The Power of Rest and Rejuvenation (Vlog)

awakening narratives (video) heart space room rest self care Dec 11, 2020

This video blog (Vlog) was delivered in the Tribe, which was our private Facebook group, on Monday 7th December 2020, in which Shuna explains why she's taking a break for a couple of weeks leading up to the December Solstice. 

In the process of this explanation she chats about a session she did, where she meets characters from two of her past lives who also shared the energy of not being able to put down responsibilities and rest.

Shuna discusses why we are all being invited to rest ahead of the big portal on the 21st December and why it's important to honour the ebb times, in preparation for the coming flow times. And she mentions our service to the world and explains how resting serves ourselves, the Earth and the collective.

If you are also in a position of constantly do, do doing...then this message is for you. 


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