We are a field of infinite possibilities. A Guest Blog Post

guest blog Nov 20, 2020

This is my first guest blog post, but when I recently read a Facebook post by my dear friend Arayah Ayana Surima of Arayah's Compass, I felt that it needed to be shared more widely. 

Arayah has very kindly given me permission not only to share the post as a guest blog article, but also to use the digital art she had created for it as the post image. This was actually a 3D picture and it is exquisitely beautiful in the detail. 

This is what she shared, and I'm delighted to pass it on: 

We are a field of infinite possibilities.

An intricate design woven from threads of light making up a system of information. This system of light is on its way to Self-realisation. On our path we integrate more and more aspects of our Higher Light, as our Self awareness and understanding of our True Self grows.

In this growth process, we form new connections to allow us to understand the symbiotic design of our Universe. We begin to understand how we create our own reality and how the true magic unfolds on the level of Higher Self.

Higher Self is truly in the Driver’s Seat.

Yet the funny thing is, the smaller me (our personality self or ego) is often working so hard and doing such a job unto itself trying to remain in control. We stall, blame, procrastinate, project, gossip, preach, etc. until we are blue in the face or until we are fully out of options as to why we cannot possibly begin to take Self responsibility.

Our ego resists

Yet even at that point, where it is super obvious you’re out of blame options, the ego is super clever at circumventing this self-responsibility:

  • I am not rich, clever, focused, slim enough to do this now.
  • I couldn’t possibly tackle this now.
  • I am too busy, already in such pain.
  • They need me more.
  • I am already aware of this.
  • I am already so enlightened.
  • I don’t need this shit in my life!
  • Etc., etc. You get the idea.

We repeat the same beliefs that our parents held, until we begin to bust the system, break the old circuits.

The hurdles

The first hurdle is often to determine where, and in what way, our ego is tricking us into making us believe that our life is done to us, instead of manifesting through us.

The next one is to find the stamina and the tools to transform our duality beliefs and ideas into those that align with the Unity consciousness of our Higher Self. (The Higher Beliefs that truly have the power to transform your life for the better!)

Now one way of finding out what your Higher Self would like your Soul to heal, is by opening up to our Higher Guidance in meditation for example.

Another is to take note of what is happening in your outer life. We can learn to understand what is going on inside of us by treating our daily life as a mirror. We begin to see life as our Teacher instead of our enemy.

Now, it is often a bit easier to accept Nature as our teacher.

We don’t take it so personal when Nature is a hard teacher. We find it way harder to accept, though, when people around us bring us those hard lessons. Even though we know that we ourselves are far from perfect, we expect “them” to be well-intended, forgiving, considerate, generous, well mannered, joyful and courageous in their interactions with us.

Yet when they bring us the opposite of that, we so readily fail to see our own self-healing opportunities in those mirrors. In those moments, it’s so easy to forget that what we see others do to us, is where we haven’t quite self-realised yet; we haven’t quite managed to understand our own pain and unhealed duality parts of ourselves yet.

This is where the pain and the chaos of our ego point towards our way home into the Self Love of our Higher Self.

We must begin to love and accept at least that. This is the first step onto the path of the quantum warrior; to love and accept what presents itself, and believe it can be changed.


Believing something that we do not yet have evidence for ourselves for, might appear to be hard but is probably less difficult and unusual than you think.

This morning I read somewhere that scientifically a bumble bee cannot be explained to be able to fly. Apparently aerodynamically it’s wings are too small for its body size. And yet; it is flying! We see a small miracle unfolding before our very eyes, really. And we think nothing of it.

We accept it because we see it.

Now if we take this process in reverse order and begin to accept something is possible before we even have confirmation or proof of it, we have made that all important first step of opening our mind to a possibility...

One tiny strand of light in an infinite field of opportunities. A field you not only exist in, but that also exists in you.

So now; think again! Are you still sure things cannot be changed? Are you sure that such and such is not possible? Are you sure there isn’t a way?

The change, the possibility, the way… they are already here. You just have to get in touch with them.

And what if I told you that YOU are the change, the possibility, they way!?


Here is your key to open that door onto this Field of Dreams:
🔑 LOVE 💓

Grab it, it’s yours. And, if you haven’t already...start your journey... 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!


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