Want a more personalised experience? 

Sometimes a self-study course isn't enough - you want a more intensive and immersive transformation experience, with a guide on the side to help you navigate the journey.

Let me tell you about my deeply supportive 1:1 mentoring programme, which guides you through a bespoke 3-month journey to 5D living.

Dr Shuna Marr PhD

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5D Living : A 3-month mentoring programme


This mentoring programme is for you if you are looking to rapidly progress your awakening towards Ascension and living in the 5th Dimension, with a personal guide to help you to navigate the journey. 

This bespoke mentorship programme is built around the course 'Ok I'm Awakening - What Happens Now? A Spiritual Awakening 101' (the course is included), and I help to keep you focussed and supported as you work your way through it in the way that best suits your needs.


This is for you if :

You spent a lot of your life being a 'good girl' (or boy), who gave away your power to people and things around you. You anchored your safety and self worth, and looked for love, in people and things outside of yourself. 

You were maybe an over-giver, an over-achiever, or you burnt yourself out trying to meet the needs and demands of others.  You maybe spent time numbing out the pain and unhappiness through 'coping' behaviours (workaholism/ alcoholism/ drugs/ overeating etc.). You perhaps didn't love yourself much and always put the needs of others before your own (maybe you still do).

However, you've begun to move beyond that and you've been working on unpicking your old conditioning for a while now, perhaps for a year or two or even more - you may even have done lots of courses and worked on various aspects of awakening - but somehow you still feel you haven't 'got' where you want to be.

But you are over feeling 'not good enough'. You're done with trying to 'fix' yourself. You're ready to embrace who you truly are. You want to feel in balance and want to step fully into your own power. 

You want to embrace your psychic powers more deeply and find your purpose here. You want to live in 5D, even if you aren't sure what that means or what it involves. You want to live a life of abundance and joy and you are ready to live your favourite life (however that looks for you). You want a road map of where you are going and a clear route on how to get there. 

Does this sound like you? 


What it means to work with me as your mentor:

I've walked this path and I know the way. I know that your journey will be unique to you, but I have an overview of the route map and what to expect.

I have more than 2 decades of experience of supporting people making a transition. I'm a qualified and very experienced teacher and guide. I have highly developed intuition and inner guidance. I have an ability to explain difficult concepts in a straightforward way. I have a systems-level view of the awakening process and can tune into your journey at a soul path level...

...and I offer all this expertise and wisdom in the capacity of being your Sherpa Guide; to walk alongside you, as your guide, as you climb your personal spiritual mountain.

I am there to hold space and support you as you confront your biggest challenges and face your deepest fears - so that you can expand into your highest potential.

I want to work with those who are ready to take full ownership of their life and are ready to climb the heights of their spiritual mountain and embrace what it means to live in the 5th dimension.

Do I sound like someone you'd like to have accompanying you on your journey?


What you want from a Mentoring Programme:

  • You want a supportive and structured, but flexible, framework that can work round your schedule
  • You want weekly calls, and opportunities to go deep and make a huge transformation in your life in a very short space of time
  • You want someone to bounce ideas off, keep you accountable, help you find clarity and give you soul-led guidance to help you find your own power and joy within you
  • You want personal support to help you strip off remaining layers of conditioning and help you find your authentic self in a way you never knew was possible
  • You are open to expanding your knowledge and understanding, and seeing the world in a whole new way
  • You are committed and prepared to go deep; this is a hugely powerful and transformative journey, doing some deep soul work
  • You want to understand how to create your own reality, manifest your best life (however that looks for you) and shift to your highest and best timeline
  • You want to emerge at the end with a higher perspective, feeling fully equipped to handle the transition to 5th dimensional living

Does this sound exactly what you are looking for?


This programme includes:

  • Lifetime access to Ok I'm Awakening What Happens Now? A Spiritual Awakening 101 course and all that is included in the self-study package (community, peer support etc) 
  • PLUS: 
  • 12 weeks of 1:1 mentoring from Dr Shuna Marr (and my daughter Roslyn Jayne - the sessions can be spread over 14 weeks, to build in integration/rest weeks,  as you work through the 'Ok I'm Awakening...' course, in the way that works for you
  • This support includes an initial 90 minute consultation, 5 coaching sessions with Shuna (1 hour each), 3 energy healing sessions with Roslyn (1 hour each) and 3 Heart Space Room Deep Dives with Shuna (1-2 hours each)
  • 3 bespoke meditations (MP4s) created to meet your specific requirements
  • Recordings of all sessions plus PDFs of any readings

Want to see a suggested outline for the mentoring container? See below. NOTE This is just a suggestion - we can discuss how you might like to adapt it.



Once you commit to this journey, we will work together (with our respective spirit teams) to bring you to 5D living in perfect and divine timing. This is an intensive and deeply supported journey. The investment reflects this time commitment and the extent of the personal growth you can expect within this container. This journey can change your whole life... if you want it to.

  • This abundant offering comes with an investment in your personal growth of:

  • £1850 GBP, if paid in full, or the possibility to pay in 3 parts of £625

You are so worth this investment - are you ready to start co-creating your best life?


Ready to Apply? 

Availability is limited to 2 spots at any time, so I can give the required level of personal attention my mentees deserve. 

If you are interested in this fabulous mentoring container, please click the link to book a chat to see if we both feel comfortable about working together to this depth and extent.

Once you've booked a chat, you will be asked to fill out a short application form to tell me a bit more about you.

Yes! I want to apply for this transformational journey!

A suggested outline for your programme container

This is just a suggested outline - the order of the sessions is flexible and integration weeks are optional.

You can power through faster, or extend it to the full 14 weeks.

(Note: You have lifetime access to the course itself - just the programme container ends after 14 weeks)

In our initial consultation we can discuss a framework, within the container, that works best for you. 

See a suggested example below:

Month 1: Preparing Your vessel

The focus this month is unpicking conditioning and deep diving into what you are ready to release and let go

Week 1: 90 minute consultation

Week 2: 60 minute 1:1 session

Week 3: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 4: 2 hours Heart Space Room Deep Dive

Week 5 - Rest/Integration week

Month 2: The Big Picture

This month is about shifting perspective - seeing a wider viewpoint, gaining a new framework of understanding, connecting with your inner guidance

Week 6: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 7: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 8: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 9: 2 hour Heart Space Room Deep Dive

Week 10: Rest/Integration week

Month 3: Navigating the Path

In the final month you embrace 5th dimensional living, including creating your reality, shifting dimensions and timelines, finding your purpose and manifesting your best life

Week 11: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 12: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 13: 60 Minute 1:1 session

Week 14: Heart Space Room Deep Dive

YesI I want to book a chat with you about this transformational journey!