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The Spin-Out Toolkit

Are you tired of being thrown off balance by life's unexpected curveballs? Do you long to navigate your triggers with grace and resilience? 

Look no further. The Spin Out Toolkit is your guide to regaining equilibrium.  Crafted for awakening souls and seekers of inner peace, this transformative resource offers a treasure trove of tools and insights to help you regain emotional balance and stay grounded in the face of life's challenges.

While this toolkit is included as an integral part of the comprehensive '5 Days to Emotional Resilience' program, this toolkit is also offered here as a standalone product. It houses a wealth of tools and insights, empowering you to reclaim stability and composure in the face of life's trials.

Perfect for individuals seeking support in handling triggers and preventing overwhelm, the Spin Out Toolkit is your companion in embracing the extraordinary being within you.

Don't let the price fool you - this toolkit is packed with high-quality content, giving you a taste of what we have to offer at an accessible price point.

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Our "Spin Out Toolkit" 

is your go-to resource offering a multitude of tools for in-the-moment relief and post-trigger self-care and processing.

Immediate Support in Triggered Moments:

Access to practical tools and techniques that offer immediate relief and guidance when triggered, helping you regain emotional balance swiftly.

Guidance for Emotional Regulation:

Gain insights and strategies to not only manage triggers but also understand their underlying causes, empowering users with self-regulation practices and methods to process emotions effectively.

Versatile Toolkit for Every Trigger Stage: 

From the heat of the triggered moment to post-trigger self-care and reflection, the Spin Out Toolkit provides a diverse range of tools and techniques catering to various stages of the trigger experience.


When you purchase

'The Spin Out Toolkit',

you'll get immediate access to:

28-Page E-Book:

Dive into a comprehensive 28-page e-book within the Spin Out Toolkit, designed as your guidebook to understanding and navigating triggers. This insightful resource delves into practical strategies, illuminating insights, and step-by-step guidance aimed at helping you recognise, manage, and transcend triggering moments. Packed with actionable tips for self-care and emotional processing, this e-book serves as your ally in achieving equilibrium during life's challenging moments.

Downloadable tools:

Explore a wealth of downloadable tools and resources within the Spin Out Toolkit, which offer a multifaceted approach to handling triggers and emotional overwhelm. The guided audios provide calming breathwork and meditation practices, while the infographics offer step-by-step guidance for immediate reference during triggering moments. Additionally, the case study and guidelines provide valuable insights into processing triggers and fostering self-care strategies. Together, these downloadable tools equip you with a diverse set of resources to navigate triggers with resilience and grace.

Additional Workshops, Guides and Videos:

Delve into a collection of valuable additional free resources offered within the Spin Out Toolkit. These bonuses include a 40-minute video guiding you through establishing a self-care practice, an 8-step guide to crafting a spiritual practice, a transformative 25-minute workshop on channelled writing, and an insightful video outlining the basics of dowsing. These supplemental resources expand the toolkit's breadth, offering diverse practices and wisdom to enrich your journey. Each resource is crafted to empower and guide you toward emotional balance and inner resilience, providing essential tools for your awakening path.

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From Triggered Reactions to Empowered Responses

"The Spin Out Toolkit"


For the longest time, anxiety was my constant companion, and triggers were like unwelcome guests that showed up unannounced.

Each trigger had its 'go-to' performance in the theatre of my life. For example:

😠 🚪Anger meant a door-slamming, dramatic exit

😕🍞 Emotional upset led to a bread-and-butter demolition derby

😌 🙏 Confrontation turned me into an instant 'people pleaser.'

But here's the thing: these reactions were merely symptoms triggered by deeper emotional wounds simmering beneath the surface.

It wasn't until my awakening in 2016/7 that I realised these patterns were not just unhelpful but were holding me back from growing.  More than that, my body had felt the effects of constant stress and anxiety, which led me to 3 major breakdowns in my life. 

However, one of the earlier stages of awakening is beginning to recognise and shift this old emotional baggage. 

