Start managing your energy in a way that supports you.

With over 5 hours of course content, you'll learn empowering techniques to support your personal and surrounding energies for the rest of your life.

This is a self-paced course, part of which was recorded live. 

Watch the video below for more details...


In this deep dive into how to support and balance your energy, we will be looking at these areas...

  • Why you need to support your energy more as you awaken
  • How ascension energies affect us
  • Handling energy as an empath or highly sensitive person (and how do you know if you are one?)
  • Distinguishing between what's your energy and what's not
  • Effective daily energy management practices (ground, clear, balance and protect your field)
  • Creating an effective energy management practice for when time is short
  • Energy overwhelm - how to recognise it and how to stop yourself spinning out
  • Techniques for clearing and balancing your home and workspace energies
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Are you an empath? HSP? Introvert or Extrovert?

Did you know that where you are on the empath scale, or whether or not you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), can make a BIG difference in how you need to manage your energy?

Or that how much of an introvert or extrovert you are will also impact on your self care needs when it comes to your energy?

Or even that there are different types of empaths, and you may be picking up on energies you hadn’t even realised?

Not Sure? We can help you with that.

In Support Your Energy we help you to assess where you are on each of those scales of empathy, sensitivity and introvert/extrovert.

And we help you to identify the types of empath energy you may be sensitive to and how to handle that. You may be very surprised!

In all 3 workshops we will be giving you advice and practical techniques on how to best manage your energy and self care, to support your specific needs.

If you’d like to find out YOUR unique combination of needs, and how best to support yourself, then join us for Support Your Energy. 

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Dawn Allan


"Another life changing course created from the heart by Shuna and Roslyn and as someone else has said, this course really is a perfect addition to your flagship Ok I’m Awakening course. It was really interesting and easy to understand and I liked the summaries at beginning and end of every video. Was great to experience in a safe environment the different energies and emotions and was able to understand my emotions better, I didn’t even realise there were so many different types of empaths, who would have thought. I even had a wee surprise to discover that I was an Ambivert. The course was delivered in a safe environment and felt at ease to ask questions throughout the course. Thank you so much for creating this course and always being open and personable. I would recommend anyone to take this course no matter what stage you are in on your awakening journey as it tailored to everyone."

This is tremendous value

You get over 5 hours of quality course content for just £44 GBP. The low price reflects our desire to help as many people as we can - the quality of this course is exceptional.

You can be a complete beginner, a bit knowledge or very knowledgeable and just looking for extra practical tips on this subject, and you’ll still benefit from this course.

Shuna has used her 25 years teaching experience to design the course to meet you at the level you are at. Roslyn will be using her accomplishments as a high level empath and energy healer to help you understand how best to support your unique energy needs.

You're in safe hands!

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Hazel Collins

"Thank you to both Shuna and Roslyn for this most generous and informative course. I always enjoy learning with you and find the course delivery easy to understand and follow then apply. I have left feeling that I am better able to understand my personal energy field and I have skills and tools to manage my energy moving forward. I love that I have this course resource to revisit and a space to ask questions should they arise. I love how no question is a silly question and I always feel safe and comfortable to ask. I am also glad that I do, as your responses are supportive and empowering and instil in me a love for learning and embodying new knowledge."

What if...

✔ didn't find yourself taking responsibility for other people's energy any more?

✔ could go into large groups and not feel overwhelmed?

✔ could live free of the burden of other people's emotional baggage?

✔ could recognise that some of the anxieties and fears you feel aren't actually yours?

✔ could understand the relationship between energy management and physical symptoms (eg health issues)

✔ could better identify when something is not yours and be able to let it go?

✔ felt centred and calm more of the time? 

✔ ...when you were out of balance, you had loads of tools and techniques available to bring you quickly back to your centre?

This is what we intend will become your reality by the end of these workshops.

What we want to do in these workshops is to give you the knowledge, understanding, tools and skills you need to be able to help you to move forward connecting more effectively with the fields of love and joy.


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Here's what you'll emerge from the course with...

