When all around you is chaos - find the eye of the storm.

awakening reflection (blog post) Sep 10, 2021

Chaos can be a difficult thing to cope with and I’m finding that out first hand this week.

We live in a big old house, built in 1875, and we are currently renovating an area of the house to make it into a granny flat for my mum.
The electricians arrived last week to do some rewiring. We knew there was going to be some disruption but we thought it was only going to be a few days and contained in this one area of the house.
However, once the floorboards were up, and the rewiring underway, our electrician came and showed us that the electric wiring for the lights and switches were all in need of replacing all over the house. Yikes!
The wiring was encased in old lead and was probably more than 100 years. Anyway it all needed to be updated, as it was a fire hazard.
So a small job has now turned into a big job and the whole house is in upheaval. Wires are hanging out of every wall and ceiling.
Everywhere, there’s noise and dust and stoor (a Scottish word for dirt and grime). Things are all in upheaval.
And it’s all feeling very uncomfortable.

Humans, on the whole, aren’t good with change and disruption.

We often tend to like routine and having things the way we like them.
Disruption jogs us out of our groove. Takes us out of our comfort zone. And it forces us to see things in a different way.
And this is happening to so many of us just now in so many ways, on so many different levels.

For some the upheaval is perceived to be global.

They are looking at events going on in the world and feeling upset at the chaos they see there.
The pandemic has undoubtedly caused upheaval and changes to the lives of so many of us in different ways.
I’ve also been contacted in the last few days by three different people who’ve each been telling me about internal upsets they’ve been feeling from old wounds from decades ago which are suddenly resurfacing.
Or the chaos is manifesting on a physical level, like my house upheaval.

And this change and upheaval, whether at global, local or personal level, is all happening now for a reason.

As I mentioned earlier, humans aren’t fond of change. And so when things are settled and comfortable there’s no impetus for change.
Even when things aren’t comfortable, many of us still prefer to stay where we are rather than risk moving on.
  • We think ‘better the devil you know’…
  • We stick with relationships that aren’t bringing joy, or are even harmful, because we can’t see an alternative.
  • We stay in unfulfilling jobs because we fear moving on.
  • We put up with situations that stifle us and keep us subjugated because we can’t see a way out.
I know this because I’ve been in all those situations and felt stuck and fearful of change, so I put up with the pain and tried to numb it out.
And usually it wasn’t until things got so bad that the pain of staying exceeded the fear of going that things shifted.
It shifted when the situation I was in - that was keeping me small and limited - was brought to a head by some calamity or other that forced me into a state of change. A calamity like a breakdown, divorce, rejection, bereavement or a loss of a job.
The universe used this state of chaos to strip away all that was no longer serving me. Anything that was preventing my expansion was stripped away.
It felt like a devastating loss at the time, but the new reality that then formed around me was always so much better and gave me room to expand and space to grow into.

And that’s what’s happening now on a global scale.

The universe is supporting change and upheaval because we are being asked to awaken.
Awaken to a new way of being - a new way of turning up in the world.
The current Earth, and our way of being in it, is too constraining, keeping us limited and small. It is no longer serving us. It needs to change.
We are being asked to awaken to new levels of consciousness and grow beyond the confines we’ve kept ourselves contained within.
And because we need an impetus to jolt us out of our groove, chaos is being introduced into our lives in so many ways.

Nothing happens in a status quo. Things only shift once they are disrupted.

And as many (at a human level) wouldn’t choose to make the shift, they are being pushed into it (by their souls), so they can be pushed through the barrier to the next level of expansion.
To support this mass soul expansion, waves and waves of energies are coming in that are initiating chaos and change.
Those sensitive to energy can feel it swirling around us like a maelstrom - and for each of us it is showing up in our lives in different ways, depending on our circumstances and stage on the path.
For those who are in the earliest stages of awakening this is undoubtedly an uncomfortable time. And it’s meant to be - because it’s initiating change from within.
Its purpose is to make you see things in a different way or jolt you out of circumstances that are limiting your growth. It’s asking you to look within and see the false beliefs you’ve had about how things are. Your whole perspective is being asked to change.
For those further down the path, we are also feeling these disruptive energies. Although, if you’ve already done a lot of the inner work it won’t be quite so internally disruptive - but it’s still causing changes around you and that can make you feel uncomfortable if you don’t keep yourself grounded and anchored.
And the way to cope with chaos is to bring yourself to the eye of the storm, where it’s calm.
I would usually go to a lovely room in my house where I can sit peacefully. But when even your house is in upheaval where do you go?
What my current situation is showing me is to remind me that I am not to look outside of myself for peace but to take myself into my centre.
To centre on my heart and feel the grounding cords of my heart energy go down and anchor into the centre of the Earth.
And to feel my heart energy go upwards and anchor into Source energy. To establish a pillar of light, grounded and secure.
Anchoring me.
And sit in the stillness and calm of this pillar of light, this core of purity, and find peace there.
Let the chaotic energies just flow past and let nothing stick. You are safe and anchored and grounded at your core.

Ground frequently 

The saying is that 20 minutes a day is enough when things are going well. When things are in upheaval you need an hour.
So I’m going to try to find that inner peace three times a day to help me ride out this period.
I’ll find 20 minutes in the early morning and again later in evening
And during the day, perhaps in the lunch hour, I’ll take another 20 minutes to go within.
If you're feeling rattled by these energies, I invite you to do so too. Find your inner calm.
Whether that’s through pottering in the garden, taking a walk in nature, praying or meditating. However you find your centre.
And in the eye of the storm you’ll find calm too.


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