The Awakening Journey


A bundle of free offerings and resources

to support you on your awakening journey

From Spiritual Awakening Support - and friends!



Hello! I'm Dr Shuna Marr, a former academic, and co-founder of Spiritual Awakening Support, who now helps people to transition through their awakening journey.

One of the stages you go through in your awakening is to start gathering tools to support you.

I'm delighted that I've been able to gather together friends and colleagues, whom I know, like and trust, to create this TOOLBOX of free offerings and resources to help you on your awakening journey.

Below, you'll find Free Resources to help you on your awakening journey

Please scroll through the free offerings and resources below to see which speaks to you.

- the first ones are for your personal journey

- the ones at the end are business resources.

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Note to the wise: remember that signing up for lots of offerings on one day can often lead to an overwhelm of emails - as the resources are here for a week, perhaps stagger your sign ups!

You can come back to this page as often as you like - bookmark the page as offerings will change from time to time. 

The Basics of Dowsing

A free 30-minute video

Want to learn how to connect with your inner guidance, manage energy and much more, through dowsing using a pendulum? Maybe you've tried dowsing before but never really trusted the answers you got, or maybe you've never dowsed and are curious to see what's involved. Let Shuna explain to you, in this 30-minute Basics of Dowsing video, what dowsing is, how it works, what a pendulum is and even how to make one for yourself, if you want to try it out before investing in one. This is all you need to know to get you started – and a free dowsing chart is included too! 

Access your free 30 minute 'Basics of Dowsing' video here

Understanding Your Child's Emotional and Energetic Needs

A free 14-page workbook

Are you a conscious parent or grandparent? Find out where your child sits on the scales of empathy, sensitivity and intro/extroversion and get tips and advice on supporting empathic and sensitive children and the little introverts or extroverts in your life. This free, 14-page workbook by Roslyn, founder of Conscious Parenting Life, contains some simple quizzes to help you better understand your child's specific energetic traits, as well as some helpful hints and tips for how to better support them, as they navigate their journey through life.

Access your free 'Conscious Parenting Life' workbook here

From Witch Curious to Witch Confident

A free 9-page written guide

Psst...are you a bit wild and witchy? Does this sound familiar...bingeing on mystical and magickal videos, podcasts and books, but struggling to sort through all that Witchy information so that you can integrate it into a meaningful, hands-on spiritual path?  This FREE GUIDE will help you recognise and overcome the 3 biggest mistakes most witches and earth mystics make when stepping deeper onto their spiritual path. Whether you are totally new to Earth-Centred & Nature-Based Spirituality or more seasoned, this guide will provide practical wisdom and hands-on techniques to get you out of your head and into cultivating your Earth-Centred spirituality.

Claim your free 'Witch Curious to Witch Confident' guide here

Energy Fix Blueprint

A 2-page 'Power Pause' instruction sheet

Do you find yourself getting energy slumps at various times of the day? Are you sometimes SO exhausted you feel like you could put your head on your desk and fall asleep in seconds? Then let ace yoga teacher, Megan Nolan's, 'Energy Fix Blueprint' show you how to take a "Power Pause" whenever you want to feel refreshed and energised FAST. This is a short-and-sweet, 2-page blueprint that outlines the mini ‘Power Pause’ session. It' a combination of movement, breath work, and mental fitness that you can do anytime and without having to change into yoga clothes!  (The 'Thrive in 5' mini course Megan offers for $5 once you sign up is well worth it!) 

Get your free 'Energy Fix Blueprint' here

Guided By Angels

A weekly newsletter

Guided By Angels is a weekly newsletter sent every Sunday from Tracy O'Brien's heart to yours. The topics may vary, but they'll include Angels, Spirits, Guides, Tarot, with a dash of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal, which are the things that drew Tracy to the spiritual side of life in the beginning. At its heart will be musings on how we can embrace the angelic and spiritual vibrations to create a more harmonious world. There's a library of previous newsletters to browse through too. Have fun!

Read some previous posts and sign up for Tracy's newsletters here

Receiving guidance from your inner advisor

A free guided meditation

Most of us have a difficult time connecting with or trusting our intuition. We dismiss it as “not real” or “just the voice inside my head”. Of course, most of us are familiar with a gut feeling or overwhelming sense that something is trying to get our attention. However, it can feel challenging to tune into our inner guidance in the midst of our busy, day-to-day lives. This guided meditation from Victoria Fann will help you get quiet and move you through a gentle process to connect with your inner advisor, that you can return to again and again. With practice, your ability will strengthen, and that inner voice will no longer feel out of reach.

