What are OKIA credits? 

You can accrue OKIA credits when you purchase certain short courses from

Spiritual Awakening Support. 

Each of the following courses we sell attracts a certain amount of credit:

The credit is cumulative (i.e. the more courses you purchase before the 22 December 2022, the more the credit is accrued) and you can put this credit towards any package we currently offer for the Ok I'm Awakening - What Happens Now? course, that's available at the time the credit is redeemed. 

(There's a video on that page that walks you through all the packages and tells you more about the OKIA credits).

What's the story behind this? 

In the packages we are currently offering to attract people to purchase our flagship course, Ok I'm Awakening (OKIA)- What Happens Now?, we decided to include a number of short courses as bonuses. 

We originally created the OKIA Credit vouchers, because the bonuses would obviously be less attractive as an offer to people who already had one or more of these short courses, and offering the credit value mean people who already owned these courses didn't miss out.

For each of the short courses someone already had, they were offered a certain amount of OKIA credit towards our flagship course (OKIA). 

However, then we decided to extend the idea and award the OKIA credits to those who NEWLY purchase any of our short courses before 22 December 2022.

That way, someone new to us could try out some of our short courses, with minimal financial outlay, making sure that they liked our teaching style and content, and still accrue OKIA credits that could be redeemed against the bigger course, if it felt right.  

How do I accumulate credits? 

Accrue OKIA credits by purchasing any of the following short courses (links below): 

If you've ever been attracted to take our Ok I'm Awakening course, then this is a great way to save up for it!

All these courses feed into, support or are complementary to the OKIA course - so working through them would allow you to make great forward progress before taking that leap into the big course. 

Or leap straight away and get them* included in the current OKIA bonus packages!   

If this feels right for you, we hope we can look forward to seeing you inside the Ok I'm Awakening course before the year is out. 

* NOTE: The Support Your Energy course is not included in the OKIA packages but is offered half price to OKIA members, so accrues £22 OKIA credit, or is offered for £22 when purchasing the OKIA package.

I have more questions...

No problem - email me: [email protected] and I'll be happy to answer them.