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"Connect with your inner guidance through dowsing" 

Discover the power of dowsing – a technique using a pendulum to access inner guidance and informed decisions. This self-paced course offers 3 workshops guiding beginners to confident dowsers. Perfect for those curious or seeking inner connection and energy management. Includes 3 workshops, interactive exercises, slides, handbooks, and a meditation.

Go from complete beginner to dowsing pro!

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Business SoulPath Blueprint Session

Thank you for choosing our Business Blueprint Session. We're excited to be part of your journey towards greater clarity and purpose in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Below, you'll find a summary of what's included in this session and payment details.

Let's embark on this transformative experience together.

What's Included:

  • 1-hour face-to-face Zoom session, where I'll reveal channeled messages received in advance. This is an interactive experience, and I encourage you to actively engage and ask questions.

  • Intricate visual representations: Receive detailed illustrations of the symbolic and metaphorical images unveiled through crystal gazing.

  • Card energy insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your path through card energy readings that outline energy flows and interplay within your life and business.

  • A video recording of the entire session for your reference stored securely in your personal library on our website for easy access whenever you need.

  • An audio recording and PDF of all the readings also stored in your personal session folder in your library.

  • ✨ Flexible booking options: You can either book first and then arrange a date, or schedule the session in advance and have 24 hours to complete the payment.

Payment Details:

  • One payment only. 🙏
  • Payment will be deducted from your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt from either Stripe or Paypal.
  • Lifetime access to the recording in your library

What Happens Next?

  • After you enter your payment details, you'll be taken to a thank you page with further instructions on arranging a date for your session (if you haven't done this prior to booking).
  • You'll also receive emails about your session and how to prepare. 
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  • We will never share your email with anyone else and will protect your data in accordance with Our full Terms and Conditions  are here (includes ethical code of conduct and privacy policies too). 

What People Are Saying:

I was going through a bit of a rough, confusing time and I was wondering how I’d even make the time and headspace for this session with Shuna. It seemed like an indulgence on my part, when I needed to sort through so much. But Shuna has this ‘trust-the-path’ effect on me, so I felt a seemingly unjustified sense of calm about doing it. Now, If anyone else presented me with a crystal ball reading of my business blueprint, well, I would not have been on that call at all. But because it was Shuna, and she seemed to speak my language in a way that I recognised intuitively, the entire session felt incredibly…factual and strategic. Like discussing a detailed roadmap. Only with a crystal ball in attendance. I then went away and everything was fixed. Just kidding. I went away with a whole new perspective on what was happening, why and what I needed to do next. A few months later, I consider that session one of the most affirming, clarity-inducing things I’ve done for myself and my business. It’s still informing my life and business and giving me lightbulb and a-ha moments every day.