For the evolving soul who's looking for new tools to help them connect more deeply with their inner guidance:

Connect with your inner guidance through...

Tarot and Oracle Cards

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience that combines instructive videos and interactive workbooks.

Learn to trust your inner guidance by gaining more confidence and skill in using tarot and oracle cards. This 8 video course is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to confidently interpret card messages, no matter what the deck, and to empower you in harnessing these powerful tools for self-discovery and inner guidance.

Learn the art of selecting decks, how to select and use spreads, and master the 7 essential steps to accurate readings.

Let me show you how to gain profound insights and learn practical applications of these ancient divination tools!



This is exactly what I need!

'Connect to Your Inner Guidance Through Tarot and Oracle Cards'

Join me as we explore these ancient divination tools and unlock a profound connection to your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Connection:

Develop a profound link to your inner guidance and navigate life's questions with clarity.


Learn essential skills to interpret cards, make informed decisions, and embrace your path confidently.

Personalised Guidance:

Receive expert mentorship and support from Dr Shuna Marr on how to use these ancient divination tools.


When you purchase

'Connect with your Inner Guidance through Tarot and Oracle cards',

you'll get access to:

Pre-recorded Videos:

Gain immediate access to 8 comprehensive teaching videos, all designed to clearly show you the techniques and skills required for accurate readings. From understanding the nuances of tarot and oracle cards to mastering the art of interpreting spreads, these videos serve as your invaluable guide on your journey towards deepened inner guidance.

2 Comprehensive Handbooks:

One features 50 questions, spreads, and layouts, complementing the video lessons. These hands-on resources allow you to apply the techniques from the videos.

The second, 27-page handbook includes Principles and Practice of card readings, offering even more valuable insights and guidance.

Visual Compendium:

Additionally, you'll receive a convenient PDF Visual Compendium compiling all the slides used in the course, ensuring you have a comprehensive reference guide at your fingertips

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If you're looking to gain more confidence and skill in using tarot and oracle cards

You've come to the right place!

This comprehensive learning journey offers hands-on guidance, insightful techniques, and practical practice sessions to empower you in harnessing these powerful tools for self-discovery and guidance.  

This course is tailored for you if..

✨ you've just started learning tarot or oracle,

✨ you've dabbled at the edges of these ancient divination tools,

✨ you're curious to try but haven't felt brave enough yet,

✨ or, even if you possess an array of 50 decks but still don't feel fully confident in your readings,

✨ or you struggle to trust the messages you receive...

"Connect with Your Inner Guidance Through Tarot and Oracle Cards"

is precisely what you need.


What you get in the 'Connect With Your Inner Guidance through Tarot and Oracle Cards' course

Discover the 'Connect With Your Inner Guidance through Tarot and Oracle Cards' course package.  

  • Course Contents:

    • ✨ 8 Carefully Crafted Video Lessons: These videos provide profound insights into the art of tarot and oracle card reading, offering guidance on all 7 steps to an accurate reading.

    • ✨ Visual Compendium: Your comprehensive companion filled with beautifully presented teaching slides, ensuring you have easy access to all the information covered in the videos.

    • ✨ Spread Reference Handbook: A 27-Page handbook that includes 50 empowering questions and spreads, from 3-card layouts to intricate 16-card arrangements, designed for various occasions.

    •  ✨ Principles and Practice Handbook: Another 27-Page handbook that provides in-depth guidance on the foundational principles of tarot and oracle card reading, offering valuable insights and techniques to enhance your skills.
    • ✨ Subtitles, Downloadable Transcripts and Audio Only: We've ensured that all videos are equipped with subtitles and downloadable transcripts for your convenience and downloadable MP3s for those who prefer to listen on the go. 

Join this course and benefit from my years of experience, as I share my hard-won insights to empower your own intuitive practice.


Yes! I'm ready to join you!


This is a great course for anyone contemplating using oracle and/or tarot cards to further their personal Ascension or to start doing card readings for others! Shuna delivers the material in a very easy to understand presentation and video, step by step. Highly recommended!!


Is 'Connect with your Inner Guidance through Tarot and Oracle cards' right for you?

This course is designed for those who wish to unravel the mysteries of interpreting card messages, providing you with the tools and techniques to confidently understand and apply the wisdom they convey.

This course is a good fit...

  • if you're looking to deepen your card readings and enhance your connection with your inner guidance.
  • if you're not fully confident in your card readings and are seeking a supportive environment to build your skills.
  • if you're new to using cards or have limited experience and are keen to explore the world of tarot and oracle cards.
  • if you sometimes doubt or second-guess the messages you receive through card readings and are seeking guidance on how to trust your intuitive insights,
  • this course can offer valuable insights.

Please Note: This course is focused on providing you with essential techniques and practical insights for effectively using cards in divination. While the course delves deep into the technical aspects of card reading, it does not cover the specific meanings of individual tarot cards. Our aim is to equip you with the skills to achieve more accurate readings and foster a profound connection with your inner guidance.


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Have we met? I'm Shuna...

...and I'm delighted to connect with you. My journey as a spiritual entrepreneur has been deeply enriched by my strong connection to cards as a means of reaching out to my guides. Having been 'Biddy Tarot' trained, I've cultivated this connection over the past 7 years, integrating it with my own teaching background to create a powerful method of helping people discover their personal guidance through cards.

My path towards spiritual awakening spans over 25 years. However, it was in 2016 that I experienced a profound shift, propelling me onto a journey of expansion and enlightenment. This transformative period allowed me to refine my intuition and mastery in divination, involving Tarot, crystals, and dowsing. Additionally, I've garnered expertise in mindfulness and coaching, honing the skills that now enable me to empower others on their awakening journey.

With a PhD in Education, multiple teaching qualifications, and 25 years teaching in higher education, I bring extensive expertise to our journey. From classrooms in Scotland to global settings like Hong Kong and Beijing, I've nurtured students' growth. 

I'm excited to combine my rich background in teaching and training with my passion for spiritual empowerment. It's an honor to bring these skills to delivering this transformative training, equipping you with the tools to unlock your inner wisdom and navigate your spiritual journey with confidence.



I always get excited when Shuna offers a new workshop. I recently did her Oracle/ Tarot workshop. I have only ever dabbled with Oracle cards in the past, following the guidance that goes with the deck. I found this was the perfect introduction workshop to gather some new information, skills and ask some questions. It was hands on and interactive as I got to practice in real time how to lay out a 12 -card spread for myself. I definitely feel more confident in using the oracle cards and look forward to doing some different spreads.


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Connect with Your Inner Guidance through tarot and Oracle cards

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