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Looking for a new way to parent that's more in alignment with your new worldview since your conscious awakening?

You've come to the right place!


You're also not alone.

Everyone who goes through their conscious awakening comes out the other side with a changed perspective. The lens through which you viewed the world has been fundamentally changed and what you now see cannot be unseen.

Perhaps you're a parent now unpicking the false beliefs, old programming and unhealed traumas that resulted from the way you were parented.

Maybe you're a grandparent who now feels differently about the methods you used with your children and want a different type of relationship with your grandchildren.

Or you could be a childcare professional who wants the tools and understanding to honour each of the children in your care as the unique little individuals they are.

No matter who you are, Conscious Parenting can provide the structure and methods to be able to relate to your little souls with love, respect and compassion.

However, to really get the most out of conscious parenting you need to understand what it is, how it relates to your own awakening journey and how you can work it into your daily interactions with the children in your care, in place of more traditional methods.

That's where "The Awakened Parenting Journey Toolkit" comes in!

The toolkit incorporates a Masterclass where we look at these areas...

  • How and why your perspective changes when you awaken
  • Soul relationships and soul contracts
  • What we mean by "conscious parenting" and how it differs from traditional parenting styles
  • How the roles of the Parent and Child differs in conscious parenting
  • Reframing your goals and attitudes as a conscious parent
  • The importance of inner work and healing your own inner wounds
  • Breaking generational trauma cycles 

As a bonus you'll also receive the following resources to support you as you navigate your own Awakened Parenting Journey...

  • Conscious Parenting Affirmations
    • Daily mantras to help shift your perspective and shape new habits
  • Reframing Workbook
    • Exercises to help reframe your understanding of both your and your child's actions and motivations
  • The Power of Language Workbook 
    • Helping you to be more aware of the words and actions you use with your child and how they may be received.
  • Triggering Workbook 
    • Exercises to help you look within to identify how your child shines a light on your old programming, false beliefs and unhealed traumas that are ready to be released  
  • Scripts for Families and Friends 
    • Scripts and phrases to help you to explain what conscious parenting is and help others to understand why you have chosen it 
  • 22-minute meditation MP4
    • To help you find soul equality with your child(ren)
  • PLUS 2 additional bonus videos
    • A 22-minute video on 'Why has Awakening Turned my View of the World Upside Down?' 
    • A 22-minute video on 'What is meant by Raising Your Vibration?'

After using this toolkit you'll...

  • Have a deeper understanding of Conscious Parenting and its wider context in relation to spiritual awakening
  • Understand why children are so good at pushing our buttons and why that is such a gift
  • Have the tools to be able to begin freeing yourself, and your children, from generational trauma cycles
  • Be ready to take the first steps to building better relationships with your children
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You get a 45-minute masterclass that was recorded live and has been edited and annotated, plus quality support materials for just £22.00! The low price reflects our desire to help as many people as we can - the quality of this toolkit is exceptional. 

Roslyn uses her accomplishments as a motherhigh level empath and energy healer to help you understand how best to navigate your Awakened Parenting Journey.

While Shuna has used her 25 years teaching experience to ensure that the content will be valuable no matter where you are on your enlightenment path or what your relationship is to the children in your care. 

Whether you're a parent, prospective parent, grandparent, family member or childcare professional. No matter if you're in the early stages of your awakening, or have been walking your path for years, you’ll benefit from this toolkit.

 You're in safe hands!

Buy now for just £22 GBP

Let us give you the tools to successfully navigate your Awakened Parenting Journey

This toolkit combines a Masterclass recording with multiple bonus worksheets,
exercises, affirmations, hints and tips and a meditation.

Having these resources to hand will ensure you feel empowered in your future interactions with your child. Building your relationship on a solid foundation of love, compassion and respect, and with knowledge and understanding of conscious parenting and conscious awakening.

Let us help guide you towards becoming your best parenting self

Click here to get "The Awakened Parenting Journey Toolkit" for just £22 GBP!

What others have said about the Toolkit...

Petrina Hensman

I knew I wanted a more gentle, compassionate way to help my granddaughters grow. I had some ideas but wasnt sure how to implement them or explain what, why or how to do it. The techniques, reasoning and language and so much more is explained in this course. Ive always believed that every child is individually different and will grow, develop and evolve in their own special way - this course will enable every child to be exactly who they are meant to be!


This course is perfect! The materials are clear, informative and visually beautiful - perfect to print out and keep handy, especially for cutting out and hanging on the wall! Not only does this serve as a daily reminder but a great way to introduce and explain CPL to family and friends when they visit!

Additional Bonus Video 1

A 22 minute video and transcript of: 'Why has awakening turned my view of the world upside down?' This video looks at how someone's view of the world changes as they cycle up the 'ladder' of evolution of their mind. It highlights the views people have of the world at different stages of their personal development. 

It's helpful to know this because aspects of your attitudes to parenting may be stuck at earlier levels of evolution. 

Additional Bonus Video 2

A 22-minute video and transcript of: 'What is meant by Raising Your Vibration?'

Raising your vibration is something you hear a lot of people talking about, but what does it even mean? This video will help to give you the basics of vibration and frequency to help you understand why different types of parenting have different levels of vibration and how to move into the high vibration of conscious parenting.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Roslyn and Shuna?

I’m Roslyn, a high level empath, mother of two and creator of Conscious Parenting Life (CPL). 

I’ve been walking my enlightenment path since the age of 16, going through my conscious awakening in early 2017, and have spent the last few years working alongside my mum, Shuna, to grow Spiritual Awakening Support (SAS). I have now branched out to create CPL and add it to the SAS family.

My goal is to develop the kind of resources that I wish my parents had access to when I was a kid. To help break generational cycles based in fear and control and provide alternative parenting strategies based on love, trust, respect and cocreation.

I’m Shuna, a psychic intuitive, former university lecturer and a grandmother of two.

When I was raising Roslyn and her brother, I was still using traditional parenting methods, carrying emotional wounds from my own childhood and passing on generational traumas.

I didn't know that being an empath or highly sensitive was even a thing, so I was unable to recognise the signs, nor understand how to support my children's needs.

I am now using the knowledge, skills and wisdom I've picked up on my own awakening journey, and my 25 years teaching experience, to assist Roslyn as she creates fantastic resources to support a new generation of parents. 

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