Seeking insights into your soul's purpose?

Are you on a quest to uncover your soul's mission and illuminate the path to a more fulfilling life, or are you a business owner seeking profound clarity on the journey ahead?

Then you're in the right place

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SoulPath Blueprint  Reading

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery.

This SoulPath Blueprint reading can either have a PERSONAL or BUSINESS focus - you can choose. 

I created this unique service to help you gain insights into your life's purpose. While you don't have to 'find' your purpose, understanding its hidden depths can be profoundly enlightening.

In my sessions, I blend intuitive wisdom and connect with your guides and, if it's a business session, the spirit of your enterprise. Together, we uncover messages that provide you with clarity and guide you on your path. 

Let me help you to illuminate the road ahead.

This session is for you if...

You're on a spiritual journey and yearn for deeper insights into your life's purpose.

You're a business owner seeking clarity and guidance for your entrepreneurial path.

You've felt the calling of your inner guidance and want to explore your soul's mission

Channeled Insights

With the aid of my crystal sphere, Damali, I channel the intricate tapestry of your soul's journey or your business's mission, using senses like clairvoyance and clairsentience, to connect with your guides through mine. Through crystal gazing, I unlock images that provide a deep understanding of your unique position on the soul path or the profound connection you share with your business.

During the session, we'll explore the imagery's symbolism together and co-create its personalised meaning for you.

Energy flow and dynamics

I also use a 7-card reading method enhanced by the power of intuitive symbolic artistry. This dynamic approach allows me to reveal the intricate energy flows and interplay within your life or business. It's like having a detailed roadmap, infused with the wisdom of the cosmos, to navigate your personal or entrepreneurial journey.

You'll not only receive the insightful messages channeled through the card reading but also gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay and flow of your service to the world.

Unlock Your Personal Path

In a Personal Blueprint Reading, you'll delve into the depths of your soul's purpose, gaining profound insights into your unique journey. Discover clarity, purpose, and a renewed sense of direction as you navigate your life's path with confidence.

£150 GBP

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Testimonial (Personal Blueprint Reading)

"I experienced a lovely Soul Blueprint reading from Shuna looking at my service to the world.  This reading was both confirming and comforting for me in that it highlighted what it is I do naturally without even realising it.

Seeing this information shown with a card spread and symbols/drawings  along with the interpretive messages helped me to tie it all together. I could see the bigger picture and where I currently was.

I have found having this insightful awareness has given me more confidence and comfort in being my bespoke service to the world. A lovely reading to receive and have, thank you Shuna."


~ Hazel

Testimonial (Personal Blueprint Reading)

"I really enjoyed the Soul Blueprint reading from Shuna. The timing of the session came at the end of a 5 day to Emotional Resilience workshop where we explored triggers and worked through the underlying trauma/emotions that surfaced.

The session served to validate/confirm how my soul chooses to process these triggers in my path to ascension It was truely an enlightening session. "


~ Charlene

Elevate Your Business Mission

Choose the Business Blueprint Reading to illuminate the spirit of your enterprise. Gain a clear understanding of your business's mission and purpose. Unlock new possibilities, refine your vision, and empower your business to serve its highest potential.

£150 GBP

Book a Business SoulPath Blueprint

Testimonial (Business Blueprint Reading)

"I was going through a bit of a rough, confusing time and I was wondering how I‚Äôd even make the time and headspace for this session with Shuna. It seemed like an indulgence on my part, when I needed to sort through so much. But Shuna has this ‚Äėtrust-the-path‚Äô effect on me, so I felt a seemingly unjustified sense of calm about doing it.¬†

Now, If anyone else presented me with a crystal ball reading of my business blueprint, well, I would not have been on that call at all. But because it was Shuna, and she seemed to speak my language in a way that I recognised intuitively, the entire session felt incredibly…factual and strategic. Like discussing a detailed roadmap. Only with a crystal ball in attendance. 

I then went away and everything was fixed. Just kidding. I went away with a whole new perspective on what was happening, why and what I needed to do next. A few months later, I consider that session one of the most affirming, clarity-inducing things I’ve done for myself and my business. It’s still informing my life and business and giving me lightbulb and a-ha moments every day."



Testimonial (Business Blueprint Reading)

‚ÄúThank you so much for my reading. It deeply resonates and I am grateful to you for taking the time to do this for me, this reading is absolutely spot on!... I found the reading really interesting and it definitely answered my question. Every card resonated and it is reassuring to know that the message from Spirit is that I am in alignment with my business....Thanks again for the reading. I very much appreciate your kindness.‚ÄĚ."


~ Sharon

Have we met?

Hello, I'm Shuna, your Spiritual Guide for Personal and Business Growth.

With over 25 years of dedicated experience, my journey toward spiritual awakening has been a profound one. In 2016, a life-changing awakening ignited my passion for expansion and self-discovery. Along this transformative path, I've honed my psychic intuition and mastered divination tools like Tarot, crystals, and dowsing.

Throughout my life, I've faced and overcome various challenges, from divorce and rejection to anxiety and depression. I've also navigated major burnouts and survived traumatic events, like rape. Through these experiences, I've come to recognise that our deepest pain often holds the key to our greatest growth.

With a PhD in Education and a strong background in teaching, including qualifications in online education, I bring a wealth of expertise to my sessions. My experience spans global classrooms, from Scotland to Hong Kong and Beijing. Developing and delivering numerous online courses has given me a unique ability to connect with individuals on a deep level, guiding them through the awakening process.

What sets me apart is my unique blend of seeing the bigger picture, my psychic gifts, and my practical skills. Currently, I'm guiding clients on their soul path, leveraging my extensive background to help them gain clarity, purpose, and a renewed sense of direction. Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I invite you to join me on this transformative path toward holistic well-being and personal growth.

Whichever path you choose, we'll embark on a journey of discovery together.

SoulPath Blueprint Reading

£150.00 GBP

Both sessions include the same features - you just need to choose your focus.

  • 1-hour face-to-face Zoom session, where I'll reveal channeled messages received in advance. This is an interactive experience, and I encourage you to actively engage and ask questions.
  • Intricate visual representations: Receive detailed illustrations of the symbolic and metaphorical images unveiled through crystal gazing.
  • Card energy insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your path through card energy readings that outline energy flows and interplay within your life or business.
  • A video recording of the entire session for your reference¬†stored securely in your personal library on our website for easy access whenever you need.
  • An audio recording for your convenience.
  • PDF of all the readings¬†also stored in your personal session folder in your library.
  • Flexible booking options: You can either book first and then arrange a date, or schedule the session in advance and have 24 hours to complete the payment.

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Your Path Awaits - Choose Your Blueprint

This is your chance to uncover the insights and clarity you seek. Whether it's personal or business, click the button that best suits your purpose and embark on your journey today.

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Personal SoulPath Blueprint

Select the Personal Blueprint Reading if you're seeking profound insights into your own life's purpose and calling. This session is designed to illuminate your individual journey.

Explore the depths of your soul's mission and life purpose.

£150 GBP

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Business SoulPath Blueprint

Opt for the Business Blueprint Reading if you're an entrepreneur or business owner. In this session, we connect with the spirit of your business, unveiling its mission and purpose.

Gain clarity on your business's mission and energetic dynamics

£150 GBP

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