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7 Stages of the Awakening Journey

Dr Shuna Marr explains 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey and offers you support in navigating them.

'Awakening’ describes a raising of your conscious awareness to a higher level. It's often called a spiritual awakening, but it actually encompasses changes to your mind, body and emotions as well.

This epic blog post explains 7 Stages of the Awakening Journey you may experience and is packed full of links to support material such as blog posts, videos, workshops and courses.

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How Spiritual Awakening Support came about

Spiritual Awakening Support was conceived, as so often happens, to meet a need I had and couldn't find elsewhere, and so I realised there was a gap waiting to be filled - by me!

Let me tell you my story...and at the end, I tell you all the ways in which we can help you.

Setting the intention

In January 2017, an intention just popped into my head. I decided I needed 'to  find my centre and inner happiness within me". It was this intention that put me on my awakening path. However...I realise I probably need to go back a bit further than that to explain the run up to setting this intention.

It began with a bout of depression...

In November 2016,  my life coach said to me:

"Shuna, 18 months ago your canoe sprung a leak and I've been helping you stick patches over the holes since then... but the time has come for you to pull this boat out of the water and have a good look at what is going on." 

Dr Shuna Marr

What had been going on in those previous 18 months was that I had come to recognise that my university career, which had been so successful, no longer lit me up inside. There had been a lot of restructuring in the University, and also a lot of political upheaval on the world stage, which had appalled me. I had reacted to all this change with chronic anxiety that eventually led to burnout and depression. I had to take 2 months off work to recover.

The catalyst to expansion

However, I now realise that this depression was an essential catalyst to the process - the contraction before the expansion. This struggling to find a new direction was what gave me the momentum to push my way up through the veil of forgetfulness that we humans live under. To suddenly start to remember that I was really an eternal soul having a human experience - ah, but again I get ahead of myself... this awakening began much more modestly.

At the beginning of my time off work, I searched YouTube to find videos about how to handle my anxiety. My search brought me to a a site called Perception Trainers, where I found an enormous number of videos on emotional mastery. I systematically worked my way through the whole back catalogue and then, extremely trepidatiously, I asked to join the private Facebook group.

Emotional mastery

The ensuing in-depth exploration of my emotions really began to surface a whole range of false beliefs and buried wounds, giving me deep insights into what was going on under the surface.  I spent the next few months exploring

  • my resistance to reality,

  • why I constantly self-sabotaged,

  • where the negative chatter in my head came from.

I learned mindfulness, how to lift my vibration, how to choose to live in love and not fear and discovered the joys and challenges of meditation.

As I did so, the anxiety I had lived with for years started to melt away, until it finally disappeared. I began to learn to like and accept myself (which I'd never done before) and to live joyfully. I stopped being a 'people pleaser' and perfectionist and reclaimed my power. I found my centre and inner happiness. Hurrah!

Trying to gain an overview 

On the mind front, however, the more I delved into the concepts of spirituality and awakening, the more I was confused. As someone whose specialism is systems level thinking and having a global perspective, I'm always aiming to see the big picture. However, I was struggling to find it.

There were thousand of websites offering information on spiritual enlightenment, but so many were talking in a language I didn't understand. There were so many different bits to this jigsaw puzzle - angels, fairies, soul blueprints, spirit teams, manifestation, channeling aliens  - concepts I'd have rolled my eyes at a few months previously.

  • How did it all fit together?

  • What was real? What was just nonsense? 

  • So much of it was contradictory.

  • Who and what to believe?

​As an academic used to questioning the validity and reliability of sources, I was having a hard time sifting through the information to find what felt authentic and true. 

Psychic and empathic abilities

Meanwhile, on the personal front, strange things were also beginning to happen - vivid dreams, feeling 'spaced out', getting 'downloads' into my head of information I suddenly 'knew', but didn't know where it had come from. My daughter, Roslyn, who I'd been sharing this all with, also started to manifest healing abilities. We began to work together to develop our healing modalities. We attracted many clients, which has helped us to hone our gifts into a viable service to others.

We were both grateful to have each other to reassure ourselves that we were practical and sensible people and that we weren't going mad. We realised how fortunate we were to have each other, and understanding husbands. We recognised that someone going through an awakening without such a solid support structure could potentially really struggle.

How this helps you

Fast forward to today, and we have accumulated, read and synthesised vast amounts of information, cross referenced through many sources. Roslyn and I have spent years testing out what works and what doesn't. We now feel we finally have enough of a handle on what awakening is all about and what the big picture is, to be able to share and help others.

This is what we can offer to you...

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