Discover 10 empowering practices fostering self-love, self-esteem, and balance.

Nurturing Yourself

Are you seeking genuine self-care practices and a path to holistic well-being?

'Nurturing Yourself' presents 10 Self-Care Practices for your Awakening Journey, empowering you to cultivate self-love, restore balance, and discover authentic well-being.

This self-care course, of workbook, accompanying video series and bonus resources, has been crafted to support your awakening journey through 10 impactful practices for fostering self-love, boosting self-esteem, and finding balance.

Join us on this path of self-discovery and personal growth, to nurture yourself and embrace a more fulfilling life.

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With our "Nurturing Yourself" mini course

you'll discover 10 empowering practices fostering self-love, self-esteem, and balance.

Empowerment Through Self-Discovery: 

Gain a heightened awareness of self-love and genuine self-care practices, fostering self-discovery and inner strength.

Creating Lasting Life Balance:  

Shift from temporary self-care measures to crafting a life where self-care becomes integral, leading to sustained balance and a sense of fulfillment in daily living.

Unravel Personal Programming:

Delve beneath the surface to identify and unravel deep-rooted patterns,  empowering you to reclaim your deserved moments of self-investment without guilt.


When you purchase

'Nurturing Yourself',

you'll get immediate access to:

A Transformative Workbook

Explore 10 Self-care practices to uncover ingrained programming, fostering self-trust and authenticity. With the tools and exercises in this course, you can delve deeper to reveal what's beneath the surface, empowering you to invest in your self-worth.

Supporting Video Series:

70+ minutes of content: Dive into 12 videos (6-7 minutes each) that expand on each self care practice and give examples on how to use it effectively. Explore these practices to uncover ingrained programming, fostering self-trust and authenticity.

Additional Bonuses:

There are many additional resources made available to you to support this journey:  

🎁 A 5-minute calming meditation practice. (Downloadable MP3 Audio)

🎁 A 40-minute video on establishing a practical self-care routine

🎁 A 25-minute channelled writing workshop

🎁 8 steps to establishing (or reconnecting with) your daily spiritual practice

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Join me on this transformative journey of

"Nurturing Yourself."


When I say 'self-care' does your mind immediately go to things like bubble baths, scented candles and giving yourself a nice massage?

For many, that's what self-care seems to mean...

... but if you've tried these without seeing lasting changes in your tendency to overachieve or in feeling resentment towards meeting others' demands, you're not alone.

That’s because self-pampering is only the tiniest fraction of what self-care is about.

True self care is about creating a life you don’t need to take a break to recover from.

And so this course is not about 'pampering' but about establishing the foundations of true self care practices that will foster self-love, self-esteem, and balance in your life.

Hi, I'm Dr. Shuna Marr, from Scotland. A former academic, now dedicated to supporting individuals navigating their spiritual awakening. 

I’m passionate about self-care because this is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way.

Lack of self-care because of perfectionism, overachieving and people pleasing has been a repeating cycle for me.

I’ve had three major burnouts in my life, and plenty of smaller ones.

This repeating cycle of burnout was finally broken in 2016, when I began 'awakening' and realised that the reason why I kept doing this over and over again was because I was running programming and conditioning from my childhood.

Like a hamster on a wheel - when things got busy, my unconscious mind immediately pushed me into offloading everything that was for me, because I still believed that:

  • 🙁 I had to sacrifice myself for others
  • ☹️ I had to put myself at the back of the queue for my attention
  • 😕 everyone else had more right to my time, energy and effort than I did

And when I began digging deeper, I found that underpinning those beliefs, were fears:

  • 😱 Fears of rejection and abandonment.
  • 😱 Fear that if I didn’t bend myself out of shape and put everyone else first, then I would be left alone and unloved.

And that is why I so often sacrificed my self-care.  

But when we give from that place of exhaustion and depletion, we are giving from an empty cup.

We become resentful because we know, deep down, that we DO deserve to rest.

We know we shouldn’t feel guilty to take time to exercise, to put ourselves first.... but the false beliefs we carry override them. 

However, when we take care to give ourselves enough rest, to feed ourselves well, to take time to exercise, to do the things that bring us joy, then we fill our own cup.

