Awakening is a journey - not a destination

awakening reflection (blog post) Sep 29, 2021

I recently heard someone make the distinction between ‘the awakened’ and ‘the unawakened’ and they were judging those who hadn't (yet) awakened as somehow being 'less than' them. As if those who have 'awakened' are some kind of elite group. 

Setting yourself up in opposition and 'othering' people leads to separation and usually judgment of the other group - and this is an example of duality.  

To say “I’m awakened", but they "aren’t awakened”, immediately sets you up as being ‘other’ to those 'not awakened', as in, “I’m not like them.”

However, I believe we are all on one path …. each of us may be taking our own unique route, according to our own unique timeline, but our souls are all ultimately on a journey of experience leading to expansion. 

So no one soul is better than or worse than another. 

Your journey is unique and always perfect for you - and no one else has the right to judge your soul's journey.

While it may be true that some people are further along their road of expansion than others (in this lifetime), and some are taking more roundabout routes, we are all equal souls, ultimately heading in the same direction.

And anyway, can you really look from the outside and truly judge how awakened someone else is....?

When I do sessions with clients, I am given intuitive insights into where they are on their soul path because this is something they need to know for the next stage of their journey. That information is given to me by their guides - I wouldn’t be able to make such a discernment from my ego.

I look back at my own awakening journey and realise that I was doing it in stages and by degrees over 25 years. It didn’t happen on any one day, but each day, and week, and event was taking me ever nearer. Nobody else would know when (or if) I’d suddenly emerge.

And even since I did begin to be consciously aware of this journey, in late 2016, it has continued to evolve.

I only reached this stage of awakening today. That’s further up the path than I was a week ago, a year ago, a decade ago. I'm less evolved than I will be tomorrow or next week or next year. 

And that journey is perfect for me...and your journey is perfect for you and your soul.

We are all on our own unique journey of unfolding at the pace, and in the way, that's right for us. 

Awakening is a journey, not a destination. 

The Guru stage

However, sometimes you’ll come across someone who looks down on others who are further down the path than themselves.

I’ve come across people who definitely give signs that they feel superior to those who they think are less exalted than them. They believe they know the answers and they are better than others.

I even went through a stage of thinking that myself. 

This is what is called the guru stage.

Thankfully my sojourn in this stage was pretty brief.

My guides soon kicked me out of it and reminded me that every soul is equal and powerful outside of their own human condition. We are all fractals of the divine. Even those on the negative path.

But some will take quite a long time to explore this guru experience and will get a certain level and then get stuck in their belief of their own importance.

I’ve come across some thought leaders like that, who you can see are manipulating and controlling their followers into giving them power over them and often their money too.

And if that’s what their soul is currently exploring, then that’s right for them.

No judgment

The people who give away their power to these gurus are exploring the experience of giving away their power. It can difficult to get people to see something they aren’t ready to see.

And it’s easy to judge from the outside of that experience. We’ve all heard of someone staying in an abusive situation and thinking ‘why don’t they leave?’

But I was stuck in that type of situation for decades.... at first I couldn't even see it, and then, when I could see it, I couldn’t see a way out of it... until I reached the stage of being ready to leave it.

You cannot 'awaken' someone else - it comes from within

That brings me to my next point. You can’t awaken someone to the next level until they are ready.

It’s not our job to awaken people. They aren’t broken - they don’t need to be fixed. They are exploring what their soul requires them to explore. 

I know that, early on, I tried to get my son to see what I and my daughter could see. And he was just not ready and not at that stage.

And from that experience I realised that it’s not our job to go round trying to enlighten others.

I know, we get all excited don't we, and want to share what we've learned - but it’s difficult to convey feelings and emotions and a spiritual perspective with words.

It's something that's experienced from within.

I had a friend who began going through their awakening at the same time as me and it was hugely exciting to have someone to share it with - but then she got overwhelmed by it and stepped back. 

However, I still wanted to get her to see more, as I seemed to be unfolding faster and I wanted her to share it.

Eventually I realised I had to let her follow her own path, as our paths no longer were side by side. They’d been parallel for a length of time that was perfect - and then our paths diverged.

From that, I learned that others see the world through their own lens and no matter what we say, they won’t understand if they aren’t ready to. And to try to force the issue is to impose our will on others and not honour their unique path.

We can gently plant seeds, but it's important not do a big dump on them.

People try to awaken others through fear

As well as excitement, sometimes fear can make us want to try and awaken others.

I used to be in a Facebook group where there was a chap who felt that the world was going to end unless everyone awoke and so he’d keep posting articles and shouting "WAKE UP!" in capital letters everywhere.

I remember that fear from when I was a child.

During the summer holidays at my gran’s, when I'd be aged about 8 or 9, I’d go to the Seaside Mission. We played games and sang songs and played rounders on the beach but they’d also tell us stories about being 'saved'.

I used to worry that my loved ones wouldn’t be saved - that they’d miss the boat. I remember, in my childish and earnest concern, trying to persuade my gran that she needed to believe in Jesus or she’d not get to heaven.

That I’d be going on without them and I feared them being left behind if they didn't believe what I believed.

I no longer believe that doctrine - but a lot of people still carry that fear and try to evangelise.

Many religions (and sects and cults and thought leaders) around the world still try to persuade others that their beliefs and way of thinking is the one true way. They use fear tactics and manipulation to indoctrinate people.

Or they offer a bright vision, if they are going for a positive sell.

But it all comes down to persuading people that there’s 'one true way' and it’s the same way they think and believe.

My philosophy is that there is NO 'one way' 

Over the past few years of my awakening journey I have learned lots about not judging others or trying to awaken them. 

Yes, I share my wisdom - but I offer it only to those who are looking for it. I try never to impose. 

I know that the path I'm walking is not the only way through awakening and I always acknowledge that everyone is walking their own unique path.

I am only here to help, support and guide those who resonate with me and are walking a similar path to me for part of their journey, however long that is. My intention is always to help each individual to recognise the perfection of their own unique path and stand in their own power.

There is no one perspective that has to be (or can be) applied to all.

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