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Looking Deeper: Soul and Body Exploration - 90 minutes

This is a personalised 1-on-1 session, on Zoom, tailored to your unique requirements. 

The Looking Deeper Soul Session includes a deep energetic body exploration that clears out any energetic debris and grounds you, plus receive channeled soul guidance from your spirit team. 

Often, in our life journey before awakening, we develop wounds, false beliefs, templates, traumas, programmes and other types of 'baggage' that have limited us. A major part of the awakening process is to begin to become aware of these and bring them up to the surface to be healed.

Helping you to unpack these in a safe and supportive environment, is the main aim of the Soul Empowerment sessions.

Let Roslyn help you to explore:

  • what is happening at a soul level
  • where you are on your soul journey
  • gain insight on your situation from a higher perspective and
  • discover how you can best move forward.

Prior to the session: 

  • There is a significant amount of preparation that takes place in advance of the session, in which Roslyn receives channeled information about where you are on your soul path, to use as the basis for the guidance. 

The session itself: 

  • The session begins with Roslyn outlining the guidance received in advance.
  • Then, using a variety of modalities and her own intuitive wisdom and, in discussion with youshe will to help you to see where you are on your soul path and view your journey from a higher perspective.
  • The purpose of the session is to help you to identify the best route forward for your highest and best good.
  • It is always our aim to assist you to move forward in the way that empowers you most, and in that respect this is a co-created experience. It's not something that is done 'to' you, but a conversation and experience in which you participate. 

After the session: 

  • A recording of the guidance session, if desired, is included in the session price. A link will be emailed and you will be able to download and save it. This will enable you to listen again, and pick up information you may have missed during the session, allowing the transformation process to go even deeper.
  • A PDF of any readings will also be sent after the event. 

How to book a session:

Click on the single session button at the top of this page to proceed to the booking page. Select your preferred date for the online session. If there is not a suitable date time/ please email [email protected] as we may be able to accommodate alternative times (eg to suit a particular time zone).

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