Download your free guided meditation here

Sleep Personality Quiz

A quiz and holistic health newsletter

Are you ready to finally achieve consistent, quality sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day? Take Rachelle's Sleep Personality Quiz and find out if you sleep like a lion, a bear or a wolf! Get some amazing and easy to implement hints and tips so you can start sleeping better tonight! Rachelle is a Holistic Health Coach, specialising in sleep, who wants to equip you with the self-awareness to make the best decisions for yourself rather than just follow the latest magazine article or fad diet book. Do the quiz and sign up for her chatty newsletters about sleep, food and lifestyle.

Try the quiz now and sign up for Rachelle's newsletter

Channelled Writing Workshop

A free 30-minute video workshop 

If you've ever wondered about how to do automatic/channelled writing, then this recorded 30-minute workshop is for you. Dr Shuna Marr explains all about how to channel your soul/higher self/ inner guidance. The workshop covers how to set intentions to receive higher frequencies and ask questions in an empowering way. There’s a full explanation of how to do the channelled/ automatic writing and Shuna shares an example of channelled guidance she’s received. There's a preparation meditation included, and the workshop includes an 8-page supporting workbook too, which covers some guidelines for channelling. Access this on-demand video workshop today and get in touch with your inner guidance.

Access your free 30 minute 'Channelled Writing Workshop' video here

Energy Work Meditations

A library of over 30 free teleconferences (approx 1 hr each)

This offering of over 30 pieces of recorded, collective energy work could take you on a powerful journey. One of dismantling old patterns and constructs, introducing new energies and alignments, and sharpening and focusing inner skill sets. As you click on the offerings, you are taken to a description of what each offers. Allow intuition to guide you as to where you dive in first. The energy work dissolves and releases personal and collective fields of energy that keep us locked into limitation. These powerful meditations open you to the world of your multi-dimensionality, deepen your sensitivity and expand your awareness, allowing healing to occur naturally at every level of your being. (David also sends out excellent newsletters too).

Access the library of 30+ free Energy Work meditations here

Goddess Mini-Toolkit

A mini course of free online resources

Hello Sister-Goddess! This toolkit is for you if you are looking to craft or enhance your goddess-centered lifestyle. The toolkit includes a few of the treasures that Tirra shares with her community, including a masterclass (Four keys to self-mastery) and some downloadable guides, videos and journal prompts. You are invited to enjoy and receive the gifts that they bring.  Watch the Preview video to see Tirra in all her inimitable style and get an overview of what the free toolkit contains.

Access your Goddess Mini-Toolkit - and watch the preview - here

Mini Moon Series

An ebook and accompanying video series delivered by email

This Mini Moon Series by Kara Leigh helps you to work with the Moon and her phases to maximise growth in your life, career and business. This free ebook explains how you can work with the 8 Phases of the Moon to minimise your response to stress, overwhelm and burn-out. The series also includes small, digestible videos, shared by email, where you’ll learn about how to work in alignment with each moon phase, so that you can build a practice that will serve your energy flow. As a result, instead of working against its tide, which can cause waves of stress, burnout and overwhelm, you will come to work with the Universe, in ease and flow. 

Sign up here for the 'Moon Series' ebook and videos

9 Tips to Combat Negative Thoughts

An ebooklet

Do you suffer from negative self-chatter? You are not alone. Colin, of Hearthought, is an intuitive spiritual transformational life coach, specialising in Heart Logic technique. His downloadable ebooklet offers 9 tips to combat negative thoughts about yourself. These are tried and tested techniques to ensure that you are able to bring balance back into your life and instill a sense of calm and heart-based stillness. Shift your life toward more joy, peace, happiness, and purpose.

Download your ebooklet on '9 Tips to Combat Negative Thoughts' here

Soul Harmony Singing Meditation

8-minute vocal toning meditation

Heidi McCurdy offers you this free 8-minute singing meditation journey, which uses the ancient art of vocal toning, used by many cultures to activate the healing power of music within us. It helps us to awaken our beautiful natural resonance, connect with our breath, come into the present moment, and attune to our inner intuitive wisdom. This singing experience will help you to tune into your inner music and free your soulsong. You will be surrounded with resonant tones and layers of harmony on a vocal toning journey. Follow her voice, or sing along in your own way. 

