For individuals on their awakening journey who want to cultivate conscious parenting with the children in their care

Awakened Parenting Toolkit

Introducing "The Awakened Parenting Toolkit" ‚Äď a comprehensive resource designed to help you embrace conscious parenting, heal generational wounds, and build profound connections with your children.

This toolkit offers a powerful Masterclass and an array of supportive materials, equipping you with the insights and tools needed to create a loving, respectful, and compassionate relationship with your little ones. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or simply someone committed to conscious growth, this toolkit is your guide to a harmonious parenting journey.


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With our "Awakened Parenting Toolkit"

you'll begin to embrace a conscious parenting journey that nurtures deep connections, fosters growth, and transforms your approach to raising children.

Cultivate meaningful relationships with your children through love, respect, and compassion

Break free from generational patterns and unhealed wounds, creating a positive family legacy

Gain invaluable insights and practical tools to navigate challenges and build a harmonious family dynamic


When you purchase

'The Awakened Parenting Toolkit',

you'll get immediate access to:


Delve into a transformative 45-minute Masterclass that explores the essence of conscious parenting, the profound shifts in perspective during awakening, and the vital role of love, respect, and compassion in nurturing deep connections with your children

Transformative Workbooks:

Receive a collection of practical workbooks designed to provide you with essential tools for your conscious parenting journey. These workbooks will help you to navigate challenges, reframe perspectives, and foster deeper connections with your children.

Guided Meditation:

Foster deeper connections and understanding with the 22-minute meditation guiding you to cultivate soul equality with your child(ren). 

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If you're looking for a new way to parent that's in alignment with your conscious awakening.

You've come to the right place!

The "Awakened Parenting Journey Toolkit" is your gateway to a parenting approach that reflects your shifted perspective.

As you've embarked on your conscious awakening, you've emerged with a new lens through which you view the world ‚Äď an understanding that cannot be unseen.

Whether you're:

‚ú® a parent untangling false beliefs,

‚ú® an empathetic grandparent yearning for a deeper connection with your grandchildren,

‚ú® or a childcare professional eager to honor each child's uniqueness,

conscious parenting can provide the framework to nurture your young souls with love, respect, and compassion.

However, to fully harness the potential of conscious parenting, it's essential to grasp its essence, its connection to your awakening journey, and its integration into your daily interactions with children, replacing more conventional methods.

This is precisely where

"The Awakened Parenting Toolkit"

steps in.


Within the Awakened Parenting Toolkit

Within the toolkit, you'll find a wealth of transformative resources and support materials, carefully crafted to enrich your parenting experience:

ūüĎČA transformative 45-minute Masterclass (Conscious Parenting Unveiled) that explores the essence of conscious parenting, the profound shifts in perspective during awakening, and the vital role of love, respect, and compassion in nurturing deep connections with your children.

ūüĎČConscious Parenting Affirmations: Elevate your mindset with daily mantras, fostering a positive outlook and helping you shape new habits that align with conscious parenting principles.

ūüĎČThe Power of Language Workbook: Deepen your awareness of your words and actions, empowering you to communicate effectively and create lasting connections with your children.

ūüĎČTriggering Workbook: Embark on a journey of introspection, identifying and releasing old programming and unhealed traumas, freeing both you and your children from generational cycles.

ūüĎČScripts for Families and Friends: Equip yourself with communication tools to eloquently convey the essence of conscious parenting, fostering understanding and support from your loved ones.

ūüĎČGuided Meditation: Cultivate soulful connections with your child(ren) through a 22-minute meditation.

ūüĎČBonus Q&A:¬†Have your burning questions answered in an engaging 25 minutes Q&A that draws on Roslyn's conscious parenting expertise.

With "The Awakened Parenting Journey Toolkit," you'll  gain insights and practical resources to infuse conscious parenting into every aspect of your daily life.


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I knew I wanted a more gentle, compassionate way to help my granddaughters grow. I had some ideas but wasn't sure how to implement them or explain what, why or how to do it. The techniques, reasoning and language and so much more is explained in this course. I've always believed that every child is individually different and will grow, develop and evolve in their own special way - this course will enable every child to be exactly who they are meant to be!

~ Petrina Hensman

Is 'The Awakened Parenting Toolkit' right for you?

This Toolkit is a good fit if...

  • You're seeking a deeper understanding of Conscious Parenting and its connection to your spiritual awakening, allowing you to approach parenting from a place of mindful awareness and growth.

  • You recognise the gift in why children excel at pushing our buttons, and you're eager to uncover the insights behind these moments, fostering stronger connections and empowering responses.

  • You're ready to liberate both yourself and your children from the grip of generational trauma cycles, equipped with effective tools and practices to break free from old patterns and create a positive family legacy.

  • You're prepared to take those essential first steps towards nurturing better relationships with the children in your care, built on the principles of love, respect, and compassion.


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Have we met?  I'm Roslyn...

a high level empath, mother of two and creator of Conscious Parenting Life (CPL). 

I’ve been walking my enlightenment path since the age of 16, going through my conscious awakening in early 2017, and have spent the last few years working alongside my mum, Shuna, to grow Spiritual Awakening Support (SAS). I have now branched out to create CPL and add it to the SAS family.

My goal is to develop the kind of resources that I wish my parents had access to when I was a kid. To help break generational cycles based in fear and control and provide alternative parenting strategies based on love, trust, respect and cocreation.


I'm Shuna...

a psychic intuitive, former university lecturer, a grandmother of two.... and Roslyn's mum!

When I was raising Roslyn and her brother, I was still using traditional parenting methods, carrying emotional wounds from my own childhood and passing on generational traumas.

I didn't know that being an empath or highly sensitive was even a thing, so I was unable to recognise the signs, nor understand how to support my children's needs.

I am now using the knowledge, skills and wisdom I've picked up on my own awakening journey, and my 25 years teaching experience, to assist Roslyn as she creates fantastic resources to support a new generation of parents. 



This course is perfect! The materials are clear, informative and visually beautiful - perfect to print out and keep handy, especially for cutting out and hanging on the wall! Not only does this serve as a daily reminder but a great way to introduce and explain Conscious Parenting Life to family and friends when they visit!

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