In the intervening years since my own awakening, I've learned to spot my triggers and unearth the roots of my anxiety. It wasn't easy, but I discovered healthier ways to cope.

Breaking those old habits? Let's just say it's a marathon, not a sprint. But with a bit of time and a whole lot of practice, I managed to swap out those destructive patterns for healthier ones.

I now want to share what I've learned with you. 

Healing isn't an overnight affair; it's a journey, and yes, it takes time. But you know what? Every tiny step we take counts.

This toolkit? It's like your starting line, packed with tools and tricks to kickstart your journey to reclaiming inner peace.


The "Spin Out Toolkit" 


Includes the following useful tools to support you:

11-minute introduction video: This concise video provides a comprehensive overview, guiding you through the fundamental principles and core aspects of the toolkit, giving you a clear understanding right from the start.

✨  28-page e-book: Delve into a detailed 28-page e-book that serves as an insightful guide, offering comprehensive information and actionable steps to aid your spiritual awakening journey.

✨ 2 infographics: Handy visual aids offering step-by-step guidance to help navigate through triggering moments or overwhelming situations, serving as immediate reference points for your mental and emotional well-being.

✨ 2 x 10-minute guided audios: Access invaluable audio content that includes breathwork techniques and exercises to foster mental clarity during challenging times. Plus a guided meditation to ground your energy and restore balance.

✨  8-page case study and guidelines: Gain valuable insights from an 8-page case study alongside guidelines specifically crafted to aid in processing triggers, helping you navigate through emotional challenges with ease and understanding.

✨ Additional free resources: Benefit from additional free resources, including a 40-minute video focusing on establishing a self-care practice, an 8-step guide to creating a spiritual practice, a 25-minute workshop on channelled writing, and a 25-minute video providing essential insights into the basics of dowsing.

Each component of the toolkit is designed to empower and support you on your spiritual journey, providing tools, insights, and practices to help you navigate challenges and embrace growth


NOTE: The Spin Out Toolkit is offered here as a standalone product, to give affordable access to essential tools. Later, should you choose to upgrade to the '5 Days to Emotional Resilience' program that incorporates this toolkit, you'll receive a discount equivalent to what you invested in this toolkit. Find the upgrade code inside the course - or upgrade at the checkout. 


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Is 'The Spin Out Toolkit' right for you?

This Toolkit is a good fit if...

  • You're on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.
  • You seek immediate tools to handle triggering moments with grace.
  • You desire comprehensive guidance for emotional regulation and self-care post-trigger.
  • You're open to diverse practices aiding in emotional balance and inner growth.
  • You're looking for practical resources to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-compassion.
  • You're interested in expanding your toolkit for processing emotions and fostering self-care practices.

Perfect for individuals seeking support in handling triggers and preventing overwhelm, the Spin Out Toolkit is your companion in embracing the extraordinary being within you.

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Have we met?  I'm Shuna.

I'm a Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

My journey toward spiritual awakening spans over 25 years, but in 2016, I experienced a profound awakening that led me to embark on a path of expansion and understanding. Along this journey, I've honed my intuition and divination skills using Tarot, crystals, and dowsing, and have gained expertise in mindfulness, and coaching.

My life has been a tapestry of experiences, including navigating divorce, rejection, anxiety, depression, major burnouts and surviving traumatic events like rape. Through these challenges, I have learned that our deepest pain often leads to our greatest growth.

With a PhD in Education, three teaching qualifications, including one in online education, and 25 years of tertiary teaching experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to my work. I've taught students in higher education in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and have developed and delivered dozens of online courses. My background in systems-level thinking and global perspectives allows me to see the big picture and guide others through the awakening process.

My extensive life journey, has provided me with invaluable insights on transforming from moments of emotional turmoil into a state of lasting resilience. 

I'm excited to share these transformative strategies with you and lead you through you own journey of self-discovery.

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  • and foster resilience

on your personal journey towards inner harmony and growth.

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