Why our beliefs are not our own

awakening narratives (video) Apr 21, 2021

By Dr Shuna Marr

We think our beliefs are our own - but are they? 

In this video I’m talking about perception and the lens through which we view the world and how that changes as we awaken. 

Our view of the world is completely coloured by the sum of the parts that have influenced us. 

We think that our thoughts are our own - but they are an amalgamation of everything we have been exposed to in our lives - the books we've read, the films we've watched, the teachers we've had, the families, culture and country we grew up in. 

All of these things, and many more influences, are continually being absorbed into our belief systems and view of reality.

As we progress through our awakening, these layers of conditioning and patterns and false beliefs and ways of seeing the world begin to fall away. 

In the process of the discussion, I explain how I came to name our former Facebook group Spiritual Awakening Support Tribe....

...and also have a bit of fun with some examples of words and gestures that can mean different things to different people, according to their perception.

NOTE: The Tribe no longer exists, but you can find community and support in our low cost membership Ascension Pathfinders Adventureland


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