And when our cup is filled, then we are able to give to others from a place of overflow. We can give MORE to others because we have energy to spare.

So, that's why this offering is so important to me - I wanted to create something that helped people to understand TRUE self-care.

To share the message with you that YOU deserve your own love and self-care, and provide the necessary tools to achieve just that.

To help you to dig into what's going on beneath the surface, to find out why you feel guilty when you do things for you.

Because self-care isn't selfish. It's absolutely essential!


The 'Nurturing Yourself' Course

One of the foundational processes of awakening is starting to unpick the programming you picked up in your life before you awakened.

To help you do this, the beautiful workbook with the ten practices, accompanied by a supporting video course and additional bonuses, can help you to start to build that sort of self-care into your daily life and help you to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

This is a complete self-care package: 

  1. It helps you to take stock of where you are
  2. It helps you to strip out the old that no longer serves you
  3. It establishes good self care techniques
  4. It provides tools for clearing and processing false beliefs and conditioning
  5. And it gives you an opportunity to start developing an objective observer perspective
  6. AND there are several BONUS offerings, including a FREE 40-minute video on how to create a self-care practice for your physical care
The course includes :

✨ 18 page Workbook:  Comprehensive guide of 10 self care practices for your awakening journey

✨ 12-Video Series: (6-7 minutes each): Concise, detailed explanations and examples on each practice to help you effective implement it.

✨ Accessibility Features (Transcripts, Captions, Audio-only): Ensures inclusivity and accommodates diverse learning preferences.

✨ Private Library Storage: Convenient access to all resources in a beautifully appointed password-protected page in your private library on our website.

✨ Bonus Meditation for Inner Calm: Supplement your journey with a 5-minute calming meditation practice (Downloadable MP3 Audio).

Additional bonuses: Video on establishing a practical self-care routine, a short channelled writing workshop, plus 8 steps to establishing a spiritual practice. 

Are you ready to embark on this empowering journey towards self-discovery and sustained well-being?


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"Laughing to myself as I listened to Shuna's awakening stories and recognising myself in them. If you only take one course this year, take one of Shuna's. Her no nonsense, humour filled format is really easy to listen to and absorb." 

~ Susanna Friel


"Shuna has such an easy way of explaining things with her lovely stories. Go for it you won't regret it. Life changing." 

~ Constance

Is 'Nurturing Yourself' right for you?

This Course is a good fit if...

  • You're on a journey of self-discovery and seeking practical tools to cultivate genuine self-care practices.

  • You're open to exploring deeper aspects of self-love, self-esteem, and balance for personal growth and inner fulfillment.

  • You're eager to shift from temporary self-care fixes to establishing a sustainable, integrated approach to well-being.

  • You're interested in unpicking ingrained programming and understanding the roots of feelings like guilt when investing time in self-care.

  • You're seeking accessible and concise guidance to align your mind, body, and spirit, paving the way for a more balanced and harmonious life.

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Have we met?  I'm Shuna.

I'm a Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

My journey toward spiritual awakening spans over 25 years, but in 2016 I experienced a profound awakening that led me to embark on a path of expansion and understanding. I set up Spiritual Awakening Support in 2019 with my daughter, Roslyn, and we now help people to navigate their awakening with confidence. 

My own life's path has taken me through diverse experiences encompassing divorce, rejection, anxiety, depression, and the resilience to overcome multiple burnouts and survive traumatic events like rape. These personal challenges have been pivotal in teaching me that our deepest pain often holds the key to our most profound growth.

They've also equipped me to be able to share these experiences to help others navigate theirs. With a PhD in Education, three teaching qualifications, including one in online education, and over 25 years of tertiary teaching experience across various global settings like Scotland, Hong Kong, and Beijing, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my guidance.

My own awakening journey has led me to profound healing and transformation, which means I can offer you invaluable insights into transcending your own emotional turmoil and help you to cultivate enduring resilience. 

I'm excited to share these transformative strategies with you and lead you through you own journey of self-discovery.

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Dive into this holistic experience focused on genuine self-care. More than just pampering; it's about creating a life without needing breaks. Explore these practices to uncover ingrained programming, fostering self-trust and authenticity. With the tools and exercises in this course, you can delve deeper to reveal what's beneath the surface, empowering you to invest in your self-worth.

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