The vision, knowledge and roadmap you need to navigate your awakening journey

awakening reflection (blog post) Oct 12, 2021
I want to explain why it’s important to have the vision, knowledge and roadmap you need in order to navigate your awakening journey more smoothly.

Let me begin my story with an analogy based on the last few years of my time as a university lecturer.

I took on a role that helped students coming in as direct entrants to years 2, 3 or 4 of their degree to help them make the transition into university life more smoothly.

Any transition involves having to unlearn the old way of being and learn the new way of being.

Lots of things change during such a transition, including your identity and how you think about yourself and interact with the world.

Sometimes you have time to make these adjustments slowly.

For example, each year a new cohort of freshers enter university in first year, and everyone is in much the same boat of confusion as they adjust to being a student.

They are coping with the culture shock, learning self reliance, learning how the system works.

They’re coming to understand the jargon and how to navigate the process.

The university staff therefore have lower expectations of what they expect the first years to be able to do.

They make allowances for incorrect referencing and don’t expect the arguments in the essays and reports to be as developed as they do in the more advanced years.

And this new cohort, in their first, and indeed second, year at university have a safe little bubble of time to acclimatise to being a university student and all that entails.

They learn the ropes by their mistakes and failures - and aren’t greatly affected by these, as only their third and fourth year grades count towards their final degree classification.

However, the direct entrants who enter university in years 3 or 4, have a much harder time of it.

The lecturers don’t know if someone sitting in the lecture hall of a 3rd or 4th year class is a continuing student or has just joined that year.

And because the marking is anonymised we couldn’t pick out the direct entrants from those who’ve been there since the start, and thus make allowances.

And so we used to find that direct entrants struggled. It would take them time to find their feet.

As I said earlier, the first year entry students needed time to adjust too, but they had the luxury of a couple of years to make the transition, and within a cohort where everyone was at the same level.

The third year direct entrant, however, had to hit the ground with their feet running, often feeling isolated and alone in their peer group. Never feeling sure where they were supposed to be or what was expected of them.

Most would eventually adjust and catch up, although it sometimes took weeks or even months. And unfortunately often not until after they failed their first assessment, when they finally realised just how different the culture was at university compared to where they’d been before.

Too often some students would even find it all so overwhelming that they struggled to cope and would drop out and leave.

And so this is why I came to create a transition course

I created a transition course to help give these direct entrants the vision, knowledge and tools they needed to get up to speed more quickly and smoothly.

This transition course was delivered online to those incoming direct entrant students in the weeks leading up to the start of the term.

I helped them to gain an overview of the system they were coming into, and gave them the tools and skills they’d need to be able to navigate it successfully.

I’d walk them through the entry process, the differences in jargon. Gave them insights into the emotional, cultural, mental and physical transitions they would need to make to acclimatise to their new situation. Taught them skills they’d need and an understanding of what was expected.

When you know what waves are coming, you can ride them much more easily.

More than once I had students stop me in the corridor in the first weeks of the new term and thank me, saying
“I’d never have made it through so easily if you hadn’t helped me with that transition course. Thank you so much for that support’”
And it was always lovely to feel I’d helped someone make their journey easier.

And that’s what I want to do for you.

Any transition is made easier if you know what to expect and have strategies in place to cope.

And this is the same for transitioning through the awakening process.

So many who have awakened in the past few years are finding themselves in situations like those direct entrants. They may be a bit (or a lot) confused about what’s happening.

They often haven’t got that safe little bubble where the people around them are all going through the same thing at the same time.

Often they feel alone and isolated as the people around them cannot relate to what they are going through. They don’t see the world the way you now do.

I know when I first began awakening I didn’t understand the jargon, the concepts, the system or how it works. I wasn’t even sure what awakening was, what the stages were or what to expect.

I wasn’t sure of the pitfalls to avoid or where to find help. And I had to spend years piecing it all together to make sense of it.

I want to help others not to have to go through that same confusion and struggle. I want to help you to get up to speed much more quickly.
So I am excited to share this short online course called:

The Ascension Path: A personal journey up your own spiritual mountain.

You’ll emerge from this video series with:

• The VISION of the personal hero's journey you are making on your own ascension path.
• The KNOWLEDGE of the challenges and opportunities the awakening journey may bring
• The ROADMAP you will need to navigate your journey successfully

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of awakening, a year or two in, or even many years into your journey but you still don’t feel you have that overview perspective, then this short online course can help you.

Are you ready to gain this empowering overview? Click on this link to find out more


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