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Discover Your Guiding Light:

Connect with your Spirit Guides

Are you seeking a deeper connection with your spirit guides? Would you like to have a wider variety of tools to use to receive guidance?

Then this course is what you're looking for! 

Through a series of videos and a workshop with structured exercises and guided meditations, this course offers practical tools to foster a profound and meaningful relationship with your spirit guides.

If you're yearning for clearer guidance, seeking answers on your spiritual journey, or simply looking to enhance your connection with the spiritual realm, this course provides the groundwork for fostering a stronger, more insightful bond with your guides, empowering you to navigate life's complexities with confidence and clarity.

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With "Discover Your Guiding Light:

Connect with your Spirit Guides" 

You'll develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with your spirit guides, facilitating clearer communication and access to valuable guidance, insights, and support along your life's journey.

Enhanced Connection:

Develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with your spirit guides

Practical Tools:

Acquire practical tools, exercises, and meditation techniques to strengthen your spiritual connection

Personal Empowerment:

Gain confidence to trust your intuition, make informed decisions, and uncover your unique path


When you purchase

'Discover Your Guiding Light',

you'll get immediate access to:

Spirit Guide Videos:

An enlightening teaching video exploring the essence of spirit guides. This comprehensive session (70 minutes, split into 3 sections) delves into understanding the nature of spirit guides, their role in our lives, and how they offer guidance and support. Uncover the fundamental concepts, demystify misconceptions, and gain insights into establishing a strong connection with your guides.

Workshop and Workbook:

An immersive workshop supplemented by a comprehensive 20-page workbook. This dynamic workshop, rich in guided exercises and practical techniques, offers a hands-on exploration into connecting with your spirit guides. The accompanying workbook acts as your companion, housing essential exercises and additional insights beyond the workshop, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience.

Bonus Resources:

Your purchase includes bonus videos focused on channelled writing and the basics of dowsing, offering supplemental guidance and skills. These 2 x 30 minute videos provide in-depth insights into channelled communication, offering tips and examples to enhance your practice. Additionally, explore the foundational principles and techniques of dowsing, empowering you with essential tools for your spiritual journey.

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 Do you feel that you don't have a connection to your spirit guides or wish your connection was better?


I know just how you feel! ūüôÄ

My personal journey with spirit guides commenced in 2017. 

Prior to that, I held no belief in my psychic abilities at all!

While I had admired my mother's talent for reading tealeaves, the realm of spirit guides remained totally unexplored territory.

Since my awakening, however, I came to understand I had guides and I embarked on a more deliberate exploration. I was very drawn to experiment with tarot card reading and I bought a crystal ball (yes a real one!) ...

but to begin with, it felt like hitting a wall‚ÄĒI believed I totally lacked any connection, and I almost convinced it wasn't within my abilities.

Yet, that was a misconception; I later came to understand that everyone possesses the capacity to connect; they merely need guidance.

And luckily I persisted and sought out that guidance, receiving advanced training in Tarot and Oracle cards and embracing additional tools like channelled writing and the Heart Space Room.

These newfound tools became my gateway to connecting with my guides.

As I navigated my own ascension journey, elevating my vibration, an incredible transformation unfolded‚ÄĒmy connection blossomed.

Today, I engage with my guides daily, a relationship that's evolved and strengthened over time.

You see, what I now know is everyone receives information from their spirit guides differently. Some may hear their guides speaking directly into their ears. When this doesn't happen for you, it's common to feel like you might be doing something incorrectly or not connecting properly.

But when you finally realise the multitude of ways you can connect - and find the right one(s) for you

- then the light switches on! ūüí°ūüí°ūüí°


My desire now is to share my journey, imparting knowledge and showcasing various tools.

The beginning of the course is about mastering Spirit Guide Foundations

Being a former academic, I wanted to offer a comprehensive understanding of spirit guides, exploring their diverse types and the pivotal roles they play.

The three foundational  videos I created provide the foundational knowledge that supports and enhances your experience throughout the workshop, ensuring a deeper and more enriching connection with your guides. 


The course offers a taste of each of the following tools, allowing you to explore and identify what resonates most with you:

‚ú® Dowsing

‚ú® Card Reading

‚ú® Channelled Writing

✨ Heart Space Room Guided Meditation 

And if you've never done any dowsing or channelled writing before, don't worry, I've got you covered...

- there are two bonus 30 minute workshops covering the basics of each technique. 


The workshop and accompanying workbook also includes questions and exercises that can help you to: 

  • Recognise patterns hindering your connection with spirit guides.
  • Explore techniques to amplify your intuitive abilities.
  • Uncover subconscious beliefs affecting your spiritual connection.
  • Discover methods to overcome doubts or uncertainties in your connection.
  • Develop strategies to maintain a consistent and clear channel for guidance.


Join me on this transformative journey to

"Discover Your Guiding Light"

and Connect with Your Spirit Guides


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Is 'Discover Your Guiding Light' right for you?

This workshop course is a good fit if...

  • You're seeking a deeper connection with your spirit guides for personal growth and guidance.
  • You're intrigued by spiritual awakening but feel uncertain about connecting with your inner guidance.
  • You're eager to explore practical tools, exercises, and meditations to enhance your spiritual journey.
  • You're open-minded and ready to delve into various techniques like dowsing, channelled writing, or card readings.
  • You desire a clearer understanding of what spirit guides are and how to establish a meaningful connection.
  • You're committed to personal development and want to trust your intuition more confidently.
  • You're curious about exploring diverse spiritual practices and expanding your awareness.
  • You're looking for guidance but also want to be empowered to navigate your spiritual path independently.
  • You've experienced shifts in perspective or energy and seek support in understanding and embracing these changes.
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Hello!  I'm Shuna.

I'm a Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

Over my 25-year journey toward spiritual awakening, a pivotal moment in 2016 ignited a profound awakening, sparking a quest for expanded understanding.

Armed with a PhD in Education, extensive teaching qualifications, including online education expertise, and 25 years of tertiary teaching across diverse global landscapes‚ÄĒScotland, Hong Kong, and Beijing‚ÄĒI offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. My grounding in systems-level thinking and global perspectives allows me to grasp the broader picture and adeptly guide others through their awakening journey.

Since 2017, I've cultivated my psychic senses, honing intuition and amassing a diverse toolkit, including Tarot and oracle cards, dowsing, channelled writing, crystal ball readings, and specialized guided meditation tools like the Heart Space Room. These tools have not only deepened my connection but also empowered me to guide others toward their inner guidance.

I'm thrilled to share these insights with you, facilitating a fuller connection with your inner guidance. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together. 

I'm thrilled to share these insights with you, facilitating a fuller connection with your inner guidance. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

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'Discover Your Guiding Light'

Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Embark on a transformative journey of inner exploration, unlocking a diverse array of tools and techniques to establish a profound connection with your spirit guides.

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