Download your free 8-minute vocal toning meditation here.

Healthy Food for Every Day

37-page recipe e-book 

Want to learn how to make healthy & delicious food for every day? Dr Daniela Kretschy is offering a free 37-page ebook with innovative, plant-based recipes that boost your gut health. With a healthy gut, you will feel strong and confident in your decisions. Using the power of food, you can strengthen your inner guidance system. Become an intuitive eater with this collection of recipes from Daniela, a Viennese mother of one youngster, who has little time to prepare meals, and high requirements regarding taste and food quality. Heal your gut and boost your well-being today!   

Download your 'Healthy Food for Every Day' e-book here

7 Stages of the Awakening Journey

An Epic Blog Post

'Awakening’ describes a raising of your conscious awareness to a higher level. It's often called a spiritual awakening, but it actually encompasses changes to your mind, body and emotions as well. This epic blog post explains 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey you may experience and is packed full of links to support material such as blog posts, videos, workshops and courses. This makes it a really useful resource for your ongoing journey because you can refer back to it at each stage, as your understanding grows. We suggest you bookmark the page so you can come back to it again and again and access the support you need at each stage. 

Access 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey Epic Blog Post here

Do you have your own business?

Finding business and marketing support, that is heart-centred and soul-led, can often be quite tricky for awakened business owners.

Here are some trusted colleagues offering brilliant resources that will help you find the kind of consciously aware business support you're looking for.

Please scroll through the offerings below - clicking on a link will take you through to a new website. 

Lizzy's Everything Page

A collection of free (and paid) business courses and resources

Elizabeth Goddard, (aka Lizzy) is a bit of a phenomenon in the business world and you may have seen images of her in this fetching giraffe onsie. Lizzy's values are along the lines of 'follow your intuition' and 'don't let your fears get in the way of selling your stuff'. Lizzy has an 'Everything Page' that gives an overview of all her free and paid resources. There are 11 free trainings and resources to sign up for - and quite a few $9 offers too. Buying any small offer gets you into her 'Party Pad' private Facebook group. If you want practical, step-by-step business advice, that's good value and approached in an ethical way, then these are resources worth checking out.*  

Check out all Lizzy's Free (and paid) Resources Here

Resource Library for Sensitive Business Owners

A resource library and newsletter

Ruth Poundwhite is a sensitive business coach who specialises in supporting other sensitive business owners. In her weekly, Monday newsletter, she openly and honestly shares the highs, lows, behind-the-scenes & everything else that goes along with showing up authentically & wholeheartedly in her online business. Those who sign up for the newsletter get access to the library of free resources shown in the image, which include journal prompts, workbooks and guides. You can even read a sample newsletter to see if you like her gentle, chatty style, before you sign up.*

Sign up here to access Ruth's free resource library

Not Your Average Online Marketing Podcast

40+ podcast episodes of heart-led marketing advice

Zach Spuckler is an online business strategist who runs a terrific value monthly membership called Not Your Average Membership* that teaches you all about how to run Facebook ads, as well as how to grow your list, create and sell low ticket offers, Instagram reels, set up simple funnels and lots more. His trainings are always fun, and his membership* gives you immediate access to over a year of previous monthly trainings, as well as twice a month live coaching. He also has a free podcast called 'Not Your Average Online Marketer Podcast', where he openly and transparently shares about his strategies. There are 43 podcast episodes to browse through and pick up really useful, heart-led marketing information - with full transcripts beneath each episode. Go listen/read/learn and enjoy!

Access 40+ episodes of 'Not Your Average Online Marketing Podcast'

A One-Page Marketing Plan

A 'Fill in the Blanks' Marketing Plan 

Would you like a tool that simplifies your entire sales strategy into a single page? This one-page ‘fill in the blanks' marketing plan from Sarah Santacroce, Humane Marketing business coach, is supported by a 7-day email series to help you fill out your working canvas. It's based on the 7 P's of humane marketing and the 7 email prompts really help you reflect on these different P's. You end up with a powerful map you can use over and over again to plan your marketing campaigns - where no sleazy sales or high-pressure tricks are ever required. It's time to take marketing from arduous to joyful!

Download your free one-page marketing plan here

*Some of the links in the business section are affiliate links, which means that if you do go on to purchase anything, then we may get a small commission - but this will be at no extra cost to you. We only ever recommend and share products of people we know, trust and believe in.