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A brilliant tool for energy management, which really complements the 'Support and Protect Your Energy' course, is dowsing using a pendulum.

"Connect with your Inner Guidance Through Dowsing" is a short, self-paced course of 3 pre-recorded workshops that will guide you from complete beginner to proficient dowser in just 3 hours.

You'll emerge with the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to make best use of this amazing tool.

You'll benefit from this if:

-You've never tried dowsing before but are curious to try

-You've tried dowsing before but never really trusted the answers you got

-You're looking for a way to connect with your inner guidance and Higher Self

-You're looking for a way to manage your energy levels and energetic protection

Dowsing is also an excellent way of tapping into your inner guidance and gaining information that empowers you to make informed decisions. 

Usually £33, just £17 if you add it to your order today. 

You'll get:

  • 3 interactive Workshops (recorded live and edited).
  • 2 x workbooks with exercises and charts to support the workshop activities 
  • Workshop slides
  • Bonus: Dowsing Handbook, which contains some really expanded explanations of how dowsing works and a list of empowering questions to guide your interaction with the dowsing pendulum. 
  • BONUS 2: A short pre-dowsing meditation, to get you into the right frame of mind to make great connection with your inner guidance. 
  • Testimonial: "This is a lovely course, gently paced which removes any overwhelm. Very well explained, with lots of examples and exercises enabling me to incorporate dowsing into my everyday life. Thank you Shuna, another wonderful course."
  • Testimonial: "This course enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of dowsing and how to apply it in my everyday life. If you want to learn about dowsing this is a brilliant course, well paced, packed full of information and examples of where and how to use it. Thank you Shuna"
  • Go from complete beginner to dowsing pro!

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Support and Protect Your Energy

This course has TWO modules.


Module 1: Support Your Energy is an on-demand training.

Manage your personal aura, empath sensitivities and connections to energy fields

Module 1 (Support Your Energy) has 3 key objectives.

By the end of module 1, we expect you'll be able to:

Objective 1: Understand what an energetic field is and how to connect and remove yourself from them

Objective 2: Establish an effective daily energy practice to ground, clear, balance and protect your aura

Objective 3: Recognise when something comes into your field and how to discern if it's your or not

There's more than 5 hours of material instantly available in this course. Here's what's included:

  • 3 Pre-recorded teaching videos, one for each topic in the module
  • 3 interactive workshops - these were recorded live and have been edited into individual exercises
  • 3 PDF Workbooks, with exercises
  • PDFs of slides/ transcripts of all teaching videos
  • Private discussion boards where you can discuss the teaching and ask questions 
  • BONUS video on 'What is Meant by Raising Your Vibration?'
  • BONUS MP3s of meditations and guided visualisations
  • Lifetime access to all materials, stored in your private member area
  • Invitation to join our private client/student only Spiritual Awakening Support Facebook Community

Module 2: Protect Your Energy

Manage your 3rd eye, energy chakras and create healthy energetic boundaries.

Module 2 (Protect Your Energy) has 3 key objectives.

By the end of module 2, we expect you'll be able to:

Objective 1: Have a deeper awareness of your clairsenses, understand the filters you've been interpreting them through, and know how to trust and empower yourself in this interaction

Objective 2: Recognise what it is you are protecting your energy from, and know how to set healthy energetic boundaries and filters

Objective 3: Expand your knowledge of your chakras and know how to effectively manage your energy flow and connection through them

Join us to gain the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to successfully manage your 3rd eye, chakras and create healthy energetic boundaries. 

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What People Have Said About the Support Your Energy Workshop Series:

Thank you to both Shuna and Roslyn for this most generous and informative course. I always enjoy learning with you and find the course delivery easy to understand and follow then apply. I have left feeling that I am better able to understand my personal energy field and I have skills and tools to manage my energy moving forward. I love that I have this course resource to revisit and a space to ask questions should they arise. I love how no question is a silly question and I always feel safe and comfortable to ask. I am also glad that I do, as your responses are supportive and empowering and instil in me a love for learning and embodying new knowledge.

Hazel Collins

My biggest takeway from the course was the realisation that the senses which I have always had are actual 'things' and not just me being nuts!! This course gives a deep understanding of the way that energy works internally and externally to affect your daily life and how to manage that. The way that you both put across quite complex information in such a straightforward and simple way is outstanding.

Susanna Friel