  • Knowing how and why ascension energies affect you and how to best support yourself 
  • Being able to handle energy as an empath or highly sensitive person (and how to know if you are one)
  • Understanding the type of empath you are and how this affects your self care needs
  • The ability to distinguish between what's your energy and what's not - and let go what's not
  • How large energy fields are formed and how to detach yourself from the negative ones and tap into positive ones
  • Effective daily energy management practices to ground, clear, balance and protect your field
  • Energy management practices for when time is short
  • Being able to recognise when you're in overwhelm and how to stop yourself spinning out
  • A bag full of practical techniques for clearing and balancing your home and workspace energies
  • A chance to have all your awakening energy-related questions answered

With this training you'll...

  • Be better able to manage your energy around long-standing negative relationships and situations
  • Have coping mechanisms for dealing with others' energies and protecting your own energy space
  • Be more confident about managing your energy fields and know how to raise your vibration
  • Become more aware of energy fields and how they can affect you
  • Be aware of and separate yourself from other people's energetic influence
  • Better manage and recognise what energy is yours and what is coming from others
  • Know how to clear and ground yourself properly


    Do it at your own pace.

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Susanna Friel

"My biggest takeway from the course was the realisation that the senses which I have always had are actual 'things' and not just me being nuts!! This course gives a deep understanding of the way that energy works internally and externally to affect your daily life and how to manage that. The way that you both put across quite complex information in such a straightforward and simple way is outstanding."

What's included:

Shuna and Roslyn provide practical techniques for supporting and balancing your energy, all organised in short modules so you can easily revisit specific sections.

The interactive workshops were recorded Live and have been split into separate videos, by exercise, to make them easy to access.

There are downloadable PDF worksheets to support the practical and written exercises in each workshop, plus copies of all teaching slides

There are teaching videos, with slides and transcripts, that you watch in advance of watching the workshop replays.

Bonus Q&A included,

where Shuna and Roslyn answer questions, providing deeper clarification and understanding.

Lifetime access to all course materials, stored in your private member's library, so you can access them at any time.

Tracy O'Brien

"I finished the Support Your Energy course last Saturday, run by the wonderful Dr Shuna Marr and her daughter Roslyn. It was lovely, I have a much wider knowledge of my energy and how to balance it going forwards. I felt grounded and balanced after taking this course. More so than I have in a while. Thank you Shuna and Roslyn."

BONUS VIDEO: What is Meant by Raising your Vibration?

You get immediate access to a 23 minute video and transcript of 'What is Meant by Raising Your Vibration?

Energy is such a huge part of the awakening story (as that's what we all are). This video offers an understanding of the basics of energy, vibration and frequency in as easy and straightforward a way as possible. The video covers:

  • The basics of energy and space
  • The basics of vibration and frequency
  • Frequency in relation to thoughts and emotions and how these affect our vibration
  • The control we have over raising and lowering our vibration and ways to keep it high

The workshops build on this foundational understanding of ourselves as energy.

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Hazel Collins

"I like all of your courses as they are clear and easy to follow and understand. Now that I have learned some more about HSP and empath traits I know that identifying with being an HSP, the way you deliver your courses supports my learning style and HSP needs. I never feel overwhelmed with too much information and I feel empowered by the learning. I think I have spent a life time of processing other peoples stuff without realising it. I am so looking forward to moving forward with this new knowing."

Frequently Asked Questions

Start supporting your energy in a way that gives you a more joyful and balanced life.

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"I just did this great workshop course which has been so useful to me. It explained to me about different energy fields that we have around us and the different affects this can have on me energetically. I was given information which has greatly helped me to understand about the importance of looking after my own personal energy field. There were practical exercises to do and videos to watch that helped to show and explain the concepts I needed to grasp so I could understand more about my energy field and the importance of looking after it for my overall well being. No question is a silly question and I always had the opportunity to seek clarity about something I wasn't sure about."

About Shuna and Roslyn

Dr Shuna Marr is a psychic intuitive, and an experienced lecturer of 25 years, having taught in colleges and universities in U.K., Hong Kong, China and Australia. She has a PhD in Education and 3 teaching qualifications, including a PG Cert in Online Education.

Shuna has been on her enlightenment path for more than 25 years, and 'awakened' in 2016. Since then, her mission has been to map out the awakening process, so she can help others to make the transition more smoothly.

Roslyn (Shuna' daughter) has an MA (Hons) Philosophy, enabling her to look at things from lots of different perspectives. Her awakening has been in tandem with her mum's, beginning her spiritual journey as a teenager. Roslyn is a high level empath and accomplished energy healer.

Together, they formed Spiritual Awakening Support in 2019 to support people at all stages of their awakening journey.