Book a Looking Within: Soul Session for £110 GBP

Looking Within: Soul Session - 60 minutes - £110 GBP

This is a personalised 1-on-1 session, on Zoom, with Roslyn, tailored to your unique requirements. 

Often, in our life journey before awakening, we develop wounds, false beliefs, templates, traumas, programmes and other types of 'baggage' that have limited us. A major part of the awakening process is to begin to become aware of these and bring them up to the surface to be healed.

Let Roslyn help you to unpack these in a safe and supportive environment, and explore :

  • what is happening at an emotional and energetic level
  • any blockage that may be coming up to be healed 
  • gain insight on your situation from a higher perspective and
  • discover how you can best move forward on your highest path


Prior to the session: 

  • There can often be a significant amount of preparation that takes place in advance of the session, in which Roslyn receives channeled information about where you are on your soul path, to use as the basis for the guidance. 

The session itself: 

  • ✨ Roslyn will begin with a full body scan, checking your energetic body from head to toe, to identify any problem areas.
  • ✨ Roslyn will then reach out to connect you with your guides and higher self, working with them to get to the root of your energetic baggage. 
  • ✨She will help you to identify why certain energy centres may have become blocked, for example through false beliefs or wounds you may still be holding, or situations where you are still entangled in a 3D story. 
  • ✨ Using her intuitive wisdom and channelling gifts, she will help to provide clarity over the situation and point the way forward for your highest and best good.
  • ✨It is always our aim to assist you to move forward in the way that empowers you most, and in that respect this is a co-created experience. It's not something that is done 'to' you, but a conversation and experience in which you participate. 

After the session: 

A recording of the session is included in the session price.

This recording (video and audio) will be uploaded into your private library, where you will be able to listen again, and pick up information you may have missed during the session, allowing the transformation process to go even deeper.

A PDF of any readings, notes or sketches will also be uploaded into your session folder.  

How to book a session:

Once you click the button and pay for a session, you'll be taken to a landing page where you will fill out a form giving us details of your time zone and the days/dates/times that would be most suitable to you.

You can do this straight away, on the landing page you are taken straight to after payment - or later, as we send you an email with a link back to that booking page.

Once you complete this form, we will then get back to you within 24 hours with a selection of suitable dates. 

If you prefer to arrange the session date prior to purchasing the session... 

then please email s[email protected] giving us the details of your time zone and days and times you'd be available. 

Once we have agreed a date and time, we will hold that spot available for up to 48 hours to allow you to make payment for the booking. 

Your assurance of privacy and professionalism:

We will conduct the session and protect your data in line with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and our Ethical Code of Conduct 

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Book a Looking Within: Soul Session with Roslyn for £110 GBP