Connect with your inner guidance

through dowsing

a short online course to help you connect with your inner wisdom, manage energy, and so much more.

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Join me on this exciting journey

This course takes you from COMPLETE BEGINNER through to some quite ADVANCED PROTOCOLS over the course of the 2 workshops.

It will help you to connect with your inner guidance, manage energy and much more, through dowsing using a pendulum. 

So, if you've ever fancied trying dowsing and finding out how you can use it as an EFFECTIVE TOOL to connect with your inner guidance - 

now is your chance. 

Shuna x

Dr Shuna Marr, Spiritual Awakening Support

You'll emerge from this Course with:



Understanding how dowsing works using a pendulum and some basic exercises to get you started. 

Workshop 1

Knowing how to use dowsing to connect with your inner guidance plus use it for energy management

Workshop 2

More advanced protocols and connection with your pendulum to empower you on your awakening journey

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Here's what you'll learn with Connect with your Inner Guidance through dowsing...:

The workshops were recorded live and edited into a short course, in which I share how to use a pendulum to connect in with your inner guidance, plus many additional uses for a pendulum. 

This course is suitable for people who want to connect with their inner guidance and higher self, no matter whether you are a complete beginner at dowsing or have tried it before. 

Video 1: The Basics of Dowsing

    • This pre-recorded video goes over the basics of dowsing.

    • In this video I cover:

      • Types of Pendulum

      • How to Dowse

      • Setting intentions

      • Holding the pendulum

      • How dowsing works

      • Working with your pendulum

    • A dowsing chart is included to help get you started

  • Video 2: Workshop 1 
    • This video is already available to watch inside the course.  

    •  This interactive workshop includes:

      • Checking energy levels

      • General clearing protocol

      • Clearing mass consciousness

      • Balancing energies

      • Inviting in beneficial energies

      • Creating a living filter

    • A dowsing workbook and charts are included to allow you take part in the workshop as you watch.


  • Video 3: Workshop 2
    • This interactive workshop includes:

      • Raising your willingness to trust your intuition
      • Using your ‘clairsenses’ to dialogue with your guides, your Higher Self and your own inner wisdom. 
      • Clearing non-beneficial cords of attachment
      • Names and ancestral energy
      • Dowsing in Business
      • Creating your own protocols - for example around preparing for a birth or a new life change.  

    •  A dowsing workbook and charts are included to allow you to take part in the workshop

Course Investment: £33.00 GBP

Here's what you'll get inside the course:

  • 1 x 30 minute video on the Basics of Dowsing
  • 1 x 90 minute (recorded) interactive Workshop 1
  • 1 x 90 minute (recorded) interactive Workshop 2
  • 2 x workbooks with exercises and charts to support the workshop activities 
  • Workshop slides
  • Bonus: Dowsing Handbook, which contains some really expanded explanations of how dowsing works and a list of empowering questions to guide your interaction with the dowsing pendulum. 
  • BONUS 2: A short pre-dowsing meditation, to get you into the right frame of mind to make great connection with your inner guidance. 
  • *NOTE: The workshop videos were recorded live and have been edited.

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Want the slightly longer version of what dowsing is and what this course/workshop is about?

Dowsing, using a pendulum, is a way of tapping into your inner guidance and gaining information that empowers you to make informed decisions. There's nothing 'magical' about the pendulum itself (it can be as simple as a heavy darning needle on a thread) - it just acts a focus of your intention to tune into your own intuition.  It is an extremely useful tool to add to your toolbox and this short course takes you from knowing nothing at all about it, to being quite proficient in its use. 

I began by creating a free 30-minute video about the 'basics' of dowsing' for my group, and there was enough interest to create a paid 90-minute workshop. I've now run a second workshop, giving more advanced protocols.

To enable these workshops to be available to a larger audience, I've turned the 3 videos into a course. When you purchase the course you'll get immediate access to the recorded basics video and workshops 1 and 2, which you retain lifetime access to.

There's also a couple of extra bonuses to the course too (a dowsing handbook and a preparatory meditation), so you'd get them as well - all for just £33.00.

So if you'd like to find out more about how dowsing works, and how you can use this versatile tool to answer questions, tune into your guidance, manage energy and so much more, then now is your chance. You don't even need to own a dowsing pendulum, as I go over free alternatives in the basics video. 

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Shuna x

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You'll benefit from 'Connect to your inner guidance through dowsing' if...

  • You've never tried dowsing before but are curious to try
  • You've tried dowsing before but never really trusted the answers you got
  • You're looking for a way to connect with your inner guidance and Higher Self
  • You're looking for a way to manage your energy levels and energetic protection
  • You have questions about dowsing you'd like to ask in the workshop

What others said about these workshops ...

This is a lovely course, gently paced which removes any overwhelm. Very well explained, with lots of examples and exercises enabling me to incorporate dowsing into my everyday life. Thank you Shuna, another wonderful course.

This workshop was an excellent safe environment to ask questions, very interesting, a useful tool to help me focus. This concept is new to me so I am starting at a very low base. I have so much to learn. 

Thank you for a lovely workshop. It was very educational and for the first time in my life I feel that dowsing may be a good solution for me (I've tried it before, but never felt confident about the answers I got).  I have confidence that I can do dowsing and I've learned that there are many ways to use it in everyday life.

Thank you for the workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Your course was useful to me as I wanted to explore the more spiritual and energy work.

I really appreciated the clarity of the presentation. I also was very happy to find that moving from lesson to lesson was easy and not stressful at all! Happy camper. I have some experience in dowsing - this course re-ignited my interest Thank you, very enjoyable indeed.

This course enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of dowsing and how to apply it in my everyday life. If you want to learn about dowsing this is a brilliant course, well paced, packed full of information and examples of where and how to use it. Thank you Shuna

I have had 2 pendulums sitting at the bottom of my jewellery box for years. I have never really used them because I hadn't really been shown or taught how to.

With a handbook to follow and Shuna's live demonstrations I very quickly felt comfortable and confident to use my pendulum. There were opportunities to ask questions, seek clarity and I could watch the video when practicing some of the exercises in my own time later.

I learned heaps and am having fun using my pendulum in practical and empowering ways that support me and others with integrity for our individual highest and best good.

I now use my pendulum daily for checking and balancing my energy levels and this has become part of my self-care daily routine. It has made a positive difference to how I feel and also confirms for me that I am able to now use my pendulum as a tool confidently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi I'm Dr Shuna Marr

I've been on my spiritual growth path for 24 years and began awakening to my current level of conscious awareness in 2016. Since then I have been actively growing my understanding and embodiment of the awakening process. I combine the metaphysical with the practical skills, wisdom and experience I've honed during my 20+ year academic career and an eventful and full life. I will be delighted to lead you through this short training course that helps you to use a dowsing pendulum to connect with your inner guidance, to empower you for your forward journey.

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Or if you still have questions then please email me at [email protected] 



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