asking the question I was in an energy of lack - feeling ‘less than’.

In the previous weeks, I’d begun following another spiritual entrepreneur who said they channelled a group of spirit guides by a collective name.

In fact this is just one of many people I know who have a collective name for their guides or who channel spirit doctors, a specific archangel, ascended master, goddess or group of extraterrestrial beings.

As I wrote, up plopped this thought to the surface....

I believed that my own guides weren’t as good as others because they hadn’t given me a collective name to call them by.

I observed that having a collective name for my spirit guides might be something that I could use in my marketing. It would lend me authority and sound impressive.

However, in doing that, I’d be falling into a guru mentality to set myself apart, and wanting to make me sound 'better than' others.

In other words, wanting to mention my guides by a name would only be a marketing ploy on my part.

Now, let me assure you that I’m not dissing anyone who gives their guides a collective name.

Absolutely not. 

No, the name itself isn’t the issue and they can call their guides anything they like. If they’ve been given a name by their team and they use it, that’s not a problem.

No, the issue I’m raising lies not in others using a name, but in me and how it made me perceive myself.

Because, I believe that we all have a core spirit team, and other energetic beings that work with you, on a changing basis, as you evolve on your journey.

Everyone has their own collection of guides. I do, and so do you.

Whether you know any of them or not.

They work with you for specific times and reasons, depending on what you’re working on.

All angels and archangels and ascended masters will work with you, if you call on them, and particularly if you’re working on something that’s their specialty.

The more active you are on your path, the more guides and angels will want to work with you.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with a great many angels and archangels, ascended masters and other non-physical beings, like Sirians and spirit doctors.

I even have two dragons, a giant polar bear, a wolf and an owl on my team.

But somehow, I felt ‘less than’... I was carrying a belief that I wasn’t as good as others because my spirit team hadn’t given me a name to call them by.

And then, the flip side of that, was me recognising that I’d be setting myself up as ‘better than’ others, if I simply chose a name.

So that’s what my team were showing me when they quipped…

“If we told you we were the BangBang JuJu Beans would that help you?”

When I realised this, I laughed aloud.

It burst my bubble.

The BangBang JuJu Beans, indeed! 🤣

Who says your guides don’t have a sense of humour - and mine certainly use it to keep me right.

In giving me a silly name, I was reminded to remind you that we don’t give away our power to others, by thinking they are better than us

and also to remember that we aren’t better than others, either.

All souls are equal and you have just as much power and just as impressive a collection of guides (named or otherwise) as me or anyone else. 

The more you go within and connect with them, the more they will work with you.
So my team of guides shall continue to remain nameless - although I’m sure they’d laugh heartily if "The Bang Bang JuJu Beans" ever catches on! 😂😂😂


Dr Shuna